Mutant Drake
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 11/7/15
Written by Brandon
Directed by Brandon
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Deep Below
Night of the Living Mutant is the fourth episode of the series, Mutant Drake.


In the city, this night, the buildings are surrounded by a thin fog as the moon remains in the dark, night sky, full and surrounded by stars. The scene cuts to elsewhere in the city, at an apartment building. 

John's Apartment Building
October 31, 19:57 EDT
 The scene then cuts to a black and white location with film grain overlaying the image. A woman in a dress is seen running from approaching shadows. Zombies are then seen approaching her. The woman, seen again, lets out a scream as she holds her face. The scene then zooms out revealing the image to be on a television set in John's living room. On the sofa, John is seen on the left side, his eyes fixated on the screen, a blue bowl of popcorn in the middle, and Drake on the right, watching the screen but with an expression of disinterest. John reaches for some popcorn as his hand approaches the bowl, his eyes still fixated on the screen. He grabs some and, after bringing his arm closer to his face, he throws them in his mouth and chews on all of the pieces.

John, chewing: Great film, right?

Drake: I'm dunno.

John, looking at Drake: What? Not interested in horror flicks?

Drake: I just don't get why they want to eat her brain.

John: Uh because they're zombies. It's what they do. (looks down and grabs popcorn)

Drake: Why do you suddenly want to watch horror- uh-

John, helping with the sentence: Flicks, as in movies, films- You get the point. (eats the popcorn he grabbed earlier)

Drake: Yeah. Why do you want to watch horror movies?

John: It's Halloween, man. This is basically how I celebrate it ever since the accident at the hospital.

Drake: Someone... died?

John, alarmed: What? No! (calming down) Look it was last year, when I was called in for a shift at the hospital. I thought it'd be cool if I dressed like a Pirate, y'know, to lighten the mood and stuff. I see a kid leaving the office and I offer him some candy. He wasn't sure at first but I convinced him to eat it anyways. Long story short, he threw up on my costume and I gained a double shift that day because apparently the kid went to the hospital because he had a stomach sickness.

Drake: Wow.

John: Yeah... Now I just stay inside and watch movies. I've actually been checking out your biometrics ever since 2 in the morning so that's a thing. Plus you might want to see me tomorrow, I think your Nanogenes are almost done access forms- (realizing) Oh gosh- Sorry I forgot not to mention that stuff during hang out time.

Drake, ignoring the Biometric talk: 2 in the morning? You're still functioning?

John: Yeah sure. I've been staying up all week preparing for this. I've got snacks, movies, board games-

Drake: You didn't have to do all that for me.

John: I'm just trying to look out for you that's all.

Drake: John, I know you want this friend thing to work but there's one thing you need to always remember, I can look out for myself.

There is a short moment of silence afterwards. John thinks about that but then realizes something.

John: Wait... Does that mean we're friends now?

Drake: Sure, I guess.

John: Sweet! (punches the air) I mean- (settles down) Yeah. Cool.

John grabs a soda can from the side of the sofa and opens it, releasing the air stored inside creating a fizz noise. Drake looks at John as he drinks it.

Drake: Aren't sodas recalled until they were cleaned of the contamination?

John: They are. This is an old can from a month ago. I saved it for an experiment but I figured since there's really nothing to drink in the fridge, I'd have this.

Drake, watching the TV: What time is it?

John gets up slightly from the sofa and turns, placing his arm on the top of the sofa. There's a clock on the wall behind them reading the time, 8:00. John turns back and sits now, properly.

John, watching the TV: 8 o' clock.

Drake: I should go.

Drake gets up from the sofa and John looks up at Drake, still seated on the sofa.

John: You don't want to stay and watch more movies? I've got "The Forest Cottage" and one of the "Supernatural Recordings" sequels. We can't watch "Shriek" though because I have to return that in 7 days.

Drake: We've just been watching horror movies one after the other for a couple of hours now. Besides, there's probably a Mutant out there attacking someone right now.

Drake approaches the window.

John: Alright then. I'll just watch more movies and drink more soda.

Drake: Just be careful with that stuff.

John: I can handle it, Drake. It's not like drinking this would turn me into a mutant and you'd have to jump off walls and use your large arsenal of weapons to stop me. (Drinks from the soda can)

Drake looks confused at first then shrugs and opens the window. He crawls out of the window, landing on the fire escape. He then climbs up the fire escape, noticing the fog which has gotten slightly thicker than before.

Drake, to himself: I'm going to have to use the streets this time.

Drake then starts climbing down rather than upwards. Elsewhere, in the city, an Officer, in uniform, of course, is seen patrolling down the pavement next to a street and some buildings. He's approaching an alleyway. 

Lafayette Street
October 31, 20:08 EDT
 The Officer is wielding a flashlight, currently on. The Officer is wearing a dark blue uniform, black shoes and a police hat. His hair is exposed from the side as the hat covers the rest, it's blonde and his eyes are brown. As he passes the alleyway, a metallic clanging noise is heard coming from the alleyway. The officer then stops and turns around. He enters the alleyway, shining his flashlight around to see anything of interest.

Police Officer, pointing his flashlight, calling out: Hello?

The clanging metallic noise is heard again. The Officer gulps and continues moving forwards in the alleyway. He steps on a can, which makes a metallic crunching noise. He looks down, with the flashlight pointing downwards as well, and notices trash spilled onto the ground. As his view moves upwards, he starts to notice two metal trash cans knocked over with little garbage left inside it. He then continues as he approaches the cans, walks over them and finds himself close to the end of the alleyway. His flashlight starts to flicker. He whacks it at the end, hard, causing the light to remain stable again. At the wall representing the end of the alleyway, there are two more garbage cans in the corner to the right, another knocked over at the left and a crunched up man, hunched over, behind the knocked over garbage can in the left corner.

Police Officer, noticing this, calling out to the man: Sir? Sir, are you alright?

The man doesn't respond. His breathing is hard.

Police Officer, being more firm, shining the light on the man: Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to stand up and respond, please.

