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is a Non-Canon episode of Noah 10. It is not a part of the series and just a fun little short.


Vilgax appears, ready to fight Noah.

(Vilgax): Segurason, I will harm you, but not kill you because that would be mean.

(Noah): You're a meanie Vilgax! I'm going to hit you!

Noah transforms.

(Noah): Upgrade!

Noah runs to Vilgax and...magically shoos him into a wall. Vilgax gets up and shoots eye lasers, but they go off-screen and we hear a blasting sound. We then see Noah on the ground. He transforms back.

(Noah): Oh no! Vilgax is too powerful. I'm going to be defeated.

(Vilgax): Prepare to go to the place where people go when they are defeated, but not killed!

Vilgax thrusts his leg and Noah randomly is in a wall. He gets up and transforms into Echo Echo. He sonic screams at Vilgax and knocks him down. Vilgax super breathes Noah away. Noah transforms into Spidermonkey and latches on to the building. He webs up a rock and throws it at Vilgax. We just hear a crashing sound.

(Vilgax): Foolish boy.

(Noah): Crap! This is bad!

-Record scratch sound-

(Nickelodeon People): Whoa whoa whoa. Solo, I thought we told you this show had to have mild-violence and no bad words!

(Me): Crap isn't a bad word. I had a freaking nightmare making it this happy!

(Nick): IT'S A BAD WORD TO CHILDREN! What would parents think!? They'd sue us!

(Me): How is this my problem?

(Nick): That's it! Noah 10 is cancelled from our channel!

(Me): You mean like Invader Zim, Ren & Stimpy, Rocko's Modern Life, and all the other actually good shows you had?