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Mission: Unstoppable
General Information
Original broadcast October 25, 2019
Season 2
Episode number 4
Overall episode number 24
Written by Ebomnitrix & Kakapokid5
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Nikki and the Starcatcher! is the twenty-fourth episode of E-10: Horizons.


Nikki stars as the female lead for the upcoming play, "Peter and the Starcatcher". Meanwhile, Ethan thinks Nikki's director is not who he seems.


[The setting took place at the entrance of Nikki’s dormitory. Nikki entered inside her dorm, wearing her normal clothes.]

Michelle: Hey Nikki, where have you been?

Sneaking on Nikki - Ep 24

Nikki: [Glances to the side] I’ve just been at practice.

Michelle: Again? Have they been making you work overtime?

Nikki: Yeah, it’s no big deal though.

[Nikki sat her backpack down on her bed and opened up her bag.]

Michelle: Whatever you say! Hey, did you ever get that paper done for Mr. Ozpin’s class? It’s due tomorrow.

Nikki: Wait it is?! Aw, man!

Michelle: Looks like you better get cramming then.

Nikki: Shoot. What did he say the topic was?

[Nikki grabbed her laptop out of her bag and an orange spark of electricity zapped Nikki’s fingertips. As Nikki made a slight scream, she dropped the laptop. Michelle jumped over and grabbed the laptop in time.]

Michelle: Got it! You should be more careful, Nikki. What was that anyway?

[Nikki looked at her fingertips as she noticed the electricity was still surrounding her hand.]

Nikki: I’m not sure…

OP 2:

E-10 OP 2 - Catch The Moment - Lisa
Welcome to the Hills - E-10 Cut

[The next morning, we zoomed into Ethan’s house as we cut to Ethan’s cleaner bedroom. Suddenly we hear a familiar feminine voice shouting from Ethan’s bedroom.]

Maria: Hey, Ethan! Get up or you’ll be late for school!

[Ethan woke up and covered his face between his pillows.]

Maria: I made breakfast!

[Ethan swiftly sat up, more alert.]

Ethan: Welp, that woke me up.

[Ethan paused for a moment and looked around his bedroom to see that everything had been moved around and was in an entirely different bedroom.]

Ethan: Oh, right…

[We cut to the kitchen, where Maria was finishing cooking eggs as a dressed Ethan walked out from his bedroom. Ethan stepped into the kitchen to notice a plate was ready for him. The plate was crowded with toast, bacon and eggs. Ethan tried to grab it until Maria smacked his hands with a spatula.]

Ethan: AGH!

Maria: What do you say?

Ethan: [Sigh] Thank you.

Maria: You’re welcome.

[Maria smiled as Ethan groaned and stepped into the living room. The two sat down on the couch. Maria began to pig out.]

Ethan: Hey, we need to talk about this bodyguard situation.

Maria: Okay. [Drinking Coffee.]

Ethan: So, how long is this going to last for?

Maria: [Sits her cup down] Until Lieutenant Steel can trust you again.

Ethan: Oh, come on. Really? What’s there not to trust! I’ve saved the Earth nearly a dozen times, I’ve saved the school, the city…

Maria: And you’ve violated dozens of acts and laws that should have gotten you arrested.

Ethan: Thanks for the pep-talk. [Rolls eyes] Look, I’m 22 years old, I don’t need a babysitter!

Maria: Then you should’ve thought of that before putting yourself in this mess. Look, it’s nothing to make a big deal about. Besides, you got me as your bodyguard, you could end up with much worse.

Ethan: Oh, yeah?

Maria: And I bet you’ve never slept in a house with a beautiful girl before. [Elbows Ethan]

Ethan: Ain’t that truth. [Glances to the side]

Maria: So don’t worry about it. C’mon, Ethan, loosen up! We’re going to have lots of fun, trust me! Aside from me changing up your living quarters a bit, you won’t even notice I’m here.

[We cut to the kitchen to see the sink was filled with dirty dishes. We then cut back to the two.]

Ethan: I find that very hard to believe. [Sigh] But I guess it wouldn’t be too bad. I just have one rule.

Maria: What?

Ethan: Don’t. Touch. The Pibb.

[Maria’s eyes widened and she cleared her throat. We cut to 3 empty 12 packs of Pibb lying on the counter floor, then cut back to the two.]

Maria: You got yourself a deal, now come on, we’ve got school to go to.

[The song ended. As Ethan groaned, An Omnitrix symbol slided to right and the scene transitioned to the two arriving in front of the Horizon campus.]

Climbing to the Unknown - Episode 24

[Ethan and Maria stepped out of her red Alpine A110-50 and walked down the sidewalk. Ethan noticed guys were eyeing Maria at every corner. In the background a few guys who were with their girlfriends were staring at Maria. One of the girls slapped the guy for looking. We cut back to Ethan whispering in her ear.]

Ethan: You know there’s a bunch of guys staring at you right?

Maria: I know, it’s one of the perks to being so beautiful.

[Maria stroked her hair and Ethan rolled his eyes. We cut to Alice, Terence, Hannibal and Nikki sitting in their usual spot and see Ethan and Maria passing through.]

Hannibal: Hey, man. Hey, Maria! What are you doing here?

Ethan: Meet my new bodyguard.

Hannibal, Nikki, Alice, Terence: What?!

Maria: Yeah, because of your last mission, Ethan has been received a bodyguard since Lieutenant Steel doesn’t trust you four or himself to keep him in check.

Alice: I’m sorry, Ethan… I…

Maria: C’mon, we don’t want to be late.

[Maria left the table and Ethan sighed, then followed her. We cut to the classroom as Ethan a bunch of other students were sitting and waiting impatiently for class to start. Ethan checked his phone and it was 10 minutes after the starting class.]

Ethan: What’s taking so long?

[Ethan laid his head down his desk and the classroom door opened, to reveal Maria entered inside with her appearance slightly altered. She had her hair in a ponytail and wore glasses. Maria was carrying a couple books and sat them down on the teacher’s desk.]

