This is the Episode Guide for Noah 10.

Noah 10

Season 1 (2009)

Season 2 (2009-2010)

Season 3 (2 010)


  1. Secret of the Matrix

Noah 10 Super Force

Season 1 (2010)

Season 2 (2010-2011)

  • 1. The Creature From Beyond
  • 2. Vicktor, Animo, and SevenSeven
  • 3. Frieza-The Cold Tyrant
  • 4. Kevin Helps?
  • 5. Super Saiyan!
  • 6. Albedo and the Potis ALtiare
  • 7. Plant of Doom
  • 8. Psyphon Strikes
  • 9. Frieza Returns
  • 10. Unlucky Break
  • 11. Defeated Again

Season 3(2011)

  • 12. Basic Training
  • 13. Animo and Sunder
  • 14. Imperfect Cell
  • 15. Tetrax's Assimilation
  • 16. Perfection
  • 17. Battle for Earth Part 1
  • 18. Battle for Earth Part 2
  • 19. Battle for Earth Part 3
  • 20. Save the World

Season 4 (2011)

  • 13. Super Jario Bros.
  • 14. Noah 11,000 Returns
  • 15. Frieza's Squad, The Ginyu Force
  • 16. Guldo's Mind Bind
  • 17. Recoome Unleashed
  • 18. Purple Comet Duo
  • 19. Ginyu Assault
  • 20. Body Change
  • 21. Back to Normal
  • 22. The Training Session of Noah Segurason
  • 23. Prisoner 775 is Missing

Season 5 (2011)

  • 24. Insect Underground
  • 25. Noah Goes Down
  • 26. Eon and Imperfect Cell
  • 27. The Second Attack
  • 28. Gathered Noahs
  • 29. Cell in the Storm
  • 30. Perfect in the Forge
  • 31. The Cell Games
  • 32. Noah 12K out, Noah 16 in!
  • 33. Noah 11 and Noah 12 in Action!
  • 34. All-Out Four Way Noah Clash!
  • 35. Cell Gone for Good...or is he?

Season 6 (2011)

  • 36. Ghostfreak's Challenge
  • 37. To Incarcecon
  • 38. Energy Cores
  • 39. 4 Villains, one goal, and energy cores
  • 40. Mystery Alien Unleashed
  • 41. Vreedle Vreedle Lemon Screedle
  • 42. Every Villain Insanely Looked-and-Striked
  • 43. Allies
  • 44. Ghostfreak and Psyphon
  • 45. Hot Potatrix, Hot Potatrix
  • 46. Noah Gone Bad
  • 47. Ghostfreak's Finale Attack Part 1
  • 48. Ghostfreak's Finale Attack Part 2

Noah 10: Matrix Unleashed

Season 1

N as hb vs gin as tet "The Ginyu Conspiracy" October 4, 2011 1 1 Solo28
The Ginyu Force Return, and Captain Ginyu switches bodies with Tetrax. Can Noah fight his own friend?
Cs vs rm "The Trap" October 4, 2011 2 2 Solo28
When Hex and Charmcaster kidnap Jack and Erika, they lead Noah into a trap.
Doomer vs e and d "Prepare for Your Doomer" October 5, 2011 3 3 Solo28
Enoch and Driscoll are attacking the town. Noah faces off with them as Doomer, but gets stuck and must generate enough power to turn the Matrix back on.
The strongest "The Strongest" October 5, 2011 4 4 Solo28
Dr. Animo revives a legendary warrior named Numk. Noah puts this to the test, but finds himself defeated. Numk steals the Matrix, and now Noah must stop him with his Galvanic wits.
Death tree "Death Tree" October 6, 2011 5 5 Solo28
A Methanosian named Ceae and a Florauna named Pach come to Earth an plant a tree while Noah and the gang are camping. But it's not just any tree, it drains the life force out of the entire planet.
Piccolo kin "Piccolo's Kin" October 7, 2011 6 6 Solo28
A Namekian, Piccolo's race, named Slug comes to Earth to conquer it, but Noah steps up to the plate to fend him off.
Demonmist "Demon Mist" October 7, 2011 7 7 Solo28
Hex and Charmcaster spread the Demon Mist across the globe, and now Noah has to face off against his possessed friends.
Osfa "One Size Fits All" October 7, 2011 8 8 Solo28
Noah unlocks a new alien, Smallarge, and uses him to fight Dr. Vicktor, The Mummy, and the Yenaldooshi.
Vilgaxbackp1 "Vilgax Is Back, Part 1" October 7, 2011 9 9 Solo28
When Noah reads an interesting sign, he looks it up and heads to Area 51. When there, he makes a shocking discovery.
Vilgaxbackp2 "Vilgax Is Back, Part 2" October 8, 2011 10 10 Solo28
Vilgax, after more than two years, has returned. Noah faces off with him, but finds himself outmatched. Now, Noah's oldest foe is loose again.

