Nightmares is the sixth comic of Young Plumbers.

Young Plumbers Comics
Set 1, Issue 6
Production Code: A05
Release Date: November 21, 2012
Written By: Paper
Artist: Paper
Directed By: Sci
Set 1 List
"Cause and Effect"


Plumbers' Academy
May 10, 2012, 2:27 AM EDT

[Sci is running down a dark hallway. He makes it to a locker and then spins the dial. Eventually, the locker opens. Sci takes out a knife and then cuts the locker out of the wall. He places down a slider on the ground and then makes the rock behind the locker retreat, forming a room. He places the locker down on the slider and then seals it back into the wall. He puts in the combination again and then takes out the lock. He places in a special lock that will not open the locker, but make the locker slide back on the slider, making a path into the room. He puts this on and then sets the combination. He closes the locker and then puts all the stuff he used in a bag he was carrying. He opens the lock again and then enters the room. He places the bag down and then takes out a copy of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum.]

[Sci]: No one must know about this room!

[As he places his hand on the front of the room, the panel changes to one with Sci running down another hallway. He is being chased by Jack.]

[Jack]: I can’t believe you want to end the world.

[Sci turns down another hallway and finds Brian.]

[Brian]: How do we know if you are lying or not?

[Sci]: Get away from me!

[He turns around and finds all the others recruits no chasing him. He turns back around and jumps over Brian. The recruits now have pitchforks and torches and are rioting towards Sci. Sci trips and finds a copy of the Solvens Tenebrae Vestibulum in front of him. The second he touches it a fire surrounds him. He stares forwards at the other recruits and puts both of his hands on either side of his head. Fires jumps up on either side of him and eventually they start to burn him.]



[Sci snaps awake. He jumps up and stands on his bed. He puts his arms up as he looks to either side. When he realizes there is no threat, he jumps down onto the ground and then sits down on the bed.]

Midnight City
September 13, 2012, 6:19 AM CDT

[Sci]: They're getting worse...

[Sci heads downstairs and sits down at a table. He takes out a pencil and paper and begins to write something down.]

[Sci]: Dear mom... You know this would come eventually, but I must leave... it is not safe for any of the citizens of this town or even of this whole state. While I may not ever see you again... I will always... always... love you. From... Sci...

[He finishes writing the note and then places it on the table. He quickly packs a small backpack full of stuff, puts it on his back and then heads out the door. He begins to walk down the street.]


[Sci]: This is going to be the hardest time in my life... Luckily in a few days I'll be heading back to the Academy.

[He continues to walk down the street until eventually, Khyber's pet jumps out of an alley in front of him.]

[Sci]: Not you again!

[Khyber's pet changes into a Terroranchula and then jumps at him. Sci avoids and then blasts fireballs at the Terroranchula. It creates force field webs to block them, but some go around and knock the Terroranchula to the ground. It changes back into it's dog form and jumps at Sci. He avoids and then sends a water blast at it. The dog gets knocked down by this but then quickly jumps up and strikes Sci in the face, knocking him to the ground. Khyber's pet continues to scratch at Sci until he eventually knocks him out. Khyber's pet then runs off to Khyber's side, but then an ambulance arrives and Khyber backs off.]


[Sci is standing in a dark area. He looks around.]

[Sci]: Wh... who's.. there...?

[Shadows runs back and forth past Sci. A figure appears in front of him.]

[Sci]: Who are you...?

[Figure]: The answer is simple... I am your father...

[Sci]: Rigon...

[Figure]: Every second gets closer to my arrival...

[Rigon turns into a shadow and rushes at Sci. The shadow bursts into nothing. Sci coughs and then notices that his hands are on fire. The fire starts to spread up his arms and eventually reaches his chest. He tries to put it out, but then he notices that the fire is not harming him. It eventually covers all his body.]

[Voice #1]: That's it... Give in to my power...

[Sci]: What? NO! I won't give in to you!

[He shakes his arms to try and get rid of the fire, but this doesn't work.]

[Sci]: Get out of my head!

[He thrusts his hands forward and blasts fire in front of him, destroying a shadowy cloud.]

[Voice #1]: NOOOOOOOOO!


[Sci snaps awake again. He finds himself in a hospital bed.]

Midnight City
September 14, 2012, 11:01 AM CDT

[Sci]: I'm safe... for now...

[He looks around and begins to sit up when a doctor comes into the room. He lies back down and closes his eyes.]

[Doctor]: I see someone's awake...

[Sci opens his eyes again.]

[Sci]: How much longer until I get out?

[Doctor]: Actually you should be able to leave right now... Just let me finish this...

[Sci gets up and bursts out of the room.]

[Doctor]: ...paperwork.

[Sci runs out of the hospital and then goes down the street. He turns down another street and heads back for his house.]

[Sci]: There's something I've got to do...

[He runs down the street when eventually Khyber's pet appears in front of him.]


[Sci]: Oh no, not this time!

[He throws a rock at Khyber's pet. It dodges and then jumps at Sci. Sci avoids and then shoots a stream of fire at the pet. It turns into A Crabdozer and then charges at Sci. Sci avoids and blasts more fire at it, but the fire doesn't harm the Crabdozer. It simply turns around and charges at Sci again.]

[Sci]: He's immune to fire now?

[He jumps to avoid the Crabdozer.]

[Sci]: Guess we'll just have to go with wind!

[He throws a tornado at the Crabdozer, turning him back into his dog form. He growls at Sci and then runs off.]

[Sci]: That should do it...

[He collects his things and then walks down the street a bit more until he gets to his house. It is currently empty.]

[Sci]: Guess I'll just...

[He takes another step forward and then suddenly collapses on the ground.]


[Voice #2]: Hello Sci...

[Sci]: Who are you?

[Voice #2]: You know who I am! I was your leader.

[Sci]: Paper?

[Voice #2]: Paper? I laugh at the mention of his name. No, I am not Paper. I am Lotin!

[Sci sees a fire in front of him. Out of it a blue crystal appears. It rushes at Sci and smacks him in the face. A sword appears in front of him. Sci tries to grab it, but he falls off a cliff and falls into an endless pit.]


[He falls into a portal and finds 7 shadowy figures rushing at him. The crystal is in his hand. It begins to glow until eventually everything turns a bright white. Sci snaps awake and finds himself lying on the floor.]

[Sci]: The Elite... the crystal... a sword... what does it all mean?

[He stands up and then looks around.]

[Sci]: Three more days. If I can't get through this, then I won't be able to get through the end of the world!


[On the next page, a panel is shown with Khyber's pet. It runs into a back alley and meets up with Khyber.]

[Khyber]: You did good my pet...

[Khyber bends down and presses a button on the Nemetrix. He stands back up.]

[Khyber]: I'm sure we'll get him next time...

[A device starts to glow. Khyber picks it up and presses it.]

[Khyber]: Yes, I know, I've almost got him... Three days from now, in Cape Canaveral? Excellent...

[He puts the device away.]

[Khyber]: Don't worry, my pet. I know when your next meal is going to be.

[The last panel shows Khyber staring straight out at the reader.]

Cause and Effect

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