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Nocturnal Aerotators are species from a moon of the planet Aviaquila.


Nocturnal Aerotators are purple humanoids with a tail instead of legs. They have two back tentacles. On their arms, they have two blades.


Nocturnal Aerotators hate interacting with anyone, and try to distance from each other. As their name implies, they are nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night.

Powers and Abilities

To survive on their flooded planet, Aerotators adapted to travel by aerial means, creating vortexes with their tail to stay on the surface. They also learned combat, as they developed blades on their spikes.


Aerotators' powers require air. Their balance also makes impossible for them to stop using the vortex.

Notable Nocturnal Aerotators

  • Air Whirl (the Omnitrix's Nocturnal Aerotator)


Aerotator combines "aero" and "rotator", which all explains their appearance and lifestyle.