Season 2

Ancientevil "Ancient Evil" October 8, 2011 1 11 Solo28
An evil wizard revives a monster long since thought dead. Now, Noah and Kierra have to take down big ugly.
Terroronprimus "Terror on Primus" October 9, 2011 2 12 Solo28
Noah is checking things out on Primus when mysterious things start happening. When Noah investigates, he learns it is none other than Vilgax!
Fastfurious "Fast and Furious" October 9, 2011 3 13 Solo28
Noah attends the Galactic Race on Kinet. But this isn't all just fun and games when Noah learns Kevin is there trying to kill Noah again.
Snb "Super Noah Bros." October 11, 2011 4 14 Solo28
Noah gets sucked into the Mushroom Kingdom while playing a video game. Now, he has to beat Goombas, Koopas, and Bowser to reunlock Upgrade and escape gamer world.
Mummycurse "The Mummy's Curse" October 11, 2011 5 15 Solo28
The Mummy resurfaces to fight Noah. Noah goes to take him on, but the Mummy has learned a new trick since their last encounter.
Numkreturn "Numk's Return" October 12, 2011 6 16 Solo28
While Noah's at school, Numk returns and attacks. Noah has to put Numk back in his place.
Findingbigfoot "Finding Bigfoot" October 13, 2011 7 17 Solo28
Noah was a disbeliever in Sasquatch, but he has since changed his mind when the legendary Bigfoot attacks him! But it turns out, Bigfoot is an alien and Noah gets a new form.
Tbontb "To Bedo or Not to Bedo" October 14, 2011 8 18 Solo28
Noah learns of a play called "The Noah 10 Experience". When he goes to beat up the crackpot who made it, he learns it was Albedo. Now Albedo is up to his old "Get Grey Matter, Kill Noah" tricks again.
Ben10? "Ben 10?" October 15, 2011 9 19 Solo28
When Noah goes searching for Vilgax, he winds up in another Universe and meets Ben Tennyson.
Ghostmas "Ghostmas" October 16, 2011 10 20 Solo28
It's Halloween, and Noah, Jack, and Erika go trick-or-treating. But when Zs'Skayr invades with an army of zombies, Noah unlocks a new alien, and he must save Jack and Erika when they become zombies.

Season 3

Energiainvaders "Invaders on Energia" October 18, 2011 1 21 Solo28
DNAliens invade Energia, so Noah must go and stop them.
Goodknight "Goodknight" October 19, 2011 2 22 Solo28
When Vilgax attacks a Forever Knight castle, the Forever Knights reluctantly ask Noah for help.
Nanogirlfriend "Kierra the Nanochip Girlfriend" October 21, 2011 3 23 Solo28
Kierra starts acting strange, so Jack investigates and finds himself saved and scolded by Noah. But Noah learns Jack was right when Kierra reveals herself to be the Queen in disguise.
Whitehot "White Hot" October 22, 2011 4 24 Solo28
Noah is sent to Pyros when Albedo is there attacking the natives. Noah learns about Albedo's plan and they duke it out.
Combined "Combined" October 24, 2011 5 25 Solo28
During a fight with Trumbipulor, Noah decides to use a long since forgotten Matrix feature, fusions. But Noah gets stuck to using only fusions. And to make matters worse, Dr. Animo returns.
Vulpinchaos "Vulpin Chaos" October 26, 2011 6 26 Solo28
Albedo is invading Vulpin to get Wildmutt back. Noah goes to stop Albedo, but can he manage it?
Ultimateproblem "The Ultimate Problem" October 28, 2011 7 27 Solo28
The Ultimate Forms rebel! When fighting a Techadon as Ultimate Upgrade, he ends up overshadowed and in the Matrix. Now, he has to fight the Ultimates.
Aeropela search "Aeropela Search" October 30, 2011 8 28 Solo28
Albedo is invading Aeropela. Noah has to go to the planet and fight Albedo in one wet battle.
Stannoahcrossover "Noah-Stan: Matrix Force" ??? 8.5 28.5 Solo28, The New Dan
When dimensions collide, Noah meets Stan Rumin from Stan 14. The two must team up to stop Albedo-Noah and Albedo-Stan.
Recollected "Recollected" November 1, 2011 9 29 Solo28
Albedo finally has all of his aliens back. Now he attacks Noah, but they're nearly evenly matched.
Semnoah "Noah 10-Sem 2.10: Clones Attack" ??? 9.5 29.5 Solo28, AncientMinisterz
After a fight with someone named Alshedo, Noah meets Sem Foremin. The duo must team up when Albedo and Alshedo forge an alliance.
Swordofakind "Sword of a Kind" November 1, 2011 10 30 Solo28
Vilgax becomes the new Forever King and finds the legendary Sword of Diagon. Noah tries to stop him, but is defeated. What will happen when Vilgax opens the Chamber of Diagon?
Ultimatemovie1 "Noah and Ben: The Ultimate Movie" November 2, 2011 11 31 Solo28
Vilgax and Albedo forge an alliance again. Albedo holds Noah off while Vilgax obtains Ultimate Alien X's power! Now the two are unstoppable! Noah must team up with Ben Tennyson once again to fight the super villains.

