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Nicole (Nicky) Greenwich is the daughter of a plumber and one of the students of the cosmic academy.


Nicky takes the appearance of a human teenager girl with translucent hair. Her eyes are abnormally big and blue in color. She wears the Cosmic Academy uniform, a red and white suit.


Nicky shows extreme intelligence, but has a very simple speech and is always free-minded. Despite this, she can take responsibilities which most girls her age would not even think of.

Nicky appears to have a crush on Jerry Walker, the other Plumbers' kid.

Powers and Abilities

Nicky is specialized in many different subjects and areas, having great knowledge about many things.

Nicky has undercome a genetic mutation which made her hair glowing in the dark.

Nicky and Jerry have developed a robotic life support for the former to prevent her spine from breaking completely. Jerry then added the ability to enhance her coordination, allowing the girl to see in the dark by using echolocation and detect radioactivity.


Nicky's spine relies on her robotic support. If it is broken, Nicky cannot move and has a high risk of dying.


Nicky's parents died in a tragic spaceship accident when she was 3.

In Just Like The Simulations, Nicky and Jerry met Evfnye. They together studied at the Cosmic Academy.



  • Nicky calls her robotic support "Robby".
  • Evfnye's working name he used to blend in with the American society is Ivan, which is also the name of Nicky's father.
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