The man still doesn't respond for a short moment but then starts to get up from the corner. The Police Officer reaches for his radio on his shoulder.

Police Officer, activating radio: This is Officer Knudsen, I'm with a possible suspect at Lafayette Street, Stay Advised.

The man starts to turn around to face the Officer when the flashlight goes out.

Officer Knudsen: Come on, you stupid light.

Knudsen hits the flashlight causing it to activate once again. When the light stabilized again, Knudsen looks up from the flashlight at the man, now fully turned around and looks in surprise.

Officer Knudsen: What are you?!

The man, barely seen, jumps at Officer Knudsen who drops his flashlight in the attack. The flashlight hits the ground and the lens cracks upon impact, causing the light to flicker again as the Officer's body, now on the floor, shakes as the man grabs him while being on top of him.

Title Sequence

The city is seen again. It's still night and the fog is slightly thicker than before once again. The MCA Building is seen with lights on around the perimeter.

MCA Manhattan Outpost
October 31, 21:12 EDT
Drake is seen walking through a corridor when he comes across Agent Owens.

Owens, noticing Drake: You're late. Is John with you?

Drake: No but I'm here now.

Owens: The Director may have allowed you to interact with this John charcter but that doesn't give you permission to start slacking in your responsibilities.

Drake: Did you have something for me?

Owens: I did and I still do. There was a missing persons report filed in about an hour ago.

Drake: Missing persons? Sounds like something the police.

Owens: It is. There were many missing person reports called in, many of which haven't been filed and brought to attention yet. This missing person is a police officer. That's assuming he isn't wearing a costume.

Drake: For Halloween, right?

Agent Owens raises an eyebrow.

Owens: Yes. (going back on topic) (eyebrow lowering) We believe the missing people are involved in Mutant activity.

Drake: What makes you think it has something to do with Mutants?

Owens: Because we found the victim.

The scene cuts to Drake and Owens approaching a door in the corridor. They make a right and enter the room after passing through the horizontally moving sliding mechanical doors. The room they're in is large in scale with the design simply being metallic, white. There is a faint design on the metal, a technic-like design. Most of the equipment is machinary and looks scientific while the rest of simply metallic. There are various scientists in the room. 

MCA Laboratory
October 31, 21:20 EDT

Drake: You brought him to the lab?

Owens: He's in a specialized cell made for testing. After retriving the new equipment from the wreckage, we can analyze his Nanogenes.

Owens leads Drake to the specialized cell at the side of the lab. The cell is glass, transparent, with a base made of some type of metal. The cell, itself, it connected to a computer at its side via wires and cords, some thicker than the rest. Inside the cell is Officer Knudsen. His stance is different as his feet are now pointed inwards more and his knees are slightly bent, one more than the other. His arms are up slightly as if he's reaching for something past the glass walls. His uniform is slightly worn and dirty. There is a green, mossy substance on his back moving upwards, covering his head and stopping at his upper torso, blocking sight of any of his physical features above his upper torso and lower back. His arms are slightly covered in the substance, wrapping around his armpits and stopping at his elbows.

Drake, looking at him: What happened to him?

Owens: He's been infected by some type of contaminated Nanogene which affects the victim. We really could use John's understandings to help make sense of this and address a solution.

Drake: Why can't he help?

Owens: Because he isn't here. You can see why I asked earlier.

Drake: I was just at his apartment.

Owens: Well he isn't responding to his communicator which means we need to contain the situation.

Drake: What situation?

Owens: While you were- away, more of these Infected Class-1 Mutants have been seen in the city which means its spreading. You can't cure these Mutants, Drake, they'll infect your Nanogenes from our understandings and we can't risk loosing you. There are more ways to contain a Mutant, Drake. You and I both know that.

Drake: But these aren't Class-2 Mutants, Owens. These are Class-1 people.

Owens: Either way, we're the Mutation Containment Agency and we need to contain this infection.

The scene cuts to Kate's apartment building. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
October 31, 21:32 EDT
 Inside, Detective Wilson is seen at the window, looking out at the fog.

Detective Wilson, looking out of the window: Are you sure you want to go out today? The fog's getting thicker.

Kate enters the scene by exiting a room. She has her leather jacket is her hand.

Kate, putting on her jacket: Well if the fog causes any trouble then you can arrest it for being too thick.

Detective Wilson, turning to face her: I'm serious, Kate. It's dark and foggy outside, the perfect time for all those freaks to come out and start taking people.

Kate: I'll be fine, dad. (kneels down) I'm only going to work- (starts fixing her boots) -to check up on my work.

Detective Wilson: I'm still having trouble believing you're going to work. I thought you'd be at a typical teenager party right now.

Kate, looking up from her boots: Do I look like a typical teenager? (gets up)

Detective Wilson: I guess that's true... Remember when you used to go trick or treating?

Kate: I remember.

Detective Wilson: When you were a little girl, you'd always want to go trick or treating. Your mother and I would take you to the costume shop every once and a while so you can pick out something new to dress up as. One year, we took you to pick up a new costume and you wanted to dress up like a cop. So I asked "Why do you want to dress up like a cop? Why not a princess or a fairy?" And you would say "Because you wanted to be just like your dad" (smiles)

Kate looks at her father with a smile on her face as well.

Detective Wilson: Now look at you, 15 years old and you're going to work on Halloween.

Kate: I should say the same about you.

Detective Wilson: Ah well, as a fully grown man on his day off, I'd be watching the game right now but as a fully committed detective, I've got a bunch of missing persons reports to deal with.

Kate: Missing persons on Halloween? That just might be my next story.

Detective Wilson: Next? Don't tell me your boss actually ran the story, did he?

Kate: Dad, I-

Detective Wilson: Did he?

Kate, hesitating: No. He didn't.

Detective Wilson, in relief: Good... Good...

Kate: Dad, that story meant a lot to me.

Detective Wilson: I know, sweetheart, but you have to admit that it sounds a bit strange.

Kate: At the time, yeah. But later that day, a giant worm shot out of the ground in Times Square. These things are real, dad.

Detective Wilson: Exactly. Nobody needs a constant reminder that freaks are running around the city.