Season 4

Mechamorph maniac "Mechamorph Maniac" November 3, 2011 1 31 Solo28
The gang learns about an intergalactic criminal and go to investigate and learn it's a Galvanic Mechamorph trying to use a power absorbing device to get enough energy absorbed from a power plant for a spaceship.
Ult.gizmop1 "Ultimate Gizmo Part 1" November 5, 2011 2 32 Solo28
The Mechamorph is Gizmo, he escapes the gang, but they pursue him. Eventually they track him to a hideout, in which he is attempting to drain the energy from a power plant. Noah tries to stop him as Ultimate Upgrade, bad idea.
Ult.gizmop2 "Ultimate Gizmo Part 2" November 5, 2011 3 33 Solo28
Gizmo accidentally absorbs power from Ultimate Upgrade and evolves into Ultimate Gizmo! He is more powerful than Vilgax now, and he now has enough power for his quest for galactic conquest! Can they gang stop him now?
Switchedagain "Switched...Again" November 6, 2011 4 34 Solo28
The Ginyu Force return, and Captain Ginyu attempts to switch bodies with Noah again. Can Jack and Erika bring it to themselves to fight Ginyu in Noah's body?
Cboltfest2011 "Cannonbolt Fest" November 8, 2011 4.5 34.5 Solo28
Noah beats some robbers as Cannonbolt. Afterwards, he goes Ultimate and takes on Kraab and Sevenseven in this Cannonbolt Fest 2011 short.
Onward khoros "Onward to Khoros" November 10, 2011 5 35 Solo28
The team learns that Gizmo is attacking Khoros and try to stop him.
Backtopast "Back to the Past" November 11, 2011 6 36 Solo28
Noah discovers that every villain that fights Noah has been because of the Matrix. So he decides to go back in time and stop himself from ever creating the Matrix, but the new world he comes into is a very dark one ruled by Vilgax!
Sonorsiainvasion "Invasion of Sonorosia" November 12, 2011 7 37 Solo28
Gizmo is trying to conquer Sonorosia, so Noah, Jack, and Erika must try to stop him.
Thetrial "The Trial" November 13, 2011 8 38 Solo28
Noah is arrested and taken to court. But not just any court, The High Surpreme Court! Can Noah defend himself and not get sent to the Null Void?
Landis 10 "Landis 10" November 14, 2011 9 39 Solo28
Jack and Erika want to have a Matrix, but Noah won't make one for them. They decide to build themselves each one. With very catastrophic results.
Hathorconquest "Hathor Conquest" November 16, 2011 10 40 Solo28
Noah and the gang head to Hathor to stop Gizmo from taking over the planet.
Anurphaetoswar "War on Anur Phaetos" November 17, 2011 11 41 Solo28
Gizmo wages war on the Ectonurites for control of Anur Phaetos! The team must stop them.
Necrosandmen "Of Necrofriggians and Men" November 20, 2011 12 42 Solo28
Gizmo invades Mykdl'dy and attempts to conquer it. Noah and the gang have to suit up and take Gizmo on.
Noahdies "Noah...Dies?" November 21, 2011 13 43 Solo28
Gizmo goes to conquer Augstaka, so Noah and the gang go to stop him. They finally seem to have an upper hand until Gizmo uses his absorption device and drains Noah of his power! Noah detransforms. Gizmo then shoots him and....kills him.
Onestepcloser "One Step Closer" November 21, 2011 14 44 Solo28
With the death of Noah, Gizmo is now one step closer to his goal. With Noah gone, Jack and Erika are almost instantly defeated and Gizmo heads off to finish conquering the rest of the galaxy. Jack and Erika chase him there, but are defeated again, and this time he decides to give them the same punishment as Noah!
Returnofhero "Return of a Hero" November 22, 2011 15 45 Solo28
Alan saves the gang, but he has a partner. Noah! It turns out, Noah survived the blast and is back in action to save his friends. After a battle, Gizmo and the gang head to Earth for the final showdown.
Allornothingp1 "All or Nothing Part 1" November 23, 2011 16 46 Solo28
Back on Earth, the gang awaits Gizmo. When Gizmo arrives, they begin the epic battle that will decide the fate of the galaxy! It's all or nothing.
Allornothingp2 "All or Nothing Part 2" November 23, 2011 17 47 Solo28
The battle for the galaxy continues. But as it rages on, Noah and his team are losing! Noah goes to his trump card. What? No, not Alien X! Ultimate Noah!

