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New Girl is the eleventh episode of the first season of Back in Action: Alien Universe.


Part I

[We open in the Thep Khufan Commander's ship, a more specific location being the hangar. A stolen Plumbers' ship, several Takion cruisers, and a ship which appears to just be an escape pod with controls are lined up in the room. A woman is wearing a black-furred costume around her entire body, with a hoodie attached to the costume and a black mask completely hiding her identity. She pulls out a key, which appears to simply be a Plumber's badge with a red hourglass symbol in place of the green. She approaches a white Takion cruiser and places the key on the lower part of the ship. She presses the key down and the landing is pulled down. She walks inside the ship with the key but doesn't close the landing. Inside, she sits at one of two co-pilots' seats. A circular port sits on a blank control panel. Upon placing the key snugly into the port and pressing the top, a glass shield rises out of the panel. The key is lowered into the control panel, and the shield covers the key, preventing it from being removed. The control panel lights up as an innumerable amount of holographic buttons and knobs appear. Physical controls exist, mainly be the steering "wheel", which in truth is shaped like a U. This woman hears footsteps arriving closer to her, so she pulls a black gun, hidden perfectly on a black belt on her costume, and points it behind her. A light turns on, shedding light on Albedo heading up into the ship by means of the landing.]

Albedo: It's just me.
Mistress: You're Albedo, right?
Albedo: Yes, now put the gun down.
Mistress: I thought you were in the hospital. Flips around in her seat to face the control panel once more, preparing the ship for takeoff.
Albedo: I was taken to an infirmary on the ship; fairly competent Galvan doctors healed me in a short time.
Mistress: Speaking of Galvans, aren't you one?
Albedo: Yes, but I'm trapped in Ben Tennyson's form, as well as any of his aliens.
Mistress: Doesn't he have access to a Galvan?
Albedo: He does, but observe the occurrences following my transformation into it. He transforms into Negative Grey Matter, whose uniform, rather than being a red version of Grey Matter's, is a red robe with a black line running down the center. He stands still for a moment, using his fingers to countdown from 3. Upon running out of fingers, he reverts to human.
Mistress: So you can't be a Galvan for more than 3 seconds?
Albedo: Yes, and I haven't found a cure to it, and that lousy "smartest Galvan in 16 galaxies" Azmuth won't help me.
Mistress: Must be tough. Of all forms you'd have to take, it's Tennyson's.
Albedo: You speak as if you have some sort of history with him. Did you two, err, how do I put
Mistress: Him? That snot-nosed brat? Never. The kid's picked up a lot of girls, but he was 10 when we first met. Now, my ship's ready, and last I heard is the Commander's sending only me on this mission, so get out.
Albedo: Nice, another human female like Elena Validus.
Mistress: Don't you dare compare me to her. She's still got a thing for Tennyson.
Albedo: Alright, alright.
Mistress: Go, Albedo.
Albedo (heading off the ship): I'm going, I'm going...

When Albedo debarks from the ship, the landing retracts. The ship begins to hover, and a red holographic barrier keeping aircraft in the hangar turns green, with text on it reading "READY". Mistress's ship slowly hovers outside of the Commander's ship. Only inches from the holographic barrier, it turns red once more, and Mistress's ship blasts off into space.

[Our focus is brought to the control panel of the ship. A holographic screen appears in front of the windshield that displays several points of the galaxy. Mistress taps a section of the screen and in white text, "Earth" is written in a variety of both Earth languages and alien languages. When she is ready to select the planet as her autopilot destination, she presses a holographic button that locks in the location. The display fades away, giving way to a dark view of the desolate space around her. She gets up and with her arms crossed, looks out a rear window to see the ever-distant Thep Khufan Commander's ship. She looks at the left wrist of her costume. She presses down on an area, and her entire costume turns red. Her black mask disappears, and she pulls back her hood. The red-haired girl's face is clearly visible now.]

Mistress: Ben Tennyson thinks I'm done and defeated. He's going to see just how much progress a girl can make in a year of training.

[We fly our focus down to the inside of Azmuth's headquarters. As he makes progress on a gauntlet-like device that bears several green lights in a row, his holographic widescreen appears to his left. He is distracted from his work to look at the alien text on the screen. The screen repeatedly flashes red as he reads. After completing his reading in a matter of mere milliseconds, he presses a button in the lower right. Our focus is shifted to Ben, asleep after a long day of heroics. As he tosses and turns, his Omnitrix glows red straight through the Omnitrix. It makes audible beeps, but they do not wake Ben. Our focus returns to Azmuth.]

Azmuth: Hmm, this is not good. I must get in contact with Ben, but all the communications are still down for some reason, and not a single of these kinks can be repaired remotely. He turns around to face his invention. I'll need to send this down to Earth in its current state. Hopefully its user makes its way to Tennyson in time. Or, just maybe, this gauntlet will take months to draw a path to him. As holoscreen rapidly beeps and flashes, he makes his decision. He walks up to the device and presses each of the green lights on the device. They turn red. He then steps on a section of the platform with one of his feet, and a steel pod surrounds the gauntlet. He pulls out a glove from a pocket on his robe. On each of the fingers of the glove is a different alien symbol. He puts the silver glove on a single hand. Each piece of calligraphy on his fingers glows cyan. He taps sections of the gauntlet's pod in sequence with a finger as if typing with them. Eventually, the pod becomes covered in the glowing cyan symbols. He touches the pod once more with all fingers at once. Smoke exits the lower end of the pod, as it takes off to the ceiling. An area of it opens up letting the pod out into the skies of Galvan Mark II, and straight out into space. Yet another prototype sent to Earth. At least this time, I won't have to deal with not getting the right user. Now to just hope it makes its way to Ben Tennyson.