Misinterpreted Information (Short, Ep 24)

Maria: Good morning, Students. Apparently your teacher has decided to take some permanent vacation time…

[We flashback to Maria in her regular outfit, having the original teacher tied up and hanging against the wall. His mouth was taped shut as he made screaming noises. We cut back to the classroom, ending the flashback.]

Maria: So I’m going to be your new substitute teacher for the rest of the semester.

Ethan: No…

Maria: Now, if you could turn your pages to Chapter 3-

[Maria’s talking faded in the background as Ethan tried to come up with an idea.]

Ethan: I’ve got to get out of here…

[Ethan looked at the exit, as he realized Maria was distracted. Ethan looked at the Omnitrix and saw Goop’s icon was selected. The song ended. Ethan smirked and the Omnitrix transitioned to the next scene, taking place at the cafeteria.]

Rise to the Challenge! - Ep 24 (Story of the Starcatcher)

[We pan to the right where Alice, Hannibal, and Nikki were sitting by a table as they were making conversation. Meanwhile, a green slimy blob slithered toward an empty seat and Nikki panicked for a second until the slime formed back into Goop. Goop tapped the Omnitrix and transformed back into Ethan.]

Ethan: Finally I managed to get away from her.

Hannibal: Where have you been, it felt like we haven’t seen you all week.

[Ethan raised his eyebrow as he made an irritated look.]

Hannibal: Oh, right.

Nikki: Why do you always have to ask the obvious, Hannibal?

Hannibal: I was just checking!

Ethan: Where’s Terence?

Alice: Still in class. Oh, hey Nikki, did you manage to get my script?

Nikki: Sure did.

Ethan: Script for what?

Alice: The new play that’s coming up, remember? They want me to be a guest-writer and the production coordinator!

Ethan: Really?! No way! Wait, what play?

[Nikki raised the script in the air, which showed the logo to the play.]

Nikki: Peter and the Starcatcher! It’s about the origin story of the characters from Peter Pan, as the young Peter deeply distrusts adults and has never seen the sun. Peter’s adventures allow him to find the hero within him, and to take on a name worthy of the legend he becomes. And guess who’s going to play the female lead, Molly? Your’s truly!

Ethan: Ni-ice!

Alice: Oh! And they also wanted the people who were in our Literature Club to help write the play.

Ethan: Why wasn’t I asked?

Alice: You turned it down, remember?

Ethan: Really? I don’t remember ever turning that down, It must’ve been Charmcaster…

Hannibal, Alice, Nikki: Huh?

Ethan: Aw, man! This would’ve been so much fun to do together! We finally could’ve wrote a story together.

Alice: There’s always next time. Now, what did you say about this Charm-

[Maria’s voice called out to Ethan.]

Maria: ETHAN!

Ethan: AH!

[Ethan jumped out of his seat and prepared to run for his life. An energy rope grabbed Ethan and Maria dragged Ethan back to her clutches.]

Maria: You’re not getting away from me that easily. You think you could just ditch class and escape from your bodyguard. Oh, you have another thing coming.

Ethan: Alright-alright! Can you free me? You’re embarrassing me in front of everyone!

[Maria looked around to notice that everyone was looking at them oddly. Maria freed him from the rope.]

Maria: Very well. But I’m still not letting you out of my sight. [Pouts]

[Ethan sat back down, and Maria grabbed a chair and turned it around, sitting down from the opposite direction.]

Maria: So, what are we talking about here?

Nikki: We were talking about the play I’m starring in.

Maria: Oh, really? What’s that?

Hannibal: It’s an origin story of Peter Pan, only with a couple different twists to it.

Maria: Ah, I remember when I was in theater back in High School.

Hannibal: You were in theater?

Maria: Oh, yeah. I was always playing the female lead. Guess the guys just couldn’t get enough of me.

[Alice and Nikki appeared to be weirded out, while a red Hannibal and Ethan cleared their throats.]

Alice: Anyway, we were wondering if you guys and Terence would come along and watch us.

Hannibal: Sure, I’m free this afternoon.

Ethan: Yeah, count me in.

Maria: Oh, no. You have homework you’ve got to do.

Nikki: C’mon Maria, it’ll be fun.

Alice: It’s not like he can’t do it while we practice. Besides, it might be good for inspiration.

Maria: Hmm, okay. But I’m only letting him go to support his friends. [Sigh, Facepalm] I’m gonna need my flask for this.

[The scene shifted to inside an auditorium. The spotlights were only shining on the stage, as the rest of the room was dark and blue. Nikki, Alice, and the other crew members were standing on stage as a Filipino figure walked toward them, wearing a navy-grey suit with a light blue collared shirt showing. We zoom up to reveal he was a familiar figure.]

Professor Aniceto: Places people! We have a show to run! Everything must be set accordingly if we’re going to get the best praises in the state’s show-score. I’ve been in this industry since I was a child, and there hasn’t been a single play under my wing that’s flopped! I believe we can exceed our limits, people! Now, who’s with me!

Nikki, Alice, Crew: YEAH!!!

[They raised their arms in the air in a cheery pose. The song ended.]

Professor Aniceto: Now Daryl, cue the music.

[Daryl cracked his fingers and began to play the piano as the crew practiced for the play. We zoom out into the seats where Maria, Ethan, Terence and Hannibal were sitting.]

Let's Watch the Sunset (Ep 24, The Play Bit)

Maria: My goodness. This is going to be a long night.

[Maria opened the bottle and drank from her flask.]

Terence: You two said there was going to be free cookies.

Ethan: No, I said there were free cookies for the crew members. I didn’t say anything about us.

Terence: You liar. [Folds arms]

Hannibal: Relax guys, we’re here to support Alice and Nikki, so we should give them our honest respect and… ARE THOSE DUDES WEARING MERMAID COSTUMES?!