Kate: This isn't just a Mutant, Dad, he's-he's different. Detective Wilson: I can't imagine one of those freaks helping a scared girl. He was probably just a good samaritan. Look, I have to go to work. Just be safe, alright?

Kate, grabbing red satchel from the chair: Yeah...

Detective Wilson, noticing her behavior: Look, sweetheart, (moves forwards to her) it's not that I don't believe you but this whole thing literally changed everything. I can't look at people the same way knowing they can turn into some freak. People can't live like this. You know how many calls there are about break ins and attacks by regular people. Half of them didn't even have any criminal intent. They just don't know how to function in this society. I don't want you to be one of those people, Kate. All I'm saying is, you had a stressful night and- Look, I dunno what happened that night, if you say you saw someone then so be it but just don't drag anybody else into that. I can't prove what you saw was real but I know for sure that these freaks are up to nothing good. Now, I'm going to work. I love you, sweetheart.

Detective Wilson kisses Kate on the check and approaches the front door.

Kate, putting her scatchel across her shoulder: Love you too, Dad.

Detective Wilson smiles and leaves the apartment. The scene then cuts to the Central News building with the fog still covering the city, its thickness seemed to have stablized since before. 

Central News Corporations Building
October 31, 21:55 EDT
 Inside, Kate is seen stepping out of the elevator. She walks down the hallway that the elevator had been in. It's dark.

Kate, walking forwards: Hello?

Kate makes a left turn and enters the main office room where there are small cubicles and televisions on the collumns. The lights are off and there is nobody seen in the room. Kate looks around and makes her way towards a cubicle. Once there, she looks down at the desk and shuffles through some papers, next to a name plate, on the surface. The name plate has a slip a paper held within it readng, "Kate Wilson". A metallic shifting sound is heard as if something was being pushed. Kate stopped for a second and looked up. She placed her knee on the chair and lifted herself up above the cubicle walls in order to see behind it. In sight are more cubicles. One of which including a man, hunched down, reaching for something under the cubicle. Kate then backs up off of the chair, away from the wall. She looks down at her desk and sees a red stapler. She grabs it and holds it in her right hand, tightly. She then proceeds around her cubicle and towards the one with the man in it. When she gets there, she approaches the desk, seeing the man, still hunched over, reaching under the desk. She grips the stapler tightly. She raises her arm and yells out as she throws her arm down at the man. The hunched over man backs away from the desk, alarmed, missing the hit. The man is actually Adam Freeman, holding a small flashlight in his arm.

Adam: Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Easy there, it's just me.

Kate, opening her eyes: Adam? What are you doing here?

Adam: Looking for my photos. The ones from Timbertoll. Why are you here, armed with a stapler?

Kate looks down at her hand, still holding the stapler. She uneasily puts it on the desk and hides her hand behind her back.

Kate: I was uh- looking for the Chief, actually. Thought I can get some work done after I- uh-

Adam: After you what?

Kate: Go someplace.

Adam: Okay... Well the Chief is out, along with everyone else. Apparently, with all the Mutant stuff going on, everyone really wants to go home and check up on their loved ones. Chief especially.

Kate: Well what about you?

Adam: Me? Um, well, I just thought I'd get some fresh air. Plus mom kicked me out of the house again so there's that. You're not uh busy later, are you?

Kate: Well- I guess I can stay around.

The scene then cuts to a street in the city.

Dorn Street
October 31, 22:15 EDT
The Jumpjet is seen landing on the street as the force from the engines causes a small cloud to appear until it lands. The doors then open and the MCA Officers, including Drake and Agent Owens, step out of the Jumpjet.

Agent Owens: This is where the group was spotted. Get in positions.

Drake looks down the street and sees a small group of people approaching. As the people grow closer, they are now seen more clearly as they have the same fungus feature ontop of them. They continue moving down the street. The MCA Officers move outwards to the sides of the street while Drake and Owens remain on the street. The group continues to approach the two. The MCA Officers, at the side, ready devices in their hands. These devices are dark grey, metallic and appear to be energy-pulsed. It has the letters "MCA" printed on the side of it.  They plant the devices at the side of the street. When the group comes close to the MCA Officers, the infected people start seperating towards the Officers who quickly react by arming themselves.

Agent Owens: Distract them. We need the Infected together and away from the Officers in order for this to work.

Drake throws his hands out and forms his arms into his enlarged hands. He clutches his hands together, forming a fist for each one, and slams them against the asphalt, igniting his hands also. A short heatwave emerges from the slam and hits the infected group. They are stunned momentarily and turn their attention towards Drake and Owens.

Agent Owens: Just a couple of more steps...

The group approaches closer.

Agent Owens: Now!

The Officers then arm the devices planted on the pavement. The devices activate and emmit some type of energy over to the otherside of the road, connecting the energy beams. The beams then form an energy barrier around the group of infected people, entrapping them.

MCA Officer: Energy Barrier Successful. Targets Contained.

In the back of the energy barrier, an officer is seen standing in front of an alleyway. A humanoid figure slowly emerges from the alleyway. Once out of the alleyway, the figure is revealed to be an infected Class-1. The Infected person grabs onto the back of the Officer.

MCA Officer 2: What the-

The Officer attempts to turn around as a fungus originates from the hands of the infected person, crawling onto the back of the Officer. The fungus-like substance then spreads over his head until it covers it completely, muffling his yells. Almost instantly, the Officer stops functioning and acts entirely like an infected person. He moves towards the energy barrier device and attempts to kneel down, instead falling on his face. The Infected MCA Officer raises his arm and attacks to the energy barrier until it stops working. The energy beam projector from the device flickers until it goes out completely, disconnecting the energy beams allignment, shutting down the energy barrier.

Drake, noticing the energy barrier failure: Something's wrong.

Agent Owens: Fix that barrier.

The Infected MCA Officer crawls over, against the pavement, and grabs the ankle of the MCA Officer standing next to him. That MCA Officer looks down as the fungus substance grows from his leg upwards. The MCA Officer yells out until the fungus grows over his head, muffling his yells as well and, soon, conforming him. The energy barrier then fully shut downs and the infected people begin to scatter towards the other MCA Officers. Some of the Officers start of paniac and freeze up when attempting to use their weapons.

