General Information
Species Unknown
Age Unknown
Powers and abilities
Abilities Spatikinesis
Portal Manipulation
Equipment Armor

Space Pods

Alias The Master of All Space
Voice Actor Nathan Fillion
First Appearance Brandon 10: Ultimate Conquest

Nomad is a villain from the series, Brandon 10.


Nomad takes the appearance of a large humanoid alien with blue skin and purple armor. Nomad, outside of Earth's atmosphere, is bigger than a medium sized planet.


Before the events in The Dark Dimension, Nomad had traveled to different worlds in an alternate dimension. Afterwards, Nomad was thrown out of his dimension and into the prime dimension through a Dimensional Rift opened by Khan. Since then, the weak Nomad searched for planets to consume.


Nomad thinks of himself as a unstoppable force of nature who can do anything.

Powers and Abilities

Nomad has the ability to open portals anywhere in the same space as him which means he can travel anywhere in same dimension. Nomad also controls cosmic energy which he uses to create his portals. If the energy is concentrated, it has the ability to destroy life force. Nomad also has enhanced strength and durability provided by his armor.






  • Nomad means a person who travels without any home, which represents his character.
  • Ironically, Tempus, the villain for the first live-action film, had the ability to open portals in time while Nomad, the villain for the third live-action film, has the ability to open portals in space.
  • The Writer of Ultimate Conquest wants Nomad to return in the series so his return is a possibility.
  • Nomad was based off of the idea given in the contest for the film, Brandon 10: Aliens Among Us.


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