[Hannibal bursted out laughing, the staff turned to the laughing Hannibal and he stopped. Hannibal cleared his throat.]

Hannibal: I’m sorry.

[Maria sighed and checked her phone. She noticed an emergency alert coming from her notifications. The song ended. ]

Maria: Excuse me.

[Maria sat up and walked outside. Meanwhile, Professor Aniceto suddenly received a phone call.]

Professor Aniceto: That was great people, take five!

[Professor Aniceto answered the phone and went backstage as Hannibal, Terence and Ethan walked up stage to see Nikki and Alice.]

Hannibal: You guys are doing great, baby!

Nikki: Really? Because you were just laughing at that guy in the skirt.

Hannibal: Promise.

[Hannibal kissed Nikki in the forehead.]

Terence: So why’d you guys cut so early anyway? Normally that’s something that happens after you’ve finished a scene?

Nikki: Oh, Mr. Aniceto always has us cut early. Not sure why, but he is a professor, he’s always got something going on in the back. Student meetings, reading emails, preparing for other shows, but usually he goes back there to answer his calls.

[As Nikki spoke, Ethan took his attention to what was happening behind the curtain. Ethan saw Professor Aniceto quietly yelling at someone in the back.]

Terence: Weird.

Ethan: Hey, uh is anybody else supposed to here?

Nikki: No.

Ethan: Excuse me, I’m going to check on something.

The Echoing Distraction - Episode 24

[Ethan left the conversation and walked further backstage. Ethan sneaked behind one of the props to hear what they were saying.]

Professor Aniceto: What do you mean you don’t have it!

[The figures he was talking to looked like the Circus Freaks.]

Professor Aniceto: Well you better think of something soon or I’ll-

[A green light glowed behind them and Wildmutt sprung toward them and snarled at them.]

Professor Aniceto: What’s that mutt doing here?!


[The figures ran away from Professor Aniceto as Wildmutt chased after them onto the set. One of them tried hanging behind one of the background sets. The figure took a deep breath and Wildmutt broke through the background. The figure screamed and ran for it as Wildmutt continued to run after them.]

Wildmutt: REEEE-AAWWWW!!!

[Wildmutt continued to snarl as he chased after them. The figure lead Wildmutt to the curtains and he caught the scent of the other two figures. They ran back and forth around the curtains, Wildmutt followed them one by one as the curtains began to shake. Meanwhile, at the front of the stage, the crew members and later the others heard snarling noises.]

Hannibal: Uh, you guys hear that?

Alice: Yeah, that sounds like Wild… [gasp]

[The curtain was raised up as Wildmutt caught him tangled up in the curtains. Wildmutt struggled to break free and eventually the curtains fell on stage. The crew ran away from the curtains as they dropped to the floor. Wildmutt howled for his life until they landed. Maria walked back in the auditorium to see the stage wrecked. She rubbed her eyebrows, took a deep breath and walked over. A red light glowed from below the curtains and Ethan climbed out, then stood back up. Professor Aniceto quickly searched the curtains and Wildmutt was nowhere in sight. He looked up to see one of the backgrounds we’re destroyed and the curtains were torn and had paw prints all over it.]

Professor Aniceto: It’s going to take 2 days of practice time to fix this! That dog… Where is he?!

Ethan: I saw him run that way, [Points] towards the exit!

Professor Aniceto: He’s not going to get away from me!!!

[Professor Aniceto ran off stage as Alice, Hannibal, Terence and Nikki approached Ethan.]

Nikki: Ethan, what did you do?!

Ethan: Your director is working with the Circus Freaks.

Hannibal, Terence, Alice, Nikki: What?!

Nikki: Ethan?

Alice: Are you sure?

Ethan: I’m positive, I even caught something like their scent.

Terence: That’s impossible, they’re locked up back in prison.

Hannibal: Uh hello? Have you never read any comic books ever? Superhero 101 “The bad guys always escape to enact their next evil plans!”

[Alice, Terence and Nikki gave Hannibal an irritated look.]

Hannibal: I mean it’s true! Look at how many times we’ve had to fight Hex last year!

Nikki: I don’t know… I just can’t see it. But, even if it was them, you had no right to attack them on stage and destroy what we’ve worked for!

Ethan: What?!

Terence: She does have a point.

[Ethan had even turned to Alice who had a worried look on her face. Ethan then looked down.]

Ethan: I...

Maria: Whether that was the Circus Freaks or not, he used his powers without my permission, and for doing that and damaging school property, I’m taking you home.

Ethan: But…

Maria: C’mon!

[Maria grabbed Ethan’s arm and pulled him towards the exit.]

Ethan: Guys, you’ve got to believe me, it was the Circus Freaks! I would never damage your show on purpose!

[Ethan was pulled closer to the door.]

Ethan: Guys!

[The next day, Nikki was on stage talking with some of the crew members.]

Nikki: Okay, what I think we should do is practice that scene a bit more at home so we can get the flow of the scene down.

[Maria and Ethan entered inside and walked over toward Nikki.]

Nikki: Hold on a second, guys.

[The crew members left as Alice and Terence walked over to Ethan, Maria and Nikki.]

The Lost Genesect (E-10 Cut)

Ethan: Look, about yesterday, it wasn’t my fault for going after the Circus Freaks…

[Maria kicked Ethan in the knee, who screamed as he held onto it.]

Ethan: But, I am truly sorry for sabotaging your set! Agh, I had no right to destroy your set, especially since you guys have worked so hard on it. I feel guilty about it. [Turns to Maria] Ugh, why’d you have to kick me so hard! [Turns back, Sighs] Anyway, I’m sorry.

[Alice pats Ethan’s head.]

Alice: No need to make such a big deal out of things, we forgive you.

Terence: Eh, it’s not your first time you’ve caused a rodeo, and it won’t be the last…

[Hannibal walked over with his laptop and opened it.]

Hannibal: Speaking of which, I managed to hack into the prisons database, and looks like Ethan was right. The Circus Freaks aren’t in their cells, apparently they escaped just a few months ago.