Season 5

Noahbrian "Noah-Brian: Dimensional Chaos" ??? 0.5 47.5 Solo28, Brianultimatedragon
Eon thrusts Noah and Brian's worlds into chaos. The duo must band together to stop the time-walking menace before he destroys both Universes!
Timerift "Time Rift" November 26, 2011 1 48 Solo28
Vilgax is up to his old tricks again, but what happens when he sends Noah into a portal?
Topplumber "Top Plumber" November 27, 2011 2 49 Solo28
Vilgax has sent Noah one year into the future! And now, for some reason, the Plumbers are attacking Noah! Why? Because Vilgax is the new leader!
Runaway "The Runaway" November 29, 2011 3 50 Solo28
Noah gets into a fight with Commander Vilgax, but is defeated, so he makes a hasty retreat.
Captured "Captured" November 30, 2011 4 51 Solo28
Noah has escaped. Or has he? He gets captured and sent to the Null Void by Psyphon!
Slaves "Slaves" December 1, 2011 5 52 Solo28
Noah finds Jack and Erika, but Vilgax has brainwashed them and made them his slaves. Now Noah must fight his own cousins....with a new alien?
Secret forces "Secret Forces" December 4, 2011 6 53 Solo28
With Jack and Erika back on his side, Noah ventures out and creates a new secret base. Later, he hacks into Vilgax's computer.
Is it rebellion "Is It Rebellion?" December 6, 2011 7 54 Solo28
After hacking into Vilgax's computer, Noah, Jack, and Erika discover Vilgax's plan. But things take a turn for the worst when Psyphon finds their hideout! After a fight, the trio heads out for the showdown with Vilgax.
Vilgynewpower "Vilgax's New Power" December 9, 2011 8 55 Solo28
The gang takes on Vilgax for the fate of the Plumbers, but all isn't as it seems.
Knights and plumbers "Knights and Plumbers" December 13, 2011 9 56 Solo28
The Forever Knights want to forge an alliance with Noah and the gang, but why would they do that?
Sir noah "Sir Noah" December 16, 2011 10 57 Solo28
When the Forever Knights give Noah the Sword of Ascalon, Noah faces off with Vilgax for the fate of the future.

Season 6

Ultimate paranormal "Ultimately Paranormal" December 17, 2011 1 58 Solo28

During a fight with a Techadon, Ultimate Ghostfreak goes rogue. Now it's up to Noah and the rest of the ultimates to stop him.

