General Information
Species Macerian
Home World Maceria
DNA source Unknown/Unnamed Macerian
Body Humanoid Ninja
Alternate Counterparts N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mace Hands
Sharp Claws
Extreme Kicks
Super Agility
Enhanced Reflexes
Tentacle-like Straps
Enhanced Strength
Limited Acute Senses
Equipment Alphatrix
Voice Actor Richard Green
First Appearance TBA

Ninjace is an Alien in the Alphatrix in Alpha!

For his Ultimate version, please click Ultimate Ninjace.


Ninjace is a fairly tall ninja-like Alien. Ninjace wears a mask that covers most of his face, and a crown. His eye area is the only part of Ninjace where his skin is noticable, and that skin is grey. There are also indigo straps on the back of his head. His chest is normal and human shaped, with clothing similar to that of Diamondhead. On his waist, is his long straps, and the Alphatrix symbol. His legs are human shaped, and all dark gray. Above his feet, are two indigo folds. His feet are metal hooves. His arms are all dark gray and human shaped. 

His hands are indigo. His Mace hands is a indigo ball-shape, with metal spikes. His normal hands has 3 fingers, with metal sharp nails. There are also numerous spikes all over his hands. 

Powers & Abilities

Ninjace's hands can be one of two things: Normal and sharp 3 fingered hands, or maces. His mace is very sharp and powerful, and can kill a human with one hit. His 3 fingered hands are sharp, and can stab people. It can also grab onto things, like a normal hand.

Ninjace has metal hooves, which are very powerful. Like the mace, it can kill a human with one single kick. It's very powerful

Because of Ninjace's nature, Ninjace is very agile, and has very good reflexes. He also has decent strength. Ninjace can also be very stealthy with all his agility and reflexes. 

Ninjace's straps are tentacle-like, they can grab onto things at his will, they can be used to attack, and they can help at being stealthy. They also have limited acute senses, which can help Ninjace look around.


  • TBA


  • This is Migster7's favorite [Sif 100] Alien!
  • Out of any Sif alien, Ninjace has the most designs (Including his Ultimate form).


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