General Information
Species Kruqerix
Home World Anur Engludren
DNA source Unnamed Krugerix
Body Zombie
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Fear
First Appearance Aggregor's World

Nightmare is the codon stream sample Kruqerix from the planet Anur Engludren in Ben 10: Alien Alliance . He was unlocked prior to and used by Ben Tennyson (Earth-011) in Aggregor's World.

Physical Appearance

Nightmare is 2 meters. He has no visible fingers instead he have black claws. He has several cuts that shows his ectoplamsatic blood. He have a tail similiar to Zs'skayr. He is blind on his right eye, but in the dreamworld, he doesn't need eyes. He have also to little eletric conducts on his back enable him to enter the mind. Nightmare has an Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and abilities

As it feeds on fear, he has the powers to inspire great fear in all who opposes him. He is able to create nightmares in which he can trap its victim. He can also enter these nightmares to torture them further, to the point that the victim become catatonic. He has also limited magical abilities as he can manipulate mana in certain ways.


His mayor weaknesses is the evolutionary qualities of Cranicians, who have evolved for millions of years to not only resist his fear-inducing power but disable it. His own physical strenght is weak, equal to most humans. And as most aliens, his powers can be disable by omnipotent aliens as Ultimate Aggregor X.


Ben 10: Alien Alliance

Season 2

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