Terence: So if the Circus Freaks are here, that’s going to cause a whole lot of problems.

Ethan: While you guys practice, I’ll go do some investigating.

Maria: Ah-ah! No you won’t. You still got homework to do.

Ethan: Ah, come on! Can’t I just do it here?

Maria: [Sigh] Fine. Just don’t go wrecking anything this time.

Ethan: Deal!

[The song ended.]

Sharing is Caring (Ep 24, Alice's Performance)

[The scene shifted to later on stage as the crew was practicing for a scene. Professor Aniceto and Alice were watching the dancers performing for a scene. Professor Aniceto was observing, as he nodded to what he was seeing, Alice, standing beside him, was awaiting for his review.]

Professor Aniceto: Alice, I didn’t like what you added.

[Alice frowned a bit.]

Professor Aniceto: I love it! These are some excellent revisions and they were much needed for our program. I dare say you improved where the original playwright failed. The fact you even gave our extras a bit more time to shine! I’m very impressed, Alice.

Alice: Thank you! I really thought some scenes need splicing up and I wanted to give everyone a chance to shine.

Professor Aniceto: You did great work.

Ethan: Just like she always does.

[Professor Aniceto and Alice turned around to see Ethan and Maria standing backstage. Alice smiled at Ethan’s compliment.]

Maria: I gotta say you made some great changes.

Alice: Thanks.

Professor Aniceto: With only 2 weeks left, we should have everything ready to go. As long as there’s not another “Wild… mutt” attack.

Maria: I’m sure it won’t happen again.

[Maria glared at Ethan, as Ethan cleared his throat.]

Maria: Now, the play looks great and all, but did you know I was a star in Beauty and the Beast back in High School.

Professor Aniceto: Oh, really?!

Maria: Yeah, let me tell ya some of my ideas, after all you can’t waste the opportunity of a real star showing around the ropes.

[Maria wrapped her arm around Professor Aniceto and walked on stage to discuss her ideas.]

Professor Aniceto: I… I guess.

[Alice sighed.]

Ethan: That’s Maria for you. So how are you enjoying working on the set?

Alice: It’s awesome! I feel like I’m really contributing something to society. I mean the Literature Club was great and all, but for the first time ever, I feel like I’m a real writer!

Ethan: That’s great. I can’t wait to see your work! Although, technically I already am, but you know what I mean.

[Alice giggled.]

Ethan: What?

Alice: Just… you can be so exuberant sometimes. It’s cute.

[Ethan surprised, his face turned red for a moment. Ethan then smiled back as we pan out from their scene. The song shifted.]

Soul Searching (Story of An Hour, Ep 24)

[The scene shifted over to the cast practicing a scene from near the beginning of Act 1.]

Molly (Nikki): [Distracting them from the flying cat] Hey –y’know what’d be fun? Howzabaout a bedtime story!

Ted: What’s that?

Molly (Nikki): Oh, ha-ha, very amus – [Realizing] omigosh –you poor things. You’ve never had a bedtime story?

Prentiss: This might sound kinda defensive –

Ted: Hard to have a bedtime when you don’t have a bed.

Molly: Sorry. Sorry, I didn’t mean to –

Boy: Tell you what. You say “sorry” so easy, like the rough patch’s smoothed over, no hard feelings and everything’s fixed. Well, no. There’s dark . . . a mass of darkness in the world, and if you get trapped in that cave like us, it beats you down. “Sorry” can’t fix it. Better to say nothing than “sorry.” [Hearing his mother’s song, far away] When it’s night, and I’m too scared to sleep, I look through the cracks, y’know? –between the wood nailed over the window –and I see all those little stars that I can’t reach, and I think that in a hundred, or two or three hundred maybe, boys’ll be free and life’ll be so beautiful that nobody’ll ever say “sorry” again –‘cuz nobody’ll have to. I think about that a lot.

[Molly is moved by this glimpse into the boy’s soul. So are Ted and Prentiss.]

Prentiss: Well, that’s more than he said in the last thirteen years.

Boy: So, bedtime stories? Not a big priority, okay?

Molly: No, it’s not okay. I’m giving you one. It’s a gift. Least I can do. Like, um –Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty’s a good one. You’ll like it. There’s a kiss in it. True Love’s Kiss.

Ted: Yeah! [Beat] I don’t know what that is.

Molly: Then I’ll tell you. C’mon –back to your cabin and I’ll be Mother. Now –the story of Sleeping Beauty. “Once upon a time” –that’s how they always start –“Once upon a time, a beautiful baby was born . . .”

[Nikki, as she sung, began swiftly moving her arms. Suddenly, orange electricity sparked out from her fingertips and went flying towards the lights. The light bulbs inside shattered and the equipment went flying towards the cast. Nikki stopped singing and the song shifted.]

Hero Alert

[Ethan, Maria and Alice were watching from backstage, shook in shock.]

Ethan: If those things hit the cast, we might not have a show for much longer!

Maria: I’m on it.

[The song shifted]

It's Action Time - Episode 24 (Maria and Goop to the Rescue!)

[Maria jumped and she grabbed a few of the cast mates. She pushed them out of the way as one of the lights fell down to the stage. Suddenly on top, four of the lights shook and began flying toward the ground.]

Maria: I can’t grab them all in time!

[Professor Aniceto made a large gasp. We cut to Alice turning to Ethan as he raised his hand over the Omnitrix and slammed down. A green light blinded the screen. We cut to the cast screaming for their lives, and to their surprise, a green slithery figure flew above them. The figure stretched his body out and wrapped himself around the lights to break their fall. Then he carried them down gently and morphed himself into a humanoid form, revealing to be Goop.]

Goop: Did somebody call for a hero?

[The cast cheered and ran toward Goop to thank him. Backstage, Alice smiled and Professor Aniceto took a sigh of relief.]

Cast Member: Can I get your autograph!

