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Story starts off inside the Rust Bucket 3. Kevin has allowed Ben to watch the ship while Gwen and himself are on a date.


Ben is very bored. Suddenly the Forever Knights blast into the ship. "Kevin is going to kill me!" Ben transforms "Blox!" Blox fills the hole the Forever Knights left in the wall with blocks to prevent any more from entering.

"Ben Tennyson! You will die at our hands right on this vessel!" one Forever Knight says. "Yeah sure! Your going to do what Vilgax, Aggregor, Alpha, Eon, Zs'Skayr, and even the Diagon couldn't do!" Blox says sarcastically.

"You killed our King and Ruler, Sir George!" one Forever Knight says. "I didn't kill him! Your insane! I was his friend, which is something I can't say to you guys. Now get out!" Blox says. "Never alien scum!" one Forever Knight says. "Fine your choice!" Blox says.

The Forever Knights open fire at Blox. Blox seems to be destroyed. The Forever Knights believe they won! "You know the funny thing about blocks is that they can be rebuilt!" Blox says while coming back together. "Impossible!" one Forever Knight says. "You can't beat me!" Blox says.

Suddenly the wall of blocks that filled the hole in the wall are blasted by a Plasma Beam

830px-Screen shot 2011-12-11 at 8.17

Tank. "Oh crud." Blox says. Blox transforms "Benmummy!: Benmummy wraps his bandages around a group of Knight and slings them into the wall. Then Benmummy rips the top of the Tank off and grabs the Knights inside and slings them. "Now that wasn't so bad!" Benmummy says. "Release the Dragon!" one Knight shouts. "That can't be good!" suddenly a huge dragon appears and breathes fire at Benmummy. Benmummy dodges. "I thought you didn't like Dragons!" Benmummy says. "It is a robot fool!" one Knight says. "Good to know!" Benmummy transforms "Clockwork!" Clockwork fires a time ray at the Dragon. The Dragon is destroyed. "One shot! One kill!"


Clockwork says.

The Forever Knights run away. Kevin and Gwen get back from there date. Kevin see's rubble from the Dragon, the side wall of his ship destroyed, blocks and bandages everywhere, etc.... "My ship! Tennyson!" Kevin shouts. "Gotta run!" Ben transforms into Fasttrack and runs away while Kevin is cursing and screaming.



  • The Forever Knights
  • Dragon Robot

Aliens Used[]