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The New Omnitrix is an Omnitrix in Gray 10 that was created by Azmuth.


It looks the same as the Omnitrix.

Omniverse omnitrix official ov.png


It was created by Azmuth.


This new Omnitrix has the feature to merge to two aliens together as well as use them one at a time. In the middle of the series Gray manages to make it use Ultimate forms.


  • Normal Mode Allows you to transform into one alien at a time, has a 10 minute timeout , allows you to switch between aliens, it also acts as a plumber badge and allows communication via wireless. You can transform by hitting the dial or using voice command.
  • Lock Mode Locks you as one alien until the unlock code is entered
  • Scan Mode Scans DNA at this mode. All Omnitrix functions are disabled when it is in scan mode
  • Randomizer Mode Keeps switching you into different random aliens at two minute intervals
  • Recharge Mode This mode is after the timeout.. it allows communication but disables the ability to transform.
  • Merge Mode When unlocked it allows you to choose two aliens at a time.
  • Ultimate Mode This mode allows you to transform into aliens ultimate forms. This mode can only be unlocked while master control is on.
  • Master Control Master Control allows you to transform and switch between aliens with your mind and does not have a timeout feature. It also unlocks forbidden aliens.
  • Self Destruct In this mode the Omnitrix charges until detention time and then uses all the built up energy to explode.. if the charge is allowed to go on for a few days then the explosion can wipe out half the universe.