Nightmare Armodrillo
Nightmare Armodrillo
General Information
Species Nightmarish Talpaedan
Body Humanoid
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Strenght

Enhanced Durability

First Appearance The American Dream

Nightmare Armodrillo is a nightmarish version of Armodrillo, created by Morpheos by using his Nightmaratrix.

Physical Appearance

Nightmare Armodrillo has a similar appearance as Armodrillo. The robotic appearance is changed an replaced with a more zombie plant like look. His harness is scaly and are put together by plant like material. He has a grey skull which is turned upside up, for a head. He also lacks one eye. His arms still have the appearance of jackhammers, only grown in case of the left arm. For the right arm, it has been changed into a spikey battering ram. Through the plant material, Taydenite crystals appear

Powers and abilities

Nightmare Armodrillo has the same abilities as Armodrillo but with a few enhancements. He now has the ability to regenerate when he's damaged. He power is also increased. With his battering ram, he can crumble a building on impact. 


The plant material makes him vulnerable for fire.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 3


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