North Dakota
BBO North
General Information
Species Human
Home World Earth
Residence The Mother of Invention
Age Unknown
Affiliations Bowman
The Director
Occupation(s) Freelancer
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability
Martial Arts Skills
Equipment Mjolnir Class Assault Armor
Sniper Rifle
Alias "North" - Most People
Voice Actor John Erler
First Appearance Agent Bowman

Agent North Dakota, or "North" for short, is an Agent for Project Freelancer in Bryce Bowman: Origins


North wears purple "Mjolnir Class Assault Armor" with green accents and a gold visor. His helmet was on when he appeared so we don't know what he looks like.


North Dakota's personality is the exact opposite of that of his sister. North is shown to be very calm and logical in battle, which is why he is the sniper of the group. North is also very kind and caring towards his fellow Freelancers and (according to York) is used to looking out for them, such as showing concern when York becomes injured during a training.

Skills and Abilities


North Dakota displayed great skill both as a soldier and as a fighter.


North has displayed great endurance and stamina. Despite being critically injured prior to this occurring, North was able to climb to the top of a fast moving Pelican and activate his armor enhancement to protect it from oncoming missiles. Upon returning from the mission, North moved up from the fifth highest ranking Freelancer on the ranking board to the 4th, replacing his sister in the process, moving her down to 5th.


North is also shown to have exceptional skill with the sniper rifle.




  • North has a twin sister, South.
    • He is older by fifteen minutes.
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