Galvanic truth "Galvanic Truth" December 18, 2011 2 59 Solo28
After a fight with Numk, Upgrade escapes from the Matrix! And when Noah meets a semi-relative of his, Xigor, he must figure out why Upgrade escaped and recapture him.
Schooled "Schooled" December 20, 2011 3 60 Solo28
It's Noah's last week of school until break, but this day at school is different than it normally is.
Feliz navidad "Feliz Navidad" December 24, 2011 4 61 Solo28
It's Christmas! But there are some people who have to be stupid and ruin it. Can Noah stop a rogue Pyronite from ruining Christmas?
Alien vs preditron "Alien vs Preditron" December 27, 2011 5 62 Solo28
A Polymorph named Pregote asks Noah for help when an assassin named Preditron is after him.
Noelle 10 "Noelle 10" January 4, 2012 6 63 Solo28
After a battle with Hex, Noah gets sent to an alternate universe where he is a girl! Now in order to return everything back to normal, he (or she) must find Hex and defeat him.
Dcwp "Death Comes With Power" January 7, 2012 7 64 Solo28
Noah and his friends are sent to a warehouse to fight Dr. Animo and his mutants! But has Animo gone too far this time?
Waybigfest "Bigger Than Big" January 8, 2012 7.5 64.5 Solo28
In this Way Big Fest short, Noah faces off against a Vaxasaurian and a To'kustar.
Androidassassin "Android Assassin" January 14, 2012 8 65 Solo28
An Android interrupts Noah's date with Kierra and tries to kill them.
Undersurface "Under the Surface" January 18, 2012 9 66 Solo28
A race of fiery beings come from the Earth's core to kill all life on the surface of the planet.
Noahzero "Noah 10-Zero Hero: Aliens Unite" ??? 10 67 Solo28
Noah, wielder of the Matrix, meets Zero, possessor of powers. Together, they're unstoppable! Or are they? When a new threat shows it's face, these two unlikely allies must join forces to beat the nefarious Copy Cat! Either that or the world goes bye-bye.

Season 7

Secret of un "The Secret of Upchuck Norris" February 16, 2012 1 68 Solo28
In the middle of a fight with Animo, Upchuck goes haywire and splits into Upchuck Norris and Noah! Can Noah defeat the King of Awesomeness? Or will he be overawesomed and defeated?
Beehave "Beehave" February 21, 2012 2 69 Solo28
After school, Noah gets captured by a race of alien bees, er--Hymenops. Can he make it out of the planetary hive, or will he be made into a slave for making honey?
Mindfreak ep "Mindfreak" February 24, 2012 3 70 Solo28
An alien escapes from the Null Void and uses Noah's newest transformation to control him. Now it's up to Jack and Erika to save the day.
Irken invasion "Irken Invasion" February 25, 2012 4 71 Solo28
The Irkens, Zim's race, comes to Earth in an attempt to conquer it. Noah must defeat them and teach those Irkens not to mess with Earth!
Knockoff "Knocked Off" February 26, 2012 5 72 Solo28
Noah tells a guy named Carl about the Matrix, but this proves to be a bad idea when Carl makes his own Matrixes and sells them!
Upgrade fest!!!!! "Noah and the Upgrade Fest" February 28, 2012 6 73 Solo28
Noah discovers Upgrade Fest and celebrates it with Ship, but the joy comes to an end when Retaliator comes to Earth to rule Upgrade Fest. Can Noah as Upgrade and Ship fend him off?
Invasion of pants "Invasion of Them Pants" March 2, 2012 7 74 Solo28
Upchuck Norris sends an army of mind-controlling alien pants to Earth! Can Noah avoid the psychotic fashion trend?
Planted "Planted" March 4, 2012 8 75 Solo28
Ceae and Pach have re-united and are out to kill Noah again. This time, they use an army of trees!
Noah vs norris 1 "Noah vs Norris, Part 1" March 6, 2012 9 76 Solo28
Upchuck Norris arrives to finally awesomify Earth, but Noah has his own input about that...
Noah vs norris 2 "Noah vs Norris, Part 2" March 7, 2012 10 77 Solo28
The battle between Noah and Upchuck Norris rages on and it seems all hope is lost...or is it?