Goop: Uh, sure! But I’d probably melt it…

Maria: C’mon, we have to go.

[Maria grabbed Goop’s UFO and Goop’s body followed her.]

Goop: Agh! Hey!

[We closed in Goop and Maria walking backstage.]

Cast Member: Thanks, Mr. Slimy Blob Man!

Goop: It’s Goop! And remember, a hero’s work is never done!

[The cast members cheered. The song ended. Meanwhile Nikki looked at her fingertips and noticed electricity was still sparkling. Terence took notice to this. We cut to Maria and Goop finding a private place to talk as Maria freed Goop’s UFO. Goop finally stood back up as he tapped the Omnitrix symbol and transformed back to normal.]

Ethan: What?!

Thank Goodness - E-10 Cut

Maria: You did good, but you weren’t supposed to transform back there.

Ethan: Thanks, but I was doing my job!

Maria: Maybe, but under Lieutenant Steel’s orders, you are forbidden from transforming outside of any SACT missions.

Ethan: If I hadn’t those people would have gotten hurt!

Maria: Look, I understand your intentions, and truthfully I would’ve done the same thing. But we can’t risk letting anybody else finding out about your secret. What if you were to power down in front of those people?

Ethan: Hey, I’ve had my powers for over a year now. I think I know how to handle it.

[Maria took a deep breath and rubbed her eyebrows. The song ended.]

Maria: You know what, we can talk about this at home.

Ethan: Fine.

[Ethan and Maria walked out of the scene and we shifted to Nikki stepping off backstage as Terence walked up to her.]

Scavenging the Evidence - Ep 24 (Terence Discovers Nikki's Secret)

Terence: What was that?

Nikki: What do you mean?

Terence: Don’t act dumb, I saw what happened. You shot an electric blast from your fingertips.

Nikki: How do you know it was me?!

[Terence showed her his camera, and it revealed to show Nikki at a surprised state, as an electric blast was being shot upstage.]

Terence: Care to explain?

Nikki: I… I don’t know. For the last week I’ve had electricity surrounding my fingertips. It short circuited my electronics, and then this… I…

Terence: You think it could be a malfunction from those biosuits?

Nikki: Maybe. Once practice is over, we’ll go find out.

[We cut to nightfall where Nikki and Terence were exiting campus. The song ended.]

Terence: So you’ve had these powers for the last week and you don’t know what triggered it?

Nikki: Pretty much.

Terence: Huh, weird. Shouldn’t you be talking to Hannibal about this?

Nikki: Hannibal’s been busy training some Gaia student. Plus, you know how he’d react. He’ll get all overprotective instead of focusing on how to help me understand this.

Terence: You’re not wrong. [He paused for a moment.] I thought of something, what if it isn’t the biosuit doing this? What if you have powers?

[Nikki’s eyes widened. We zoom toward one of the buildings where Ethan was shown sneaking around one of the buildings.]

Ethan: Finally, managed to catch Maria off guard. Hopefully that pillow-fort I left will keep her busy.

Found 'Em and It's Time For Action (Ep 24)

[Ethan snuck around the corner and made his way towards the door. Ethan opened the door and went inside. Ethan heard mumbling in the background and he began walking closer to the noise. Ethan entered the stage as he noticed Professor Aniceto was speaking to a group of three behind the curtain. He could only see a spotlight shining on the shadow of his face. Ethan then hid behind the side of the wall.]

Professor Aniceto: What do you mean you don’t have it?

Female Figure: I’m sorry, but those freaks jumped at us by surprise.

Professor Aniceto: Well you better get it back fast, if we’re going to make our show as spectacular as possible, we’re going to need that gem! My dream of being a broadway director and the world’s most wanted man are on the line here! If you three can’t perform a simple task I ask, I swear… I’m going to-

[Ethan glared and jumped right out from the side.]

Ethan: Ah-Hah! I got you now!

Professor Aniceto: AH! What are you doing here? Wait, aren’t you that kid who’s friends with one of my performers?

Ethan: Not important. I knew you were up to something shady since the moment I saw your friends backstage. So I knew if I investigated you long enough that I’d run into your friends eventually and it looks like I was right. What’s also interesting is that you’re working with the Circus Freaks.

[The figures in the back shrugged and scratched their heads.]

Professor Aniceto: What?! Don’t you think that’s a bit too much to call them Circus Freaks?

Female Figure: I swear, I will blow your arm right-

[Professor Aniceto stopped her, and nodded.]

Professor Aniceto: Look, I don’t know how much you heard, but you better leave and never discuss what you heard here or I will turn you into the authorities for trespassing.

Ethan: Funny, I was going to suggest the same thing.

[Professor Aniceto and the figures laughed.]

Professor Aniceto: You really think you can take us, kid?

Ethan: No, but I know someone who can!

[Ethan tapped the side buttons from the Omnitrix, and it raised the core up. He swiftly slammed down and transformed in a green light.]

[GHOULSEYE TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm out and an indigo and pink exoskeleton began to surround his entire body from his arm then up to his chest, then to his head. A hood surrounded his face and he span around as the cloak finished forming. Ghoulseye span to the front and he struck a pose as the background faded behind him.]

Ghoulseye: GHOULSEYE!!!

Professor Aniceto: [Gasp] It’s E-10! Get him!

[The three figures jumped out and a large figure tried jumping out at Ghoulseye.]

Ghoulseye: Agh! Get off me!

[Ghoulseye threw him off as he created an arrow and stuck it to is ectoplasm bow. One figure grabbed a violin.]

Ghoulseye: A violin?! Really, Frightwig? What’s that going to do?!

[She played the violin and Ghoulseye slowly grew drowsy. Ghoulseye’s arrow disappeared as he slowly dropped to the ground. Another figure grabbed a saxophone and it blew Ghoulseye back with a sound wave. Ghoulseye went flying into the wall and then to the ground. Meanwhile Maria ran to the campus and found Nikki and Terence talking.]