Agent Owens: We have to take action.

Drake: They're sick. We need to help them not hurt them.

Agent Owens: Not that we have a choice. (to the Officers) Fall back!

Some of the MCA Officers are seen being transformed into an Infected One while the rest, two Officers, are seen retreating back to the Jumpjet. One of the retreating Officers then stops and grunts in pain. The other notices this and turns back to him.

MCA Officer 3: Are you alright?

MCA Officer, weakly: Uh- run...

MCA Officer 3: What?

MCA Officer, grabbing onto the other MCA Officer's shoulders: RUUUUUNNAAHRRGHH!

The fungus substance goes over the MCA Officer's head and continues crawling onto the arms of the Officer. The other Officer attempts to escape the grasp of the Officer but fails to as the fungus substance continues past his hands and onto the MCA Officer's shoulders until it crawls up the sides of the Officer's head, then covering his face completely. They both, now completely infected, turn towards Drake standing in front of the Jumpjet. Drake has a small look of shock on his face.

Agent Owens, unseen: Drake!

Drake turns around and sees Owens already in the Jumpjet.

Owens: Come on!

Drake runs for the Jumpjet as the Infected approach him slowly. He gets in the Jumpjet which is already taking off. With Drake inside, the Jumpjet fully takes flight off of the street. Agent Owens is seen piloting the Jumpjet in the cockpit as Drake enters the cockpit from the bay. His breathing is heavy from the running. Drake takes a seat next to Drake, in the co-pilot chair.

Drake, taking off his hood: Those men-

Owens, piloting: They're gone, Drake. Beyond our help. We've got to move on.

Drake: MCA saved my life, Owens. I count every Officer responsible for that and now we lost some.

Owens, piloting: Not that it makes any difference but does this change your opinion on how we should act towards the Infected now?

Drake: No because they're not dead, they're still alive. There's still time.

Owens, piloting: We'll see about that.

Agent Owens flips some unseen controls on the dashboard. A small panel opens on the dashboard as a small monitor slides through the slot. The Director then appears on the monitor.

Director, on the screen: Agent, what's your status?

Owens, piloting: The operation was unsuccessful. They were more than were anticipated and all of the Officers are down.

Director, on the screen: Infected?

Owens,piloting: All of them.

Director, on the screen: Are any of you-

Owens, piloting: We're fine. Both of us. Coming back to HQ, awaiting orders.

Director, on the screen: All exits to the city now have extra security. Lockdown protocol is in motion. As hard as this may seem, I'm considering that we may need to-

As The Director was about to continue her sentence, an Infected Person is then seen crawling onto the window from the roof of the Jumpjet and banging on the window.

Drake: It's an Infected!

Director, on the screen: Owens, what's going on?

Agent Owens is seen attempting to pilot but the Infected Person is seen blocking the window. The window is also slightly covered in the fungus substance.

Agent Owens, attempting to pilot: I can't see. He's blocking the view.

Agent Owens grabs the wheel with one hand and reaches for his blade with the other. While Owens does so, the Infected breaks through the window as the glass shatters towards Drake and Owens. Owens, lets go of the wheel, causing the Jumpjet to spiral out of control. From the outside, the Jumpjet is seen dropping in altitude and now close to the level of the building rooftops. The Jumpjet approaches close to a rooftop water tower. It's wing then hits the water tower, damaging the engine and pushing the Jumpjet towards the left side. It then lowers towards a satalite dish.

Agent Owens, backing away from the Infected One crawling through the window: Brace for Impact!

The Jumpjet then crashes into the satalite dish, knocking it down, and comes to a halt before approaching the edge of the rooftop. The scene zooms out to show the sign of the building, "Central News Corporations".

Central News Corporations
October 31, 22: EDT
 Inside the building, Kate is seen at Adam's desk with a stack of papers in hand. The building then shakes as a crashing noise is heard. The desk then shakes a bit instantly after. Adam then pulls out from under the desk and rubs his head.

Adam, rubbing his head: What was that?

Kate, looking up: I don't know... I think it came from the roof. Let's go check it out.

Kate walks away as Adam gets up from the floor.

Adam, grabbing the camera on the desk: Do we have to?

Adam follows Kate. Later, on the roof, the Jumpjet is seen next to the knocked over satalite dish. Sparks then emmit from the satalite dish as Kate and Adam approach the Jumpjet.

Kate: Is that a spaceship or something?

Adam: Looks like one of those prototype jets I've seen.

Kate looks at Adam.

Adam: It was a Military Interview. I managed to get some preview shots.

Kate: You mean you snuck in.

Adam: Sort of...

Kate advances towards the ship while Adam takes pictures of the area with his camera. The doors then open and Drake climbs out, falling onto the rooftop.

Kate, surprised: Drake?

Adam: Wait, who's Drake?

Kate goes over to Drake and helps him up.

Adam, seeing Drake's face: Wa-Wa-Wait a minute, that's-that's the guy with the-the fire arms. Kate, you know his name?

Kate: That's not important right now, Adam.

Drake: Kate? What are you doing here?

Kate: You crashed on my job's roof. What are you doing in a plane-thing?

Owens climbs out of the ship and jumps onto the rooftop. He holds his arm.

Owens: Get away from here. There's nothing to see.

Adam: Nothing to see?

Kate: Drake, who's this?

Owens: Drake? You know him?

Drake, standing on his own: It's a- long story.

Adam: Wait, how-

Owens: I need an explaination. You were under direct orders to keep yourself discreet.

Kate: He doesn't need to answer you right after you crashed into my work building.

Adam walks over to the Jumpjet, annoyed.

Owens: I'm his trainer. He always has to answer me. You are a civilian. You don't have authority in this situation.

Drake: Enough. This isn't the time to talk about this. We have to deal with the Infected.

Kate: Infected? What infected? Does this have something to do with the missing persons reports?

