Nickolai Tanon Brown
General Information
Species Human
Age 15
Occupation(s) Mr. Smoothies Employee
Powers and abilities
Abilities Techno Control
Energy Fluctuation
Equipment Blasters
Relatives Alisa Brown(mother)
Carson Brown(father)

Javon Barber(best friend)
Mario Scion(best friend)

First Appearance The Weird Watch From Outer Space

Nickolai Brown is 15-year-old boy that is a main character in Javon 10.


Nickolai is 5'4 in height. He has dirty blonde hair and black eyes. He has a fairly muscular build and wears a green hoodie. He wears a white undershirt with a red circle on the front of it. His pants are blue ripped jeans and his shoes are red and white J's.


Powers & Abilities

Nickolai has the ability to manipulate, change and completely change the function and appearance of any machine. This goes as far as turning a phone into a blaster or even an explosive. He also has the ability to fluctuate energy such as electricity and use it as a weapon. After Youtubers Life, Nickolai inherited Nucin's blasters.


His powers do have a weakness though. Although he can change the function of any device, he cannot change the mass of it An example of this is if he tried to turn his phone into a blaster, the blaster would only be the same mass as his phone. If the device is damaged, the device that comes out will also be damaged in the same way. He also cannot repair them.


Nickolai is a jokester and doesn't take many things seriously. He tends to crack jokes for no reason at all which usually conflicts with Mario's more serious personality, making them argue. He is also a devoted gamer and YouTube personality.

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