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This is expected to be a shorter episode than the rest.

Cassie 12: Original Series
Season 1, Episode 12
Written by Speedygal
Directed by Speedygal
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This doesn't need a plot, why? Because it is a short episode and the final episode of Season 1 is expected to be very long... Anyhow, Anna and Cassie meet Charmcaster, who believes they can do magic until they prove otherwise.


Cassie: *watching a magic trick performed by a magician with Anna*

Charmcaster: Is that really magic? *has escaped from prison*


Cassie: Magic? *laughs it off* SpeedGate can show you magic! *slams her watch**becomes SpeedGate*

SpeedGate: SpeedGate is totally awesome and the fastest alien Bluegill/Ostrich being in the entire universe or galaxy. *hands on hips like a La Diva**stands whather proudly as people flee*

Anna: I can do Magic

Speedgate: Me too!

Charmcaster: I wanna see! *excited*

SpeedGate&Anna: *grins**uses orange disks and water gun on her*

Charmcaster: *is blown off* THAT AINNTTT LAA MAGIC!

SpeedGate: *highfives Anna* On a job well done!

Aliens Used[]

Major Events (Atleast majorly funny)[]

  • Cassie and Anna fooled Charmcaster.