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is a Noah 10 movie telling how Noah made the Matrix and what happened before the franchise began as it was never shown in the actual series.


A long time ago, in ancient Earth, aliens visited Earth. First came a wave of Galvan. Then came Anodites and then Osmosians. They all bred with humans, which started the Segurason family. Noah was born, and had inherited the gene of Galvan intelligence. Seven-year-old Noah begins work on a project.

(Noah): I wanna discover ariens! Nyeh! :P

Suddenly, about a hundred Galvan teleported in.

(Leader Galvan): And we can help you with that.


(Leader Galvan): We are the Galvan. My name is Albedo.

(Noah): Oh. So why are you here?

(Albedo): I herd u liek aliens. So, yeah. And I have this idea for a device...


Albedo grabbed some blueprints and showed them to Noah.

(Albedo): I totally didn't steal these from my master Azmuth if that's what you're thinking.

(Noah): Oh. k. Let's get started!


(Albedo): Alright. We've finished most of it. Now we just need the DNA samples.

(Noah): But how are we gonna fly across the Universe!?

(Albedo): We won't. We'll take this galaxy, and we'll send Veloticus Biopsis out to the rest of the universe.

(Noah): Veloti what?

(Albedo): Artificial creatures who are incredibly fast flyers and can take the samples for us.

(Noah): Alright! So how do WE get into space?

(Albedo): Me and the Galvans are taking mini ships. You, on the other hand...

Albedo grabbed an egg. It was black and had green lines on it. Albedo threw it on the ground. It hatched into a baby Mechamorph.

(Baby Mechamorph): Ship! Shiiip!

(Noah): Awesome! Imma call you Ship!

(Albedo): While we're here, why don't you scan Ship and I?

(Noah): K.

Noah scanned Ship, then Albedo. Noah transformed into Upgrade.

(Noah): WOAH! I'm an alien! I'm Ship's species! WOO

Noah detransformed.

(Albedo): We'll split up. I'll take the Eastern half of the Galaxy, you take the Western part.

(Noah): kk.

Noah and Albedo flew in different directions. Albedo and his team had Scan Guns, which would scan a sample and send it to the Matrix.