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Ben 10: Ultimate Heroes
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 8-15-12
Written by Brywarrior
Directed by Brywarrior
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A human with grey hair runs out of Azmuths tower.

(Human) Yes I got it the final piece I need! And with no help from that stupid squid. Now to Earth. Someone has something that belongs to me.

He hops in a ship and takes off.

(Theme Song)

On Earth.

(Bryce) There is no way I'm trying that concoction.

(Ben) Oh come on(Takes a sip of smoothie) you stand up to Vilgax like its easier than eating pancakes, but you wont try a chocolate and asparagus smoothie?!

(Bryce) Yes, thanks for understanding.

There is a huge thunderclap and a flash of blue lightning.

(the Human) Bryce Bowman Give me the Infinity Matrix!

(Bryce) Hmmm... I vote .. No(Transform, Diamondhead) (grabs the human) who are you?

(The human) I'm Nemevoc(Transform, A human sized bird with arms and a long tail that has a blade on the end) Ha ha ha (begins screeching at the top of his lungs)

(Bryce) AHHH!!(falls down on his face)(Reverts to human) Uh....

(Nemevoc) Hah ha ha ha ha, ha ha ha ha ha!

(Ben, Humongosuaur) You'd better get ready for a world of pain!(punches at Nemevoc,)

(Nemevoc, Catches the punch) Oh I think its the other way around!(Hits ben in the neck and ben falls)

Then the Infinity glows green

(Bryce, transform, a living fire ball) FlameOgre? Alright(throws a fire ball at Nemevoc)

Nemevoc tries to block it, but it lights him on fire

(Nemevoc)(screeches) You'll pay for that(Screams at the top of his lungs)

(Bryce, unaffected) Okay? Now its my turn!(Shoots at Nemevoc)

(Nemevoc, reverted) You mongrel! How did you defeat me!?

(Bryce) The Infinity has a mind of its own. It must have known what the birds weakness was.

(Nemevoc, teleporting away) I'll get you next time, I swear it!



  • Nemevoc's first appearance
  • Diamondhead's first appearance
  • Falcon's first appearance
  • FlameOgre's first appearnce
  • It is revealed that Bryce doesn't know of all the aliens currently unlocked for him.
  • This episode's title is supposed to mimic the first episode of the series(A New Hero)
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