Ninjbot is an alien in the Sem 10 franchise.

General Information
Species Unknown
Home World Unknown
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Teleportation

Laser blasts


First Appearance Fred 2.40


He can teleport to wherever he wants to go, and fire laser ninja stars out of his hands. He also has great agility, possessing the ability to jump almost 7 meters high. It also seen that he possesses great strength.


Ninjbot is weak in melee combat.


Ninjbot has a normal humanoid body type. He has no hands, and a large round head directly attached to his body. He wears the DNAtrix on a belt.

Sem 2.10

He first appeared in the episode Fred 2.40, where he is first mentioned by Sem when he transforms into Aero Dactyl by accident. Sem laters transforms into him to threaten Fred. He appeared again in DNAtrix Rising to battle Hyjinx. He later appears in the crossover Noah 10-Sem 2.10: Clones Attack to battle Alshedo, but failed. He appears in Evolution of the Spiritual where he defeats Fay'Are.


3.10: The Last Generation

In 3.10: The Last Generation, Ninjbot's belt is now blue and has white stripes on it. He first appeared in Earth is Dead, Part 1, where he is the very first alien to appear in the whole series. He is used to fight a Vulpimancer in the sewers, before Sem turned into Waterflush. In Noah-Sem 3: Destruction of The Multiverse, Ninjbot fights a Chronian.



  • He's pretty awesome.


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