Ninja 10 is the first episode of Shun 10.

Ninja 10
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date none
Written by me
Directed by me
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16-year-old Shun Is training in the woods when a light appears. He gets down to the source. There he sees a watch. He puts it on and a green light shoots from the watch and he transforms into a Brecian.Then his friend Jaakor shows up and attacks the Brecian.

(Jaakor): Take this, you weird alien!

(Rupture): Jaakor, stop. (jumps in the air)

(Jaakor): How do you know my name??? Doesn't matter, I'll get you anyway. (jumps and strikes a wind blast)

(Rupture): Jaakor, stop it's my Shun.

(Jaakor): I don't believe you.

Shun transforms back.

(Shun): See it's me

(Jaakor): sorry Shun, iI didn't know it was you.

(Shun): I try to tell you, but you didn't listen.

(Jaakor): wath's thet watch-like device????

(Shun):I don't know.

Meanwhile, they are observed by Orbeum and Skytruss

(Orbeum): let's take them.

(Skytruss): no dude we can't.master said we have to watch them not Take them out.

(Orbeum): okay, okay dude

Then Ren falls down right next to Shun and Jaakor

(Orbeum):is that the dude we saw with Linehalt

(Skytruss): He looks like him

Meanwhile, Shun and Ren are fighting and Shun wins

(Shun): I tell me who are you???

(Ren): My name is Ren.i'm a Gudalien.

(Shun): oh why didn't you say so??Later at shun's treehouse Fabia, Ren, Jaakor, and Shun are talking

(Shun): Fabia this is Ren

(Fabia): who is he??

(Shun): he is a Gudalien.

(Fabia): oh! so what is that watch on your hand?

(Ren): Yeah? what is it?

(Shun): I don't know

then an explosion happens in the woods.Shun jumps to it same as Ren, Fabia, and Jaakor.Then Shun pushes the omnitrix and turns in to a Surgosapien

(Gigablast): come an this is what I'm stuck whit.

pushes the omnitrix again

(Ice blade): this is better

They all jump to the place, but there's nothing there.then they all fall into the ground.

Major events

  • Shun gets the omnitrix
  • Ren arives to earth



  • <spanstyle="line-height:21px;">Orbeum</span>
  • <spanstyle="line-height:21px;">Skytruss</span>

<spanstyle="line-height:21px;">Aliens used</span>


  • This episode come so long becouse i did't get to create it
  • it has a second part but whit another name
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