Niklas is the little brother of Evfnye and a new student of Azmuth.


He looks prettty much like Evfnye, except for having darker hair and different clothing.


He is a bit stubborn, and sometimes annoys Evfnye to death.

Powers and Abilities

He is similar to Evfnye in terms of powers.

During Alien Swap, he had Ditto's duplication powers, altrough he didn't use them.

He owns four snakes that help him. In fact, he was always fascinated by snakes since he was 7.


An Earth piton that has infrared vision and it's 9.5 meters (32 feet) long. Its name was originally Pity A, pronounced paı-ti èi, shortened to Pitya (paı-tje).


As its name suggests, it comes from Enceladus , a moon of Saturn. It can survive in space and it is gray in color.

Luna Conda

Play on Luna & Anaconda, this female snake is an anaconda with enhanced strenght that is 8 m (27 feet) long.


A new snake seen only in Inside Two Rivers, similar to Pitya but colored green.


Unlike his brother, he isn't a human with superintellect mutation.

He may be too stubborn.



Niklas Koppernigk was the real Polish name of Nicolaus Copernicus, a famous astronomer.

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