Owens: How do you know about the missing persons reports?

Kate: I'm a reporter. I know all about reports. It come in the name.

Owens: Out of all the people you had to tell, you went to media?

Drake: I saved her when I went out, before the change.

Owens: Yes. I recall the report. You need to stop seeing her.

Kate: I'm on the same rooftop, y'know.

Owens: I'm well aware. (to Drake) She is a danger to our operations. She can publish classified information.

Drake: She wouldn't do that.

Owens: Why? Because she said so? You might have just started seeing the outside world again, Drake, but it isn't as accurate as you might think it is.

Adam looks at the bottom of the Jumpjet and notices something.

Adam: Hey guys? Hey!

Owens: Quiet. This doesn't concern you.

Kate: Leave him alone.

Adam: Seriously, I think you should check this out.

Owens: You both should mind your own business.

Kate: You can't tell me what to do. I have rights.

Owens: And you can be taken in for obstructing an Agent.

Kate: You're not a cop.

Owens: You're right. I have more authority than a standard police officer.

Adam, to himself: Fine. Just ignore useless Adam.

Adam kneels down and sees an arm covered in the fungus substance.

Adam: Whoa... Seriously, this is some nasty looking plant. Did it come from the engine or something because I wanted to see this much fungus I would have stayed at that Canadian Camp I went to at Opinicon Lake.

Drake: Wait- Did you say fungus?

Drake turns to Adam and sees him reaching for the arm.

Drake: No, don't!

Adam stops and looks at Drake but the arm springs to life and grabs onto Adam. Adam backs away from the Jumpjet until the arm lets go. He then falls back and lands on his side.

Kate: Adam?

Owens: Stay back.

Owens readies his blade. Adam then gets up from the rooftop floor, now Infected with the fungus all over him.

Kate: Adam, no!

Owens: Is there a way off of the rooftop?

Drake: There's an exit.

Kate: Adam!

Owens: Take the girl.

Drake goes over to Kate and grabs her.

Kate: No, please. Wait-

Drake: Kate, we need to move.

Owens looks down and sees a piece of the satalite dish. He steps on the edge of the piece which causes the piece to flip in the air. He grabs the side and whacks Adam with it, knocking him to the side. Owens then moves in front of Kate and Drake and enters the stairwell to the lower floors.

Owens: Stairs are blocked.

Drake: What with?

Owens: Infected.

Infected People are then seen climbing up the stairs towards the roof.

Drake: How did they get here so fast?

Owens: They were probably in the building before we got here. There needs to be another way out.

Drake, letting of Kate: I'll just clear the way.

Drake throws out his hands and attempts to form his arms into something but it doesn't work. He tries again but it doesn't work.

Kate: What's going on?

Drake: It's not working.

Owens: Try harder!

Drake strains while concentrating. His arms start to enlarge slightly but then they decrease in size. The mechanical glow around his arms then retreats towards his back. He tries again but rather than forming his enlarged hands, Drake forms a new form upon his back. This form takes on the appearance of gray, shredded wings.

Drake: This is new... This isn't what I wanted.

Kate: You can fly us out of here now.

Owens: We need to mo- AH!

Owens falls down which shows Adam standing behind him, with his arm out.

Drake, turning around: Owens!

Owens, weakly: Take the girl and go. Now!

The fungus substance then crawls onto his head, controlling him.

Kate: Drake, we need to go now.

Drake then grabs onto Kate and runs off of the edge of the rooftop as the Infected started to surround them. The wings then flap slowly until they start to gain speed, elevating the two in the air.

Kate: Have you ever flown before?

Drake: Not with these.

Drake then lowers onto a different rooftop and let's go of Kate. Drake then returns his back to normal.

Kate: I can't believe that just happened. Adam and that guy- I thought all of my co-workers had went home but they were actually downstairs, coming up to get me. And now Adam, he's-

Drake: They're not dead, Kate. They're just mutated. There's a cure in the works.

Director, over Drake's earpiece: Drake, are you there?

Drake, placing fingers on earpiece: I'm here, Director.

Director, over earpiece: What is your status? I've tried contacting Owens through the Jumpjet and his earpiece but there hasn't been a response.

Drake, with fingers still there: Owens is down, Director. I barely escaped.

Director, over the earpiece: Owens is down?

Drake: Confirmed... Is the cure ready?

Director, over the earpiece: There's still no word on John. We can assume he's either dead, trapped or Mutated. Either way, we need to contain the Infected.

Drake: I don't see how. They're probably all over the city by now.

Director, over the earpiece: Exactly. We need to contain the city. The exits are blocked off. Action is Hostile, no exceptions. We're igniating Wipe Protocol.

Drake: What's Wipe Protocol?

Director, over the earpiece: In the event of an uncontrollable Mutation with the possibly of endangering the rest of the nation, the Mutation Containment Agency has the authority, on behalf of the President of the United States, to wipe the contaminated area of the Mutation with a controlled nuclear weapon. We're using the energy barrier to seal in the radiation and minimize the blast radius.

Drake: Even if you want to stop the spread, there are still uninfected people here.

Director: We can't afford the risk, Drake. Head back to Headquarters in Upper New York. You have 30 minutes until the energy barrier seals everything inside the city.

The transmission ended.

Kate: What was that?

Drake: The Director. She's going to bomb the city.

Kate: What? That-That's crazy? Can't you cancel it off or something?

Drake: I'm not in charge. She is.

Kate: Oh my gosh. (Holds head) What are we going to do?

Drake: I can escape the city before the area is sealed off. I can save you.

Kate: No.

Drake: What?

Kate: I can't let you take me away and let all these people die. Oh my gosh. My dad. I have to call him.

Drake: We have 30 minutes.

Kate quickly pulls out her phone from her pocket and dials in a number. Drake moves to the edge of the rooftop and sees Infected people walking in a group down a street below. Elsewhere, Detective Wilson is seen walking down an alleyway, with a flashlight in his hand, approaching a street.

October 31, EDT
A generic ringtone is heard coming from his brown coat. He switches hands with the flashlight and reaches in his pocket with his right arm. He pulls out a small, black, square-ish phone. He answers it and places the phone to his ear.

