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Night tide.png
General Information
Species 1/2 Totanium
1/2 T'zun Army
Body Humanoid Water Jackal
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Hydrokinesis
Water Absorption
Water Projection
Water Generation
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Durability
Space Survivability
Weaknesses Extreme Heat Vulnerability
Extreme Cold Vulnerability
Powers Limited (by armour)

Hight-tide is the Biomnitrix's fusion of Totanium and T'zun Army DNA from the planet Kubran 11 and the T'zeen Nebula. He is a free use fusion alien. Hightide and Nighthowler are also free use.


Night-tide looks like a fusion between Nighthowler and Hightide. He is a humanoid construct of water with a jackal-like head and sheet metal armour covering his upper torso. His feet form puddles surrounded by a thin mist.

It is unknown whether Night-tide is actually living water, living armour, or both.

Powers and Abilities

Night-tide is made mostly of water, and therefore has some shape-shifting ability albeit limited by his armour. He can increase his body mass by absorbing water from external sources.

He can freely manipulate water up two twice his current mass at any given point that is outside his body. He can pull this water towards himself to absorb it and increase his mass, or he can use it as a weapon. Naturally this ability is reliant on his environment. His ability to finely manipulate this water is much stronger than Hightide's alone.

He can project pressurised water blasts either from his mouth, hands, or feet. However, unlike Hightide, this water is generated internally and does not diminish his body mass unless he blasts the water faster than he can replenish it.

He can survive in the vacuum of space, providing it is not too cold too freeze him and is not too warm to boil him. His armour also gives him highly enhanced durability.


His mobility is greatly reduced when he is frozen, albeit he can still move to some small degree.

He becomes immobile of the water making up his body is evaporated, however it does not kill him.

The water parts of his body seems to be able to feel pain, giving him a pain threshold.

His armour is vulnerable to attacks (like Biosovortian attacks) that magnetise him. He seems to also be vulnerable to attacks from Galvanic Mechamorphs.



Night-tide is a free use alien, feel free to use him in your own series. He can be used alongside Hightide and Nighthowler.

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