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Night Terror
Day 4 Night Terror.png
General Information
Species Mutant Nemuina
Home World Nemunimos IV
Body Fairy
Alternate Counterparts Pesky Dust
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Oneirokinesis
Dream Viewing
Dream Entering
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Agility
Sharp Claws
First Appearance Up to 11

Night Terror is the Antitrix's DNA sample of a mutant Nemuina from the planet Nemunimos IV in Ben 10: Missing Pieces.


Night Terror looks like Pesky Dust in Omniverse, but with bigger wings, unkempt hair, a tattered black dress and light red skin. He has long claws covered in red dust. His eyes are red and there are black markings around them, and the spots on his face look different and are dark red. The Antitrix symbol is on his chest.

Transformation Sequence

Powers and Abilities

Night Terror is capable of flight, and possesses enhanced speed and agility thanks to his fairy-like wings. He can also leave behind a red trail while flying.

Night Terror's claws are covered in red dream dust. By scratching someone, Night Terror can make them fall asleep. He can then enter and examine their dreams, which can be used as a form of interrogation or extracting information.

Within someone's dream, Night Terror can conjure a friendlier image of himself to lull his victim into a false sense of security before turning the dream a into nightmare instead, at which point he appears more terrifying. Night Terror's nightmares can leave his victims in a catatonic state depending on how intense the nightmare is.


Night Terror's abilities would be useless against technological or robotic opponents, who cannot fall asleep or have dreams. He can also be affected by the abilities of other Nemuinas.

Members of Gutrot's species are immune to Night Terror's sleeping dust.

Night Terror is quite small and is not suited for melee combat.

Night Terror's claws are not sharp enough to scratch beings with tough skin or armor, such as a Fulmini. Thus, he cannot infect them with his sleeping dust.

Being a Nemuina, Night Terror is weak against his natural predator.


Missing Pieces

  • In Up to 11, Night Terror attempted to scratch Ben as Sparkhenge to infect him with his sleeping dust, to no avail.


Missing Pieces


  • Credit to Echoson for the infobox image, and Ultra3000 for Night Terror's appearance.