General Information
Species Dinoplasm
Home World Phanterra (Destroyed)
DNA source Unknown/Unnamed Dinoplasm
Body Ghostly Dinosaur
Alternate Counterparts N/A
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Sharp Claws
Ectoplasmic Fire
Body Possession
Skull Rotation
Explosive Ectoplasm
Super Strength (Rage Form)
Super Durability(Rage Form)
Powerful Roar (Rage Form)
Size Alteration (Rage Form)
Duplication (Rage Form)
Equipment Alphatrix
Voice Actor Mark Hamill/Steven Blum (Voice Mixture)
First Appearance TBD

NightShade is an Alien in the Alphatrix in Alpha!


Nightshade is a purplish ghost, with dinosaur bones. His head is dinosaur bones, covered in purple ectoplasm. He wears a purple cloak that covers him everywhere but his head and hands. There are certain areas in the cloak where are sticking out, and thats because of his bones. His hands are all bones, covered in purple ectoplasm.

In his Rage Form, he becomes more dinosaur like. The cloak gets ripped, his spine and ribs are shown. In the ripped areas, more bones are shown. He is much larger, and his head becomes similar to Ultimate Humungousaur slightly. 

Powers & Abilities

Because of the bones on NightShade's hands, the hands are very sharp. 

NightShade is a ghost, and because of that, he has the usual ghost powers: Intangibility, Flight/Levitation, Ectoplasm, and Possession. 

Because of his dinosaur skull, NightShade can easily rotate his head, and stretch his neck. 

NightShade can produce Ectoplasmic Flames, that will burn you 10x more than regular fire.

If exposed to strong light, like the sun, NightShade will get angrier than Rath (non-comedic), and will gain new abilities. He will gain size alteration, incredible strength and durability, a powerful roar, and duplication. 


NightShade isn't as easy to control. NightShade has an evilish nature to him, sometimes he will try to kill, or do bad things. He doesn't get any easier to control in Rage Form. 


  • TBA


  • This is ZeVikingSif's favorite [Sif 100] Alien!


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