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Not Applicable RPG
Series Not Applicable (Canonically)
CaT's RPGs (Technically)
Genre RPG
Release Date TBA
Platforms PC
Created By CaT
Game Guide
Not Applicable (Movie)
Tech 10: Rebooted (Season 2)

The Not Applicable RPG is a turn-based role playing game for the PC based on the featured series Not Applicable.


Two weeks after the events of Not Applicable, Napoleon finds himself stuck in the strange medieval land of Orejiku, without Herculian to help him or any idea of where he is. To make matters worse, monsters have started appearing all over the land, and Swarm 1 is on the fritz.

Fortunately, he finds some unexpected help in a mysterious stranger named Igneoux, who seems to know more than he's letting on. Can he uncover the secrets of these odd circumstances and save Orejiku? Play on to find out!


There are currently two options for downloading the game.

With RTP

If you have RPG Maker RTP, you can download the much smaller exe file. The RTP is a base system for all RPG Maker games, so once you download it, you can easily play most other games made using the engine. You can find the RTP here , and the exe file here .

Without RTP

There is a ZIP file available for download that does not require the RTP to run, but is much, much larger than the exe file, and may take a while to download. You can find the ZIP file here .

Update Progress

Alpha 0.0.1:

  • 5 screens to play through
  • Random encounters
  • 1 mini boss
  • 1 party member
  • 1 town
  • 2 shops
  • 1 healer

Alpha 0.0.2:

  • Added Overworld and parts of Capital.
  • Hornets added.
  • Slimes tweaked.
  • Coding cleaned up.
  • Sprites reworked.
  • Weapons added.
  • Abilities added.
  • Old people now have rocket launchers.
  • More of everything from the first update.

Alpha 0.5:

  • Added first two main dungeons.
  • Added secret character, dungeon, and item.
  • Added Fast Travel.
  • Overhauled battle system.
  • New title screen and music.
  • Added lots more enemies.
  • Added John Cena.

Future updates:

  • Bug fixes
  • New stuff


  1. Move using the Arrow Keys
  2. Open the menu and cancel with the X key.
  3. Interact with the Z key.
  4. Walk using the Shift key. (You're set to Run by default.)


Main Characters

Minor Characters

  • Village Elder
  • Shopkeepers
  • Secret Character
  • The King
  • Undead Ed


Regular Enemies

  • Slimes (Most Areas)
  • Large Snakes (Desert)
  • Scorpions (Desert)
  • Zombies (Desert)
  • Hornets (Overworld)
  • Skeletons (All dungeons)
  • Ghosts (All dungeons)
  • Wisps (Southwest Plains)
  • Man-Eating Plants (Northern Dungeons)


  • Strange Zombie (Desert)
  • Strange Zombie (Secret Dungeon)


  • Demonic King (Desert Tower)
  • Ice Demon (Ice Tower)


  • This game takes place halfway between the end of Not Applicable and Season 2 of Tech 10: Rebooted.
  • The initial concept of this game was to take your average, serious JRPG and turn it on its head by introducing a character as bombastic and OP as Napoleon.
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