Maria: Hey have two seen Ethan anywhere?

Nikki: No?

Terence: Why, what’s up?

Maria: Ethan snuck off.

Terence: Oh boy.

Nikki: Knowing him, he’s probably off causing trouble somewhere.

[We cut back to the set.]

Professor Aniceto: Get him out of here before he ruins the rest of my set! I cannot have anymore delays.

Giant Male Figure: You got it, boss.

[Ghoulseye struggled to get up and looked up to see the three standing above him.]

Giant Male Figure: It’s over, ghoul-man.

Ghoulseye: Oh, really?

[Ghoulseye appeared with his arrow in his hand. Ghoulseye whistled and sent the arrow flying toward the wall above them. From outside an explosion appeared, Maria, Nikki and Terence took notice to this. Maria glared and the three ran toward it. Meanwhile, Ghoulseye’s ears were ringing as the Professor Aniceto and the three figures made their escape. Ghoulseye shut his eyes and passed out. Maria, Terence and Nikki ran to see Ghoulseye lying in a pile of rubble. Ghoulseye changed back and we zoomed into an unconscious and injured Ethan.]

[We open up to outside a Horizon faculty building, and zoom in to Ethan sitting outside the dean’s office. Maria walked outside and rubbed her eyebrows.]

Ethan: Well?

Maria: I convinced them to drop the charges, originally they wanted you to help Professor Aniceto clean up the set but he advised against it. However, you are forbidden from entering that building until the play is done. In the meantime, I have to report this to Lieutenant Steel.

E-10 - The Ortus (Short)

Ethan: What?! Lieutenant Steel doesn’t have to know about this!

Maria: Yes he does. You disobeyed my orders, left me hanging, and damaged school property.

Ethan: I was put in a difficult position!

Maria: If you had listened to me, you wouldn’t have been in that position!

Ethan: If you had listened to me and have been there, we would’ve finally stopped them! You’re supposed to be my bodyguard, I thought you would have more faith in me!

Maria: I do, but you’re supposed to stay by my side at all times. And do you know how lucky are you to not be expelled from campus!

Ethan: Oh yeah, well I-

[Hannibal, Alice, Terence and Nikki arrived in the hallway. Ethan and Maria stopped arguing and Ethan took a deep breath.]

Ethan: We’ll finish this later, just give me a moment with them.

[Maria glared at him and stepped to the side. The song ended.]

Terence: So I take it you were let off the hook.

Ethan: Not entirely…

Nikki: Pity. You deserve more after the stunt you pulled.

Ethan: Are you kidding me?!

Where Does the Path End

Nikki: Did you even think about what you were going to do before you stepped foot in there?! Do you know how much trouble you’ve caused?! Because of you about a portion of our equipment was blown up! We had to cut into our emergency funds to rebuild the set!

Ethan: Oh, the humanity!

Hannibal: Really, Ethan?

Ethan: Yes, really. Do you know how many lives Professor Aniceto and the Circus Freaks are going to ruin if we don’t stop them! They’re stealing gems for who knows what?

Terence: Do you even have any evidence for that?

Ethan: I was there, I overheard them. You would’ve too if you were there. [Sigh] Look, I know how much you care about your play, but this is more important-

Nikki: To you! But to me it’s everything and I won’t have that anymore. Ever since I became friends with you, you’ve caused nothing but trouble for everyone around you, no matter where you go. I respect what you do, but in my eyes you’re not a hero, you’re reckless, and if I see you step anywhere near that stage one more time, I’m done with you.

[Nikki began to walk away, Ethan turned back.]

Ethan: Maybe you would understand if you had powers!

[Nikki stopped and shook her fist, and continued walking.]

Terence: Really, Ethan, you are reckless.

Hannibal: You’ve really gotta learn how to use your powers, man.

[Terence and Hannibal followed. Ethan looked down and turned back, he noticed Alice was still standing in front of him.]

Ethan: What about you?

Alice: They’re not wrong… Even if Professor Aniceto is the one pulling the strings, you need to watch your surroundings. We can always get another director, but sets are expensive! And friends, they’re irreplaceable. And I hope you still see it the same way I do.

[Alice followed Hannibal, Terence and Nikki. Ethan turned around.]

Ethan: Alice…

[Ethan looked down. The song ended. Meanwhile outside, a petal off a tree and went flying into the fountain. It was revealed to be the same fountain, now containing more petals than before.]

To Adventure - Episode 24 (Steel Discovers Nikki's Powers)

[We cut to the new ground floor at the SACT base where Nikki stormed out of the elevator. Terence followed her, but was walking slower and casually. Lieutenant Steel was looking at his papers and noticed Nikki walking toward him.]

Lieutenant Steel: Nikki? What are you doing here?

Nikki: Your biosuits! That’s what! Ever since I wore the damn thing, I’ve had electricity circulating through my fingertips! I’ve been blowing up machines, light fixtures and I can’t even start my car without nearly blowing up the engine.

Terence: Took us double the time to get here, by the way.

Nikki: So, tell me, you so called Lieutenant, what did you or what did your scientists do to the biosuits!

Lieutenant Steel: We didn’t do anything… We had our scientists test out the biosuits and everything!

Nikki: Then tell me! [Grabs his shirt] I want an answer right here, right now! Or I swear I’m turn those cheekbones so black and blue that you won’t have a reason to move your jaw for months!

[Nikki’s fist was charging with electricity. Both Terence and Nikki noticed this and she stopped and let go of his shirt.]

Lieutenant Steel: You have powers…

[The song ended. The scene shifted into Ethan’s house that next night as Maria was cleaning up the dishes. We cut to the couch where A’taenda was intending to Ethan’s Omnitrix.]

A’taenda: That looks just about right. The Omni-Splicers are functioning normally just as they normally should.

[A’taenda grabbed her briefcase and jumped onto the table.]

A’taenda: I’ll be back again in next week for our weekly check up. Try not do anything reckless with it, okay?

