This page has a list of DVDs of the Noah 10 franchise.


  • Noah 10: Volume 1 (Ep. 1-12)
  • Noah 10: Volume 2 (Ep. 13-20)
  • Noah 10: Volume 3 (Ep. 21-33)
  • Noah 10 Super Force: Escape from Aggregor (Ep. 1-15)
  • Noah 10 Super Force: Frieza Attacks (Ep. 16-26)
  • Noah 10 Super Force: The Monster Cell (Ep. 27-36)
  • Noah 10 Super Force: The Ginyu Force (Ep. 37-48)
  • Noah 10 Super Force: Return of Cell (Ep. 49-60)
  • Noah 10 Super Force: Ghostfreak's Rampage (Ep. 61-73)
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Back in Action (Ep. 1-8)
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Vilgax is Back (Ep. 9-17)
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Albedo's Quest (Ep. 18-30)
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Noah and Ben the Ultimate Movie
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Galvanic Threat (Ep. 31-47)
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Future Terror (Ep. 48-57)
  • Noah 10 Matrix Unleashed: Aliens of the Matrix (Ep. 58-???)

Commercials and Special Features

Noah 10


Noah 10: Super Force


NTMU: Back in Action

It's been 5 months since Noah used the Matrix for battle. Noah faces off with the Ginyu Force and takes down Hex and Charmcaster once again. Not to mention some new enemies....and a new transformation!

NTMU: Vilgax is Back

Vilgax Returns! Vilgax comes back from the grave, only, he never went to the grave to begin with! Now that Vilgax is more powerful than ever, Noah will need a few new transes to beat this squid-faced freak again!

NTMU: Albedo's Quest

Albedo just doesn't give up! After Noah defeats him again, Albedo is short a few aliens. Join Noah as he chases Albedo around the cosmos in a race to the DNA! And don't forget the other baddies like Forever Knights, Vilgax, and DNAliens!

NTMU: Noah and Ben: The Ultimate Movie

Double Trouble! Noah faces his biggest threat yet. Albedo and Vilgax as a team, teammates killed, and Earth destroyed! Noah's only hope for victory is teaming up with the alternate hero, Ben Tennyson!

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