Noah Segurason
Noah super matrix.png
General Information
Species Part Human
Part Osmosian
Part Anodite
Part Galvan
Age 11 (Original)
12 (Early SF)
13 (Late SF-Early MU)
14 (Late MU)
19 (SM)
Affiliations Plumbers
Occupation(s) Hero
Powers and abilities
Abilities Super Smarts
Equipment The Matrix
Relatives Jack (Cousin)
Erika (Cousin)
Kierra (Girlfriend)
Alias Noah 10
Solo's Puppet
Alternate Counterparts Albedo
Voice Actor Solo
First Appearance Galvan B Invasion

Noah is the main character in Noah 10.


He started out as a kid who got A's on every report card, but lived a life as a normal child. His ancestors were Galvan, so he was gifted with high intellect. When he turned 9, he decided to create a device to understand all the beings in the Universe, The Matrix. He worked on it with his partner Albedo, who turned rogue and was banished and became a major villain, until age 10. There was a high crime rate in his city, so he used his invention to become a hero, but soon aliens invaded for the Matrix, most notably Vilgax. So he became a plumber. His commanding officer and mentor is Max Tennyson.

At age 10 he also met his girlfriend named Kierra, at the time they were friends, but over time they became interested in each other. They go on dates every once in a while.


Noah has a high sense of humor. Yet, he is also highly determined. When he's serious, he's serious! Sometimes he is a little hot-headed, but he's got a lot of allies so he's not that bad. Because of his humorous attitude, he is cocky and arrogant at times.


Noah looks like 10 year old Ben Tennyson, but a tad bit taller and shorter hair. He has brown eyes annd a white shirt with a picture of Gir on it. He wears blue jeans and black and white shoes. He wears the Matrix on his left arm.

In Super Matrix, he looks like UAF Ben, but his hair is darker, he has brown eyes, no jacket, he has Gir's robot form on his shirt, and green pants and shoes. He wears the Super Matrix on his arm.



As revealed in Landis 10, Noah learns he has the powers of his Osmosian and Anodite heritage. The powers though are inferior to Jack and Erika's.


  • According to Solo on, Noah died from anti-swag.
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