Season 8

Little shop of tech "Little Shop of Tech" March 13, 2012 1 78 Solo28
Albedo is back, and he has opened a shop of alien tech. But Noah knows better, Albedo is stealing the tech and illegally selling it, so Noah must put down this scheme.
Horror after horror "Horror After Horror" March 15, 2012 2 79 Solo28
Noah awakes to find himself downtown. He investigates, but discovers Aggregor has returned! But something isn't Vilgax is back and so are Albedo and Eon! In fact, all of Noah's villains are here and bringing Noah's nightmares to life. And to top it all of, Hex is the leader.
Into the void "Into the Void" March 17, 2012 3 80 Solo28
Aggregor has escaped Incarcecon, though his power is greatly weakened. He is absorbing energy from the Null Void's inhabitants in order to luster enough strength to escape. Can Noah beat Aggregor again?
Through fire and flames "Through the Fire and the Flames" March 21, 2012 4 81 Solo28
Noah and Jack go to an enchanted flame outside of the universe in order to seek its treasure.
Noah crazy "Noah Goes Crazy and Stuff" April 13, 2012 5 82 Solo28 and Rob Macaroni
After a fight with Albedo, Noah gets knocked on the head and goes crazy! Now, he must face a kitty thing and go through an obstacle course in order to regain his intelligence and his sanity.
Arburian survivor "Arburian Survivor" April 18, 2012 6 83 Solo28
An Arburian Pelarota survived the destruction of Arburia and has made his way to Earth. He tricks Noah into showing him around and then tries to take over.
Security breach "Security Breach" April 30, 2012 7 84 Solo28 and Rob Macaroni
An intruder has infiltrated the Plumber base! Can Noah find the intruder and stop him from doing...whatever he's doing?
Pharaoh "The Pharaoh" June 10, 2012 8 85 Solo28
Kierra learns that she's a pharaoh. But is she really? Or is it a trap set up by some random villains?
Trip2techadon "A Trip to Techadon" June 14, 2012 9 86 Solo28
The Techadon people create an upgraded version of the Techadon robot. After a battle with it, Noah heads to Techadon to give the Techadon people a piece of his mind.
Dna doomsday "DNA Doomsday" June 15, 2012 10 87 Solo28
Albedo and Retaliator have teamed up to create a bomb that will disrupt all DNA! Not only that, but the shockwaves are powerful enough to destroy Earth! It's once again up to Noah and Kierra.

Season 9

Mama noah "Mama Noah" June 16, 2012 1 88 Solo28
After a mission on Terradino, Noah gets stuck with a baby Vaxasaurian. And with villains attacking from nowhere, Max being lazy, and Noah playing babysitter, Noah's life kinda sucks.
Animed "Anime'd" July 12, 2012 2 89 Solo28
Noah 10 becomes an Anime! And stuff happens.
Mine "Minecrafted" July 17, 2012 3 90 Solo28
Noah plays some Minecraft and has to build a house, get supplies, fight monsters, and other random stuff.
Blood sport "Blood Sport" July 18, 2012 4 91 Solo28
Noah and Kierra are abducted and are forced to participate in the Intergalactic Blood Sports, a tournament in which the winners live and the losers die.
Amnesiac "Amnesiac" July 19, 2012 5 92 Solo28
After being saved from the clutches of the Blood Sports, Noah and Kierra are thrown into yet another pickle. They are quickly losing their memories and must figure out what's happening before they completely forget everything.
My enemy "That's My Enemy!" July 30, 2012 6 93 Solo28
Noah and Eon begin to fight, only for Eon to reveal that he doesn't consider Noah his enemy, but simply a nuisance. Eon goes after his college nemises, Epocha, while Noah tries to make Eon his enemy. Stupid, I know.
Virus matrix "Virus of a Matrix Kind" August 1, 2012 7 94 Solo28
Noah's Matrix catches a virus! The virus causes each alien to have another's power. Noah must fix the virus, but meanwhile a rogue Biosovortian is on the loose.
Doom mines "Mines of Doom" August 3, 2012 8 95 Solo28
Noah and Jack crave adventure, so they go searching for the Doom Mines, a legendary mine with a lot of Taedenite. But stuff goes awry as always.
Derby "The Derby" August 5, 2012 9 96 Solo28
Noah enters a race to win $10,000 but an evil Biker joins the race too.
Cure "The Cure" August 8, 2012 10 97 Solo28
Kraab and Sevenseven infect Noah with a deadly virus. The only known cure for it is found on Vulpin, but Kraab and Sevenseven don't plan on letting him get it.

