General Information
Species Ravoes
Home World Detrisia
Body Humanoid crow
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Mach 2 flight speed, Flight, Sharp beak, Sharp claws, Sharp talons, Enhanced Strength, Needle sharp feather shooting, Sonic screech, Steel hard wings, Super running speed.
Nightwing is a Ravoes from the planet Detrisia in Eric 12).


Nightwing is an ebony alien with crow feathers, face, wings, feet and claws and a humans body. He is 6 feet tall.


Nightwing can fly at speeds of mach 2 and can run at 150 miles per hour.He can flatten and harden his feathers to the density of steel to slash opponents with. He can also use his sharp claws and talons for physical combat. He also has enhanced strength, enough to carry 4 bags of garbage and a young boy without tiring out. His beak is another effective weapon that can split something as hard as rock without getting hurt.He can shoot needle sharp feathers for a ranged attack, after shooting them, he then quickly regrows them. He also has a sonic scream which can stun foes.


Cold weather and electricity do a number on him.


  • Discovery of the Supertrix
  • Down Time
  • Eric 12-Monster High:Meet the new boy special

Other Series

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