[As the port in the ceiling of Azmuth's headquarters closes, we look up into space as the device sent away in an escape pod just narrowly misses Mistress's ship, both headed for Earth. The pod flies at mach speeds towards Earth as Mistress's drifts slowly towards it. Inside, she heads to sleep, preparing for what's to come.]


Part II

[We open on a quiet Tuesday morning just outside the shut door of Ben's bedroom. We hear from outside his alarm going off. We hear Ben fall out of bed as he struggles to get to the alarm to shut it off. When he has done so, we hear him pull some pants on. He exits the room with his jeans and a white t-shirt on. His hear is frizzy, and his head is drooping. He heads for the bathroom where he wakes himself up by splashing water in his face just before brushing his teeth. While checking on his face in the mirror, he realizes his Omnitrix flashing green and red. He hastily gets in a position to tap it and listen in on the incoming message. He shuts the bathroom door and puts his ear as close to the Omnitrix tower as possible.]

Omnitrix: This message was recorded at--Ben skips through this automated portion of the message by holding the dial, until he begins to hear the fast-forwarded voice of someone else.
Azmuth (message): Ben Tennyson, your home world, Earth, is about to come into a bit of trouble. A green 3D hologram of a ship is projected over the Omnitrix. I have spotted a ship that originated from a vessel lead by--the sound of Azmuth's voice changes to mere static, and after a few seconds, the holographic ship is replaced by a 3D hologram of DNA.
Ben: Great, the Omnitrix is broken again.
Omnitrix: Communications error. Relaying required bug report.

The hologram disappears entirely. Ben fixes his hair in the mirror, then rushes back to his room to grab his black shirt with an Omnitrix emblem in the center. He grabs his blue backpack and throws it on himself, perfectly wrapping its straps around his arms. He rushes to get some breakfast--just two waffles--and eats them quickly as he rushes outside to his car. Still finishing the last waffle, he pulls open the passenger door and lays his backpack on the seat. Purposely leaving the door open, he rushes to the trunk of the car and pulls a sleeping Echo Echo out. He shakes him awake.

Echo Echo: Finally! What do you--err, I--need?
Ben: Before I tell you, make another Echo Echo and put him in the trunk. Echo Echo splits himself and throws the duplicate in the trunk. The duplicate says nothing about the event.
Echo Echo: Alright, now what?
Ben: Okay. He hits Echo Echo's Omnitrix symbol, reverting him to human. I need you to cover me at school.
Ben/Clone: You trust me?
Ben: Of course I do; you're me.
Ben/Clone: Is all of our homework done?
Ben: For once, yeah.
Ben/Clone: Do I get the car?
Ben: I'm dropping you at school. No guarantees I'm going to be here when school's done, though.
Ben/Clone: Doesn't matter, I've got the Omnitrix. In theory, I could fly there on my own right now.
Ben: Yeah, you could, but my school's on the way.
Ben/Clone: On the way to where?
Ben: I've got to go see Kevin. Gwen might be in school, but I know he'll be able to help with what's going on.
Ben/Clone: And what's going on?
Ben: I got some corrupted message from Azmuth, and Kevin should be able to fix the Omnitrix so I can hear the rest of the message.
Ben/Clone: It'll take quite the while to get to Kevin; shouldn't you fly? It's less urgent for me to get to school on time, so I can just take the car instead.
Ben: might be right. You know, you're smart.
Ben/Clone: Of course I am; I'm you.
Ben: Alright. Our backpack is in the passenger seat.
Ben/Clone: Alright. Rushes over to the passenger door and shuts it, then into the driver's seat. He starts the car up with his duplicate of the DX Mark 10 keys as the real Ben knocks at the passenger window. He rolls down the window.
Ben: You, uh, might want to close the trunk first.
Ben/Clone: You couldn't do that for me instead of talking to me?
Ben: I could've, but you're me; you should be able to take a joke.
Ben/Clone: Alright, alright. Go, me. He presses a button at the lower part of the dashboard that slowly closes the trunk. At this point, the real Ben transforms into AmpFibian and flies off into the distance. As AmpFibian flies, he watches as his car makes its way to school. Pleased with his clone's ability to follow instructions, he transforms into Jetray and boosts miles upon miles away in mere seconds.

[After less than a half hour of flight, Jetray is able to spot Kevin's place of work from a few miles in the sky.]

Jetray: There it is. And to think I would've driven till night had it not been for, well, me. As he prepares to dip, he realizes a ship gaining on him from behind. He flips around and floats in his position, staring right at the ship. As he continues to gain on him, he preps himself to stop the ship with his bare hands, but the ship instead decides to shut off all power so as to stop itself from crashing. As it begins to dip, Jetray falls where it's aimed to hit and puts his hands out before it. Holding onto the front of the ship, through which he can see a woman clad in black flying it, he brings the ship to a full stop only a few feet away from the ground. He pushes it back far up into the skies, where he begins to speak to the pilot. Turn the engine back on!
Female Pilot: Umm, yeah, yes, on it! She frantically presses buttons and flips switches on the control panel before her. The ship finally turns on, reversing into the direction Jetray was pushing and finally leveling itself in the sky. Jetray knocks at the windshield when he himself becomes level with it.
Jetray: Let me in, ma'am.
Female Pilot: Uh, of course. Flipping a few more switches, the landing below the ship is opened, through which Jetray flies inside. The pilot immediately shuts the landing behind him. Jetray floats in the middle of the ship for a moment, analyzing his surroundings, then slowly touches down to the floor