Season 10

It has only begun "It Has Only Begun" August 12, 2012 1 98 Solo28
Vilgax has returned once more! And he is far from happy! Well, he's also far from civilization. Suddenly, a strange voice leads him to the remains of Upchuck Norris. Noah finds him and challenges Vilgax. Can Noah stop Vilgax before he absorbs UN's power?
A deadly new power "A Deadly New Power" August 18, 2012 2 99 Solo28
Vilgax and UN have merged! Now Noah must face his two fiercest enemies fused. Vilgax Norris appears to be beyond any power Noah has ever seen before. Can Noah stand up to this crazy fusion?

"Noah 10/Fred 40: The New Life"

August 18, 2012 2.5 99.5 Ahmad15
When an Evil Citrakayah Empire wants a Robot Army, they trick Ahmad and Noah into working for them. Can Fred convince Noah and Ahmad that they've been tricked before it's too late?
Blood in my viens

"Blood in My Veins"

August 23, 2012 3 100 Solo28
A Guisan attacks the town and it's up to Noah and Co. to stop him. Later, Noah also gains a new transformation.


September 2, 2012 4 101 Solo28
Noah's obsession with Upgrade ends up being his downfall when an evil Galvan named Cereb comes to Earth demanding Noah's Matrix.

"Cell Block X"

September 5, 2012 5 102 Solo28
Noah discovers a secret cell block in Incarcecon, but before he can report it, he gets jumped by one of the secret prisoners.
Electrical disruption

"Electrical Disruption"

September 15, 2012 6 103 Solo28
All of the electricity in the town starts going haywire and begins to destroy the town. Noah and Co. end up finding out it is the work of another evil Mechmorph named Uirus who turns out to be Gizmo's dad looking for revenge.
Ghostmas 2

"Ghostmas II"

October 19, 2012 6.5 103.5 Solo28
In this second Halloween special, Zs'Skayr invades the Earth with darkness and Zombies! And this to find out.
The end approacheth1

"The End Approacheth, Part 1"

October 12, 2012 7 104 Solo28
In this first part of the series finale, Vilgax Norris puts his plan into action by luring Noah into a which he spares his life. Psyphon is the new king of Vilgaxia, and now the gang has to find a way to beat Vilgax.
The end approacheth2

"The End Approacheth, Part 2"

October 13, 2012 8 105 Solo28
Noah and Co. build an army of Plumbers to confront Vilgax Norris, but the army is quickly reduced. During the fight, Vilgax claims the lives of many plumbers...and Jack, Erika, and Ship...
The end approacheth3

"The End Approacheth, Part 3"

October 19, 2012 9 106 Solo28
Noah and Kierra escape Vilgax, only to be ambushed again. Vilgax leads Noah away to initiate part 3 to his plan: destroy Earth. Now Noah and Vilgax are locked in their final battle on the moon. Noah wants to avenge his fallen comrades, but can he do it?
The end approacheth4

"The End Approacheth, Part 4"

October 20, 2012 10 107 Solo28
THIS IS THE SERIES FINALE! Noah and Albedo team up to fight Vilgax Norris. But when he undergoes a transformation, all seems lost...until Noah discovers something...


  1. Noah 10: Quest for the Blood Rubies
  2. Noah 10: Plan to Eradicate the Segurason
  3. Noah 10: Origins

Noah 10: Super Matrix

Season 1

Noah 10 reborn 1 "Noah 10 Reborn, Part 1" November 9, 2012 1 1 Solo28
Noah is back! He and Kierra are preparing for College, but Retaliator resurfaces and wants revenge!
Noah 10 reborn 2 "Noah 10 Reborn, Part 2" November 10, 2012 2 2 Solo28
Retaliator just doesn't quit. He keeps trying to get the best of Noah and his friends. Can they finally teach that idiot that he obviously can't?
The sigma squad "The Sigma Squad" November 16, 2012 3 3 Solo28
Forgenza sends three artificially created mercenaries called the Sigma Squad after Noah and Kierra
Tamed "Tamed" November 17, 2012 4 4 Solo28
An evil alien named Orcelot Rex steals Ship to use him as a power source, so Noah and Kierra must save him.
Unnatural selection "Unnatural Selection" November 21, 2012 5 5 Solo28
Forgenza sends a robot named F-9 after Noah and Kierra that can adapt to their attacks.
Trapped in hyperspace "Trapped in Hyperspace" November 27, 2012 6 6 Solo28
After fighting Psyphon, Psyphon infects Ship with a virus, and when Noah and Kierra go through hyperspace to get home faster, they get trapped.
Nabbed "Nabbed" November 30, 2012 7 7 Solo28
Forgenza kidnaps Azmuth and Albedo in order to test Noah and Kierra.
Kraabapple "Kraabapple" December 1, 2012 8 8 Solo28
Kraab flees to Earth to get help from Noah when an issue from his pasts comes back to haunt him.
Brains and brawn part 1 "Brains and Brawn, Part 1" December 7, 2012 9 9 Solo28
Forgenza finally takes it upon himself to attack Noah and Kierra, but the Matrix gets scrambled, giving Noah some new aliens, as well as trapping the three inside the Matrix.
Brains and brawn part 2 "Brains and Brawn, Part 2" December 8, 2012 10 10 Solo28
The battle continues and Forgenza transforms. Noah and Kierra are no match for Forgenza, until Noah comes up with a plan.

