Heroes Unleashed is a crossover of Noah 10 and Gumball 10: Hero Generation written by Solo and RexTennyson.


In Noah's world...

Noah is Upgrade fighting some robbers. He grew and stepped on them, then changed back.

(Noah): Why isn't there a single challenge? I beat Vilgax, the supposed 'Most Dangerous Being Ever'. If only some portal would open up and some bad guy would come out to fight me.

Just then, a portal appeared, and Gumball Watterson came out.

(Gumball): How 'bout me!

He transforms into NanoArms and punches Noah to a building.

(Noah): Aren't you suspossed to be that cat from The Amazing World of Gumball?

(Gumball): Maybe. But this fight ain't over!

Noah transforms into Humongusaur and Gumball transforms into Swampfire.

(Gumball): FIRE!

He shoots Noah to the wall.

(Noah): Now here's a challenge. ULTIMATE HUMONGUSAUR!!

He shoots missles at Swampfire.

(Gumball, detransforming): Hey, name's Gumball. And you are?

(Noah): Name's Segurason. Noah Segurason. Nobody knows you.

(Gumball): But I'm Gumball Watterson.

(Noah): ???

(Gumball): Gumball 10. I'm like, the biggest hero in the galaxy.

Suddenly, Paradox comes.

(Paradox): Aah, Gumball Christopher Watterson. I've been waiting for your arrival.

(Noah): Oh! You don't belong here. This is-

(Paradox): One of the main universes. Gumball is from another main one.

(Noah): Our mission is to get back to your universe.

(Gumball): Not gonna be easy. Alpha is hunting for us.

(Alpha): Hello, father.

(Paradox): Other than the Generator Rex timeline, other every universe I'm Alpha's Father.

(Alpha): Thank you for that story. Now DIE.

He sucks Paradox's life out.

(Noah): No! What are we gonna do! I'm just a 13-year old boy, and you just became 15.

(Gumball): Yeah, I'm starting a Alien Force, baby.

(Alpha): I am the one and only ALPHA. I'm unbeatable.

He grabs Noah away and goes to Gumball's World. Gumball transforms into RathTrack.


He runs off.

(Noah): Alpha, lemme go! TACO MAN! But I wanted Rath!

(Alpha): I hacked The Matrix.

Taco Man shot Tacos at Alpha.

In Noah's World...

(Gumball): I never thought I'll use him. EPIK FACE!!!!

Epik Face created a portal that took him Noah.

(Gumball): Noah!

He shoots a lazer at Alpha.

(Noah): We're gonna need more people.

Suddenly, Ben's Team came.

(Ben): We are Ben's Team from Ben 10: Infinity. We are here to help.

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