Detective Wilson, answering the phone: This is Detective Wilson.

Kate, over the phone: Dad, are you alright?

Detective Wilson: Kate? Oh good it's you. Look Kate, I'm in the middle of an investigation but there are some odd attacks called in by local officers who went radio silent. I've seen a group of people. They look sick. Whatever you do, stay off of the streets. Are you alright?

Kate, over the phone: I'm fine. Look, Dad, you have to get out of the city. Something's going to happen and I don't want you getting hurt.

Detective Wilson: Sweetheart- is everything okay?

The scene returns to Kate on the rooftop. She turns around with the phone by her ear and sees Drake looking over the edge of the rooftop. Drake continues looking at a group of Infected, moving together. One of them then stops, turns and looks directly at Drake. Drake continues staring directly at the Infected who also continues to stare at him, isolating himself from the group. A vision then strikes Drake of the inside of a facility with the fungus subtance all over the area. A man covered in the fungus substance is seen hanging above a piece of equipment. There is a golden circle on the wall, slightly covered with the substance.

Infected Man, through vision: Spread further. Collect more to join us. Join us...

The vision fades and Drake falls back, landing on the rooftop.

Kate, on the phone: Dad, I'm going to have to call you back.

Detective Wilson, over the phone: Kate, sweatheart-

Kate hangs up her phone and goes over to Drake.

Kate, kneeling at Drake's side: Drake. Are-Are you okay? What happened?

Drake, sitting up: I- uh- (holds head/forehead) I had a vision or something.

Kate: A vision. From what? Looking at zombies? What if contact with zombies gives you visions to help us solve what happened like some sort of memory absorption.

Drake: You've been watching too much TV. These aren't zombies, they're people. They're just infected.

Kate: Isn't that what a zombie is?

Drake doesn't respond.

Kate, changing the topic: What was your vision about?

Drake: I'm not sure. There was an infected man covered in this-

Kate: Fungus?

Drake: Yeah. Fungus. He was telling me to spread out and collect more people to join him. He was also in a building with some equipment and a golden circle on the wall.

Kate: That sounds like the Science Center I did an interview with Dr. Richards.

Drake: Who?

Kate: He's a biologist that works there. Something about Spores, Molds and Fungus.

Drake: You think this "science center" is where we can stop the infection?

Kate: It's worth a try.

Drake: You could be wrong and we could get caught within the blast.

Kate: We're wasting enough time just talking about it. I'm willing to take the risk if it means saving all these people.

Drake: Okay then. Let's go.

Drake activates his wing forms which grow from his back. He then grabs Kate from under her arms and lifts her upwards as he takes off from the rooftop. Kate lets out a small scream by surprise. Drake is seen flying over the city, carrying Kate.

Kate, looking down: You're supposed to say "Don't look down". "Watch your head", stuff like that.

Drake, looking around: Do you see the building yet?

Kate, looking around: Um... No. Not yet. (turns her head to the left) Wait- Uh, yeah, I think I found it.

Drake looks down, looks up and turns his head to the left. They then fly towards the left, passing a towering building.

Kate: I think my theory is starting to make sense now.

The building ahead of them is covered in the fungus substance and surrounded by Infected Class-1 Mutants on street level. 

Manhattan Science Center
October 31, EDT

Kate: How are we supposed to get in without being seen?

Drake: We don't.

Kate: Drake, we'll be surrounded. Once they touch us-

Drake: I know.

Kate starts shaking slightly.

Kate: Drake, calm down. You're flapping your wings too hard. (turns her head) (to herself) I didn't actually think I'd be saying that once in my life.

Kate looks up and sees the reflection in the building next to them. However, instead of seeing Drake, his wings and her. She only sees parts of her and Drake. Drake then slows down his wing flapping which makes them visable in the reflection now.

Kate: Drake, I think your wing flapping makes us invisible.

Drake: What?

Kate: Look, you can shoot fire from your hands. I'm sure turning invisible isn't that surprising.

Drake flaps his wings faster until it cloaks them.

Drake: I'm going to have to get used to this.

Drake then flies towards the building, undetected by the infected guards.

Kate: Okay so how are we going to get into the building?

Drake: Watch your head.

Kate: Wait. No. Please tell me you're not-

Drake then smashes into one of the glass windows, shattering the glass and entering the building. Drake then lands on the floor, stepping on the broken glass. He then unfolds his wings from being around Kate, protecting her from the glass. He then reforms his back back to normal.

Drake: Are you alright?

Kate: Let's not that again.

Infected Man, unseen: Who are you?

Drake looks up and Kate turns around to see the Infected Man, hanging from a massive ball of fungus centered above a circular piece of equipment. His lower torso, legs and feet aren't covered in fungus showing off a grey suit and the bottom part of a black tie while the rest of his body is covered in the fungus. His head is largely conposed of the fungus material which connects to the rest of the fungus covering the building interior and presumively exterior.

Infected Man: You are clean. How have my people not collected you yet?

Kate: We're flexible, I guess.

Drake: You need to stop infecting the people in this city.

Infected Man: I need to spread. I need to collect.

Drake activates his crystalline fingers and prepares to throw a projectile at the Infected Man but Kate jumps in front of Drake.

Kate: Wait, stop.

Drake: This is the only way to make him stop Kate. We don't have much time.

Kate: We need to reason with him. I think that's Dr. Richards.

Infected Man, out of view: How do you know this name?

Kate turns around and faces the Infected Man.

Kate: You are Dr. Richards, aren't you?

The Infected Man snarls at Kate.

Infected Dr. Kelly: Dr. Kelly G. Richards is no more. I am the Hypha.

Kate: I know you're still in there, Dr. Richards. You have to listen to me.

Hypha: I am not Dr. Richards!

A large fungus arm then grows from the wall and strikes close to Kate. Drake fires a crystal from his hand at the fungus arm. It gets stuck onto the arm and shortly afterwards sinks into it, unaffecting the arm.