Season 2

Another galvan b invasion "Another Galvan B Invasion" December 14, 2012 1 11 Solo28
Galvan B is being invaded again. But this time it's not the Highbreed, it's Malware!
Uselessn10 "Useless" December 15, 2012 2 12 Solo28
Sixsix and Sevenseven attack Earth again, but the Matrix gets jammed and leaves Noah with useless aliens. Kierra is kidnapped and Noah must use his useless aliens to save her.
Alhfar "A Little Help From A Rival" December 21, 2012 3 13 Solo28
Malware invades Anur Phaetos, so Zs'Skayr asks his enemies Noah and Kierra to help him.
Christmas of 10 "Christmas of 10" December 22, 2012 4 14 Solo28
It's Christmas again, and Noah wants to get Kierra an epic present, but he steals it from a guy named Yuggot, who wants it back.
Something smells fishy "Something Smells Fishy" December 28, 2012 5 15 Solo28
Ripjaws' DNA sample gets corrupted, so Noah and Kierra have to go to Piscciss and get another one. Meanwhile, Malware is also there and has plans of his own.
Holey blackness "Holey Blackness" December 29, 2012 6 16 Solo28
Noah and Kierra go to destroy a black hole, but get sucked into it. Soon, they learn the secret about black holes and Noah unlocks a new alien.
Avhbd "A Virus Has Been Detected" January 5, 2013 7 17 Solo28
Malware possess Ship to invade the Plumber's base in disguise, and when Noah and Kierra go to investigate, Forgenza is waiting to hold them off.
Lets play darts "Let's Play Darts" January 6, 2013 8 18 Solo28
Malware unlocks a new alien for Noah, Dartman, to take his blood for Forgenza.
The key "The Key" January 11, 2013 9 19 Solo28
Malware goes after an ancient key device on Turest. Noah and Kierra try to beat him to it.
Power outed "Power Outed" January 12, 2013 10 20 Solo28
Noah and Kierra gather Jack and Erika and track down Malware to fight him.

Season 3

A hunter and his prey "A Hunter and His Prey" January 18, 2013 1 21 Solo28
It's finally Khyber's turn to hunt down Noah and Kierra, so he sends his dog to observe how they fight.
Galvan life "A Galvan's Life" January 25, 2013 2 22 Solo28
A day in the lives of Azmuth and Albedo.
Minecrafted again "Minecrafted Again" February 1, 2013 3 23 Solo28
Noah and Kierra go into Minecraft again and get to The End.
All i wanted was a taco "All I Wanted Was A Taco" February 8, 2013 4 24 Solo28
Noah and Kierra want tacos for Taco Night, but a robot named Xanus keeps ruining that for them.
Time is my enemy "Time is My Enemy" February 15, 2013 5 25 Solo28
Eon returns and screws up the timestream again. He sends Kierra into the past. Noah and Young Noah have to team up to defeat Eon for the 50th time.
All you can eat "All You Can Eat" February 22, 2013 6 26 Solo28
A Devosapien escapes its imprisonment and goes to Earth to eat everything in its path. Noah and Kierra must stop it.
Taristhicker "Tar is Thicker Than Mud" March 15, 2013 7 27 Solo28
Khyber and Franics attack Noah and Kierra again, but Noah unlocks a new alien, but the Nemetrix even had the predator for him.
Mind blown "Mind Blown" March 22, 2013 8 28 Solo28
A villain from Kierra's past resurfaces and wants revenge.
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