Nosedeenian's Predator is an unknown species from the planet Nosedeen Quasar. It is a predator of Buzzshock.


Nosedeenian's Predator is a wolf looking alien with a log body. It has four legs, a stub tail and a snout for a nose. The tip of its snout, instead of having a wolf nose, is more similar an elephant's trunk. Its body is made of grey wood, the top of its back having a crease down the middle, as it can open up.

Powers and Abilities

Nosdeenian's Predator has enhanced agility, reflexes, durability and hearing.

Due to its wooden body, it is immune to electricity and lightning. 

It can smell electric currents, useful for tracking Nosedeenians.

It can use its nose as a vacuum, able to suck in electricity and Nosedeenians.

Its back opens up, revealing an electric field. It uses this to attract Nosedeenians.


It can only smell electric currents, and not regular smells. Its sense of smell can possibly be overloaded.

Fire may be a threat to it.


Its coloring allows it to camoflauge itself in urban areas, as it would appear to be metal. It can also pull its legs in and disguise itself as a log. It opens its back to release an electric field to attract Nosedeenians. It then sucks them in with its mouth.

The inside of its body is hollow, filled with electricity. It digests Nosedeenians by its electricity breaking the Nosedeenian's electric body down so the two sources are indistinguishable.

Notable Members


  • The original base for this predator was the Pokemon Jolteon, specifically the body type and electricity absorption and attraction.

(Dioga beta (Wall - Blog - Contribs) 19:11, May 4, 2014 (UTC))

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