Kate: Look, if you don't stop this, then MCA will bomb the city.

The Hypha stops attacking.

Hypha: Bomb?

Kate, uneasy: Yeah... it'll destroy everything... including you.

The Hypha snarls again.

Hypha: I can't spread if I'm destroyed. Hypha must leave. Hypha must spread. Hypha must rise!

The building then starts to shake as the fungus starts detaching itself from the walls of the building, acting as arms. They then push the center fungus point, his head, upwards and through the glass windows, along with the rest of his body. Drake and Kate run over to the broken window and see the Hypha walking off towards the bridge in the distance.

Kate: What have I done? Now he's on the move and heading for the bridge.

Drake, grimly: Not if I can stop him.

Drake activates his wing form again and grabs Kate quickly. He then takes off and flies through the large, broken window and after the Hypha.

Kate: How are you going to stop him?

Drake: I'm going to have to try and cure him.

Kate: Wait, you can cure Mutants?

Drake: Yeah. I have to touch them and-

Kate: Wait, touch? Drake, once you touch him, you'll become infected.

Drake: I need to risk it.

Kate: No. I won't let you.

Drake looks down at Kate and then at a building below. He then lowers to that building's rooftop and lands. He then lets go of Kate, letting her stand on her feet.

Kate: What are you doing?

Drake: I need to do this. You'll be safe here.

Drake then flies off again as Kate looks up, seeing Drake fly off.

Kate: Drake! (to herself) ...You idiot.

Drake then flies over the Hypha who is approaching the bridge, guarded by MCA Officers. 

Williamsburg Bridge
October 31, EDT

MCA Officer: Bridge secure.

MCA Officer 2: Wait... What's that?

The two Officers look ahead and see the Hypha approaching. Drake looks down and sees the Hypha below. He then returns his back to normal, causing him to drop towards the Hypha. He then activates his swimming form and dives into the Hypha's head. Inside the head, Drake is seen being propelled by the force pushed from tank through the fungus substance, still uninfected. As Drake moves through the substance, the fungus starts to grow on Drake's body, starting at his legs. It then moves upwards as his sides are attacked as well. The fungus then start to wrap onto the tank and his helmet, hindering him from continuing. Drake turns slightly and sees the fungus grabbing him. He struggles but can't escape. The fungus then rips the tank off of Drake's back. He reacts with a yell of pain until his helmet is ripped off shortly after. The fungus then starts wrapping after his face as Drake starts to loose conciousness. The scene fades into a flashback scene. A small group of mushrooms are seen on the ground as a pair of feet walk past it. The scene focuses on the kids walking by in the forest like environment. One of them is holding a transparent container while the other is moving his bike. 

7 Years Ago

Tall Kid, walking, holding the container: What do you think about the upcoming science fair?

Drake, walking with his bike: I don't know. I'm not that much into science.

Tall Kid, walking, holding the container: That's weird.

Drake, walking with his bike: Why is it weird?

Tall Kid, walking, holding the container: Because there's science in the family so you should take an interest in science.

Drake, walking with his bike: I like soccer, not science. What are we looking for anyways?

Tall Kid, walking, holding the container: Biological samples. Plants and stuff.

Drake, walking with his bike: Why couldn't we just do the volcano like Buck and Tom.

Tall Kid, walking, holding the container: What? Your school bullies? Besides, volcanos are lame when we can do something cooler.

Drake, walking with his bike: Plants aren't cool. This project is going to fail.

Tall Kid, stopping: Hey. You've gotta have faith, Drake. Trust me, you can do anything if you push hard enough.

The Tall Kid looks down and sees a small flower in the ground. He kneels down and scoops it with a small trowel. He then places the flower, in a small patch of dirt, into the container, gentally. The flashback ends with the scene fading back to the insides of the fungus substance. Drake then regains conciousness and Dr. Richards at a close distance with the fungus still growing on him, but not completely. Drake then activates his enlarged hands and ignites them, removing the fungus off of him slightly. He then punches ahead of him, clearing the fungus, and climbs through the fungus substance until he reaches Dr. Richards. He reforms his arms and reaches for Dr. Richards. The fungus grows back and grabs onto his arms, preventing him from reaching Dr. Richards. Drake pulls down hard as the fungus pulls his arm back. He then eventually reaches Dr. Richards and starts to cure him. At the bridge, the MCA Officer is seen on his radio.

MCA Officer, on the radio: Director, Class-2 Mutant approaching the exit of the city.

Director, over the radio: Wipe Protocol is underway in two minutes.

MCA Officer, on the radio: We might not have two minutes, Director.

The Hypha then stops moving and roars out until it explodes into a large fungus mess. At the street, where it exploded, there are severeal patches of fungus puddles. One of them moves as Drake and a cured Dr. Richards moves out of the puddle, covered in fungus. Drake quickly puts his hood on before Dr. Richards turns to face him.

Dr. Richards: What- What happened?

Drake: You were mutated, Dr. Richards. You infected a lot of people but I put an end to that.

Dr. Richards: I- I don't remember much of it. I just wanted to study some fungus samples when everything changed. I thought I could control it but I- I'm sorry about my behavior. This is all my fault.

Drake: It's over now, Dr. Richards.

Drake puts his fingers to his ear, activating his earpiece.

Drake: Director, cancel the protocol. I ended the Infection.

He then removes his fingers, deactivating it.

Dr. Richards: What should I do now?

Drake: MCA will be here to assist you. Either go with them and get the help you need or you can get out of my city.

Drake turns his back to Dr. Richards and activates his wing form, taking off shortly afterwards. Momentarily later, down the street, Detective Wilson is seen walking through a street where he sees the fungus drying up and removing itself from its victims, freeing them from enslavement. The people look confused as Detective Wilson notices this occuring. He then reaches the explosion site where he sees MCA Officers assisting Dr. Richards.

Dr. Richards: And there was this man, in a hood, he was involved. He could change his form and- and- he changed my life.

MCA Officer: We'll take care of it, sir. Please come with us.

Detective Wilson looks out at the scene, thinking about the words Dr. Richards said. The scene cuts to Kate's apartment building. 

