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Non Precipi
General Information
Star System Precipi System
Entity Type Planet
Environment Desert
Habitability Hostile
Sapient Species Erodinians
Non-Sapient Species Terralifters

Non Precipi is a planet that is home to the Erodinians and Terralifters.

Non Precipi is free, along with Erodinians, to be used in your own series.


Non Precipi is a desert planet, with little-to-no water found on its surface. It is covered entirely by sand, with some large rock cliffs and rare mountains. In recent years large sandstone cities have also begun to form, created by the Erodinians. No plant life exists on the surface.

Beneath the surface of Non Precipi are large subterranean lakes, among which may be many undiscovered species. However, nobody has been able to get to them yet for fear of the sand on the surface collapsing in.


The planet Non Precipi was, for a long time, considered irrelevant and insignificant due to its out-of-the-way location and lack of natural resources. Often considered lifeless, it was not until very recently that Erodinians and, eventually, the other species of Non Precipi were discovered. Without the metal or resources to build space-faring technology, they formed an alliance with other species to provide them with the technology needed.

Known Inhabitants

Sapient Species

Non-sapient Species


Non Precipi comes from the word precipitation (meaning rain, snow, hail, etc) and the negative prefix non.


  • The Precipi system is ~2 light years away from the T'zeen Nebula.


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