Ethan: Yeah, thanks.

[A’taenda tapped a device on her wrist, then transported away in a flash of green light. Maria turned to Ethan, noticing he was silent.]

Maria: So are you just going to lay there all night?

Ethan: I mean, what else do I have to do? All my homework is done, my friends won’t talk to me, and I can’t even use my powers.

Maria: Well, you could help me with the dishes.

Ethan: Nah, I think I’ll just lay here.

[Maria turned the sink off and sighed. She walked over into the living room.]

Just Between Us

Maria: Move over.

[Ethan sat up, scooted over and Maria sat down next to him on his right.]

Maria: I may be your bodyguard, but unlike the Lieutenant, I’m not ruthless. So why don’t you tell me what’s wrong?

Ethan: I always thought I was doing the right thing. Sure I’m not always as careful as I should be, but when I first got my powers my main focus was to protect people and stop the bad guy, that’s it. I even used my powers to goof off some of the time and make my life so much easier. But how can I use my powers if I can’t even make the other people around me happy. I know I shouldn’t always care what people think. I mean, for crying out loud, I’m an artist, I can’t let people get into my head all the time. But if I can’t even do that, then how can I call myself a hero, especially when all I’m good at is damaging things and making things worse? I just saw that there was some bad guy, you know? I didn’t think it was going to hit some heavy toll on me. But now that it has, I don’t know what to do.

Maria: Well, for one I definitely forgot what it was like to have a social life. Ever since I joined the SACT, my main focus was to follow the rules and only focus on the mission. So maybe I shouldn’t have been so hard on you about using your powers. To be honest, it probably would’ve made everything easier.

Ethan: You think?

Maria: But you should listen to your friends more often. When you found out about your powers, you knew what was right from wrong in an instant, and I respect that. But when you focus on the bad guy alone, it can also cost you the mission, especially if you don’t focus on who or what’s around you. You knew about how much your friends cared about the play, but instead you only focused on stopping them rather than what your friends cared most to them. And while, yes, their lives are more important, you also need to consider how you would react if someone was to destroy something you’d care about. Maybe that’s why Lieutenant Steel assigned you a bodyguard, to reflect on these mistakes so that instead of head rushing into something, so you would use your brains to think out the situation.

Ethan: Huh, I guess you’re right. I always relied on my friends to be the brains instead of myself, but I guess I also need to carry both my brains and my brawns if I’m to save the day.

Maria: There you go.

Ethan: Thanks, Maria. That kinda takes the edge off, I guess. Now I just have to use it.

Maria: No sweat, you got this. Besides, it took me a while before I figured out how to be as skilled as I am now.

Ethan: Wonder how Lieutenant Steel is going to feel about what happened…

Maria: Don’t worry, I didn’t report it to him yet. I kinda had a feeling you were going to figure this out on your own.

Ethan: Wow.

Maria: See, I’m chill. You just gotta get on my good side.

Ethan: You have a good side?

Maria: Listen here, you little shit! I will dunk you into a boiling tank of water and instantly freeze you then laugh at your frozen boiled butt if you make any remark similar to that caliber again!

[The song ended. Maria appeared to be getting in Ethan’s face and the two stopped for a second. Suddenly an Amber Alert went off on their phones. The two took a look to see it coming from a nearby street.]

Maria: So, you wanna put that new strategy to the test?

[Ethan smirked and nodded. The scene shifted to outside a jewelry store when an explosion came from the inside. Glass went flying all over the parking lot and a dust cloud cleared from the area as three figures jumped, leaving the scene. Three more figures stepped outside, revealing to be the Circus Freaks.]

Frightwig: I can’t believe they did it to us again!

Acidbreath: Go after them, Thumbskull! We’re going to need the gem for our weapon if we’re going to free Zombozo!

Shaking the Craters and Shattering the Diamonds! (Ep 24)

[A motorcycle parked beside them as a voice called out to them.]

Ethan: I don’t think so, you reject performing wannabees!

[Maria parked the motorcycle and Ethan stepped off, as they took off their helmets.]

Thumbskull: It’s E-10?!

Frightwig: Oh great...

Acidbreath: Stay out of this, kid, unless you wanna know what third degree burns feel like!

Ethan: I’ve felt them after I turn back from Heatblast. They suck, but you get used to it. Hey, Frightwig! I see you grew your hair back!

Frightwig: No thanks to you!

Maria: What?

Ethan: Oh I burnt her hair off in our last fight.

Maria: [Smirks] Classic!

[A hair tentacle went flying toward the two.]

Frightwig: So is this!

[They jumped to dodged the attack and the hair tentacle went flying towards Ethan. Maria jumped out as she blocked the attack with an energy burst. It burnt part of her tentacle off.]

Frightwig: You idiot! Do you know how much the hair extensions for this is going to cost!?

Maria: I’ll take care of Rapunzel, take care of the other two!

[Ethan turned around as he noticed Thumbskull charging toward him, screaming. Ethan ran for his life as Thumbskull chased him down. Suddenly, Ethan stopped as a spray of acid went flying toward them. Ethan stopped and ducked as Thumbskull jumped over him, which slipped him over into the puddle of acid and onto the street. The back of Thumbskull’s shirt was burnt off, which revealed a few dark burned spots on his back.]

Thumbskull: AGH!!!

Acidbreath: THUMBSKULL! [Turns to Ethan] You’re going to pay for that, kid!

Ethan: Nah, you are. Because I think it’s time you got your checkup!

[Diamondhead was selected from the Omnitrix and Ethan slammed down.]

[DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: Ethan raised his arm out as crystals began to surround his forearm and spread to his hand. Ethan swiftly moved his other arm out as crystals quickly covered it. He spun around as four shards shot out from his back, and a black and white costume surrounded his torso. We zoom into his head as Ethan’s face finished forming into Diamondhead’s, as his eyes glew a large yellow light and blinded the screen.]

