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Kurt 10
Season 2, Episode 8
Written by Kross
Directed by Kross
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Kurt was sitting watching TV when Eve and George come in.

George: Kurt! Prisoner 365 and Plaguer were seen downtown!

Kurt: You two go. I can't fight anymore. I lost my Divinematrix, remember?

George: What about the Gataronitrix? And your embeded DNA?

Kurt: Azmuth took the Gataronitrix, and got rid of my embeded DNA because it was messing with my normal DNA.

Azmuth teleported in, holding the Zorgatrix. Kurt put it on.

Azmuth: Here is the Zorgatrix. Now go fight!

Theme Song!

George tackled Plaguer, knocking him off balance. Eve using Blood Manipulation was battling Prisoner 365.. Plaguer threw George away.

Plaguer: Not so tough without your leader, huh?

Kurt was standing on the roof of a nearby building.

Kurt: Who called me? (transforms) Moot!

Moot jumped off the building and punched Plaguer in the face. Plaguer turned his hand into a sword and slashed at Moot. Moot turned into Armodrillo and made the earth around Plaguer shoot up, sending him flying. Armodrillo walked up to Prisoner 365.

Zorgatrix: Repair genetic damage?

Armodrillo: Yes.

Prisoner 365 was turned back from blood to water. Plaguer landed in front of Armodrillo and tried to skewer him. Armodrillo went Ultimate and blocked with a mace hand. Ult. Armodrillo turned into Upgrade and took over Plaguer's armor. Upgrade locked Plaguer's armor so he couldn't move, unmerged and detransformed.

Kurt: That takes care of that.

Plaguer: Curse you Kurt Negason! Curse you!





Aliens Used[]

By Kurt[]

By Eve[]

  • Blood Manipulation