Palatial Valley Apartments
November 1, EDT
 Inside the apartment room, the door opens and Detective Wilson is seen entering the room. He closes the door behind him and takes off his coat, throwing it onto the sofa. Kate then exits her room and enters the living room, being noticed by her father.

Detective Wilson: Kate!

Kate: Dad.

Kate runs to her father and they embrace for a hug.

Kate, hugging: Dad, I was so worried about you.

Detective Wilson: I was worried about you to sweetheart. (disengaging from the hug) Are you okay? Are you hurt?

Kate: I'm fine, dad. You're the one investigating.

Detective Wilson: I'm just glad you got home safe.

Kate: Well, it wasn't easy...

Detective Wilson: Look, Kate. I've been thinking about your story.

Kate, leaning against the back of the sofa: Dad, please, this isn't the time to start arguing about my story.

Detective Wilson: Arguing? Kate, no. I- I believe your story.

Kate crosses her arms and looks at her dad.

Kate, folding her arms: You- You do?

Detective Wilson: Yes. I heard some nut job talking about someone just like in your story.

Kate, pushing off from the sofa, towards her dad: So you believe in him. You think he's here to help.

Detective Wilson: I wouldn't go that far, Kate. It means we have a freak somewhere in the city. This isn't a story, Kate, this is an investigation. I need to find this man.

Detective Wilson rushes off to one of the other rooms down the hallway. Kate looks down.

Kate, to herself: Well, at least you believe me.

The scene cuts to the MCA Building. 

MCA Manhattan Outpost
November 1, EDT
 Inside, at the labortory, Drake is seen approaching Agent Owens, who is seated on a stool, being examined by MCA Scientists. Drake is wearing his red shirt with black tactical pants.

Drake: Are you okay?

Owens: I'm fine.

Drake: I'm only asking because you don't look in good condition.

Owens, changing the topic: How's the girl?

Drake: Don't. Don't change the topic. You've been training me for 5 years and for the first time I ask you something that isn't related to a mission, you change the topic. I've seen you do it before to avoid answering questions I shouldn't know about. To keep me from knowing things. I just want to know.

Owens: There are some things you're better off not knowing about.

Agent Owens turns his head, looks at Drake. He then kicks his kneecap and side kicks him in the head with his other leg, knocking Drake onto the ground. Owens then gets up from the chair.

Owens: Who's in good condition now?

The laboratory door opens and John runs in.

Owens: John, you're late. I've been calling for your assistance.

John: Sorry. I fell asleep and the next thing I knew I woke up in the middle of the apocalypse.

Owens: You mean the infected Mutants?

John: What? No I meant the movie, Apocalypse. I woke up in the middle of the movie. Turns out, I shouldn't drink month old soda. Knocks me right out. (looks at the floor and sees Drake) Speaking of which, what exactly happened here?

Owens: He's fine.

Agent Owens then grabs his blade from the table and exits the lab. John then helps Drake up.

John: You alright?

Drake: It's been a long day, John.

John: I recommend rest but we'll do a Biometric read out before that.

Drake: I fought a man, John. Dr. Richards. He had no control over his powers and hurt a lot of people. I felt close to having no choice but to end him.

John: Wait- Did you say, Dr. Richards? He just published an article about mycology last week on his blog.

Drake: So he wasn't mutated before now?

John: Looks like my theory is right. Remember what I said? Class-1 Mutants have dormant Nanogenes but those Nanogenes can be activated at any time which means-

Drake: Anyone can become a Class-2 Mutant.

John: This is big. What do we do?

Drake: We make sure that doesn't happen.

Drake looks at John with a serious expression on his face.


Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Drake unlocks the Stealth Wings
  • Detective Wilson believes Drake exists

Minor Events

  • Dr. Richards makes his debut.



  • Dr. Kelly G. Richards/Hypha (First Appearance) (Cured)
  • Infected Class-1 Mutants/Zombies (First Appearance) (Cured)

Forms Used

  • Fire Fists (x3)
  • Smart Swim (x1)
  • Stealth Wings (First Appearance) (x5)


  • The films that John mentioned at the beginning of the episode are references to popular horror movies; The Forest Cottage being The Cabin in the Woods, a Supernatural Recordings sequel being Paranormal Activity and it's many sequels and Shriek being Scream. The "7 Days" comment was also a reference to a horror movie, The Ring.
  • John's comment, about him drinking a soda would transform him into a Mutant and Drake would have to jump off walls and use his large arsenal of weapons, is an allusion towards the XBOX One game, Sunset Overdrive, which is also about Mutants.
  • Lafayette Street is an allusion towards Nightmare on Elm Street as Lafayette Street is an actual street which was carved from the former Elm Street.
  • Officer Knudsen's surname is a reference towards the creator of Slender Man, Eric Knudsen.
  • Dorn Street is a reference to actor, Micheal Dorn, who voiced Frankenstrike in Ben 10.
  • Kate's memory absorption theory about zombies and Drake's comment about watching too much TV were references towards the TV series, iZombie, a show where the main character, a zombie, absorbs the memories of the deceased.
  • Dr. Richards' full name, Kelly G. Richards, is an allusion towards actor, Richard Green, the voice actor for Snare-Oh.
  • Kate's comment about "Spores, Molds and Fungus" is a reference towards a scene from Ghostbusters, where Jamime asks Egon if he has any hobbies in which Egon replies, "I collect Spores, Molds and Fungus".
  • John's comment about walking up in the middle of the apocalypse is a reference to The Walking Dead when Rick Grimes wakes up from his coma.


  • This episode was meant to be for celebrating Halloween.
  • StreetM was originally meant to co-write this episode but he was unavaliable at the time.
  • This episode was inspired by the Generator Rex episode, String Theory.
  • This is the first episode of Mutant Drake in which Drake attempts to select a form but instead gets another.
    • This is also the first episode in which Drake doesn't use all of his forms nor unlock a new form before a flashback scene.
  • Just like in A Rainy Day, Kate uses his previous experiences in journalism to solve a problem.
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