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Nighthowler v2.png
General Information
Species Totanium War Machine
Home Planet Kubran 11
Body Armored Humanoid Jackal
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Shadow Construct Manipulation
Enhanced Hearing
Enhanced Smelling
Enhanced Sight
Enhanced Durability
Used By Ben
Juno Wright (Meta-Force: Xeno)
Appears in Ben 10: New Age
Meta-Force: Xeno

Nighthowler (interchangeably known as "Night Howler") is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Totanium War Machine from the planet Kubran 11. He is a free use alien.


Nighthowler is a humanoid jackal wearing plate armour all over it's body. The only parts left exposed are its ears, muzzle, arms, and stomach.

However, this is not true. Nighthowler is actually living armour capable of generating shadow constructs. It uses this powers to generate a more easily recognisable body for itself.

Powers and Abilities

Nighthowler's main ability is his shadow construct manipulation, which allows him to make things out of shadows and control them. Most of his body is made of shadow construct. These shadows act similarly to a hard-light hologram system, except with shadow instead of light.

Nighthowler also possesses enhanced senses. This has nothing to do with his jackal-like appearance, and gives him enhanced hearing, smelling, and sight.

Because Nighthowler is literally living armour, he is much more resistant to attack than other creatures.


He is extremely vulnerable to sunlight, and otherwise concentrated forms of light. This is because Nighthowler's shadow constructs can be destroyed with light. Uniquely, light constructs created by Ramiel Monoliths do not destroy Nighthowler's shadow constructs, rather it is the other way around. To expand on this weakness, only direct sunlight is dangerous. Nighthowler is perfectly fine on overcast days.

The shadow constructs making up parts of his body seem to be able to feel pain. If these parts become damaged by light, it feels like an intense burning.

Being made of metal, he is vulnerable to attacks (like Biosovortian attacks) that magnetise him. He seems to also be vulnerable to attacks from Galvanic Mechamorphs.



Nighthowler is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series

Ben 10: Omniverse 2 (Elfarcher123)

Nighthowler is planed to appear in season 3.

Ben 10: Mysteries Uncovered



  • Nighthowler was originally invented by Thax, designed by Aaronbill3, and named by CaT.
    • He was originally named Nightshade by Thax, but that name was already taken.
  • He shares his name with a drug from the movie Zootopia.


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