Nova's Bucaneers. The main ones.

Novas Bucanneers.

designed by pdfletcher.


Nova's Bucaneer's are Robotic Pirates that follow Captain Blacknova, and serve on his ship the shooting star. They are dressed in mock pirate gear, that is ripped and torn, showing thier robotic components and mechanisms. They are quite rickerty and fall apart easily. They can re-build themselves at will. 

They are armed with laser weaponry, including blasters, cutlases, knives and cannons. 

Despite thier decrepid nature, they are quite strong and skilled with thier weapons.

Blacknova has around 30 Bucaneer's, but the seven pictured, and Polly the parrot, are his personal guards.


  • Captain Blacknova believes them superior to Kork's mechaneers.
  • There used to be many more, but they where melted down for scrap by Blacknova. In order to fund his ship.
  • They are Un-flichingly loyal.
  • Blacknova keep's them because they are unaffected by his radiated sword, and do not require costly breathing apperatus.
  • Blacknova's Bucaneers are around 30 strong, most are always down below in the ship, working the engines, guns and mantaining the ship. The seven pictured are the oldest and strongest, distinguished by years of service. The bird is "Polly" Blacknova's parrot.
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