[OMNI-SPLICER DIAMONDHEAD TRANSFORMATION: We zoom out from the Omnitrix symbol as golden armor surrounds his torso. Diamondhead rose his arm out as not only did armor form out of his forearm, but energy spikes also shot out from it. We spin as his back shards transform into energy. His back stretched out small diamond shards grew out. We zoom toward his head where a helmet formed around him, and later a door-like mouthpiece. His eyes glowed green and the light blinded the screen.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: OMNI-SPLICER DIAMONDHEAD!!!

[Diamondhead raised his arm as an energy blade popped out.]

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Now that’s what I’m talking about!

Thumbskull: [sat up] Oooh! Shiny!

[Thumbskull raised his arms up and got up.]

Acidbreath: No, Thumbskull, don’t!

[Thumbskull was laughing as he ran towards Diamondhead. Diamondhead stuck his arm in the ground and created a diamond pillar. Thumbskull tripped over the pillar as it sent him flying towards the ground, knocking him unconscious. Acidbreath exhaled a spray of acid as Diamondhead’s trapdoor mouthpiece shot open and he unleashed a sonic scream. It blew the acid back at Acidbreath, who fell back, screaming in pain as he held onto his face. Maria continued blasting explosive energy at Frightwig as she continued to jump backwards to dodge the attack. Eventually, Maria aimed her palms right by Frightwig’s chest and it unleashed an energy burst, sending Frightwig flying back in circles until she eventually fell to the ground, unconscious. Eventually everything cut to black and we open up with the Circus Freaks waking up in a diamond cage.]

Maria: We finally got you.

[Acidbreath looked up, revealing half of the skin on his face was burnt with black spots, same with his eyes. He no longer had any hair. Maria and Diamondhead cringed.]

Maria: Oooh… that’s going to leave a mark.

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Anyway, after all the crap you’ve pulled. [Raises sword] It’s time you three faced justice!

Acidbreath: What?

Maria: You know, all of those jewelry thefts.

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Trashing the school play.

Maria: Setting off all those amber alerts.

Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Making me look like an idiot.

Acidbreath: YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

Thumbskull: We didn’t steal anything!

Maria: Oh yeah? Like I’m supposed to believe that? [crossing arms]

Frightwig: It’s true! We’ve been dealing with these three other felons for the last week! Beating us to those gems, busting our rides, laughing at us for apparently having a stupid theme…


Omni-Splicer Diamondhead: Wait a minute, if those freaks are telling the truth... then who’s the one really behind all this?!

[The song shifted.]

The Start of a Mysterious Plot

[We cut back to the Horizon auditorium, where the cast was wrapping up a rehearsal. As Professor Aniceto was watching the crew clean up, he noticed a figure was hiding from the shadows. Professor Aniceto walked backstage and entered his office, he closed his door and three familiar figures appeared behind him.]

Professor Aniceto: I expected you would show up sooner or later.

Female Figure: We got what you wanted. Although…

Professor Aniceto: Out with it.

Female Figure: We ran into some trouble from those Circus Freaks E-10 was talking about.

Male Figure: Not to mention, E-10 and his bodyguard showed up just as we left.

Female Figure: We were lucky to get away before they noticed us.

Professor Aniceto: Excellent. Now we can carry on with our plans.

[Professor Aniceto grabbed the gem out of the bag and placed it back inside. He went to the closet to grab a change of wardrobe.]

Professor Aniceto: Once the producers arrive next week, I will officially be titled the greatest school-play director of all of California, then I can finally get out of this wretched state and move on to Broadway. And with these gems, we can end off this play with a bang! I’ll be the world’s greatest showman! And nobody, not even the infamous E-10 will stand in our way.

[Meanwhile, Nikki was walking off the set, where she noticed electricity was sparking from her fingertips. She shrugged it off and continued walking. We cut back to Professor Aniceto’s figure where as a spotlight shone on his face, his shadow revealed that he was placing a jester mask on his face. Professor Aniceto, in a fool’s costume, stepped forward and revealed himself to be Punchinello.]

Punchinello: Time to get to work...

Life - Rude-a - ED 2
E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

E-10 Horizons - ED 3 - Life AMV-0

Episode 25 preview

[We shifted through scenes of Lieutenant Steel giving Nikki a device. Then we shift to Ethan jumping on stage as Punchinello dropping onto the stage. We shift to Maria singing on stage as an Omni-Spliced XLR8 fights Punchinello. The last scene shows Ethan and Alice having a moment as the two turn red.]


Major Events

  • Omni-Splicer Diamondhead makes his debut.
  • Nikki, Terence and Lieutenant Steel discovers that she has powers.


  • Following the previous episode, Maria and Ethan have shifted rooms, due to Maria making adjustments when she first moved in.
  • Alice reveals the events of Okey, Dokey have been altered, due to the change in the timeline.
  • Ethan nearly brings up Charmcaster again until he is interrupted.
  • Nikki's electrical blast from the last episode happens continuously until she discovers she has powers.
  • Due to Ethan constantly not obeying orders, the others become furious with him and Maria is forced to report this to Lieutenant Steel.
  • A'taenda is still regularly checking with Ethan to be sure his Omni-Splicers haven't messed with the Omnitrix.



Aliens Used


  • Nikki's play is based on Peter and the Starcatcher.
  • Maria has a red Alpine A110-50, based on her counterpart from Evangelion.
  • Goop quotes one of the iconic catchphrases to the original Ben 10, "A hero's work is never done."
  • Before Ethan transforms into Ghoulseye, a theme to the original series plays.
  • Diamondhead's transformation sequence in this episode is based on the one from "Moor Fogg" from the third season of the Ben 10 Reboot.
  • Various Pokemon Themes are used in this episode:
    • The Lost Genesect
    • The Ortus
    • Thank Goodness


  • Writer Kakapokid5 suggested what would be Nikki's play, after throwing ideas together what the play would be. This ended up being Peter and the Starcatcher, due to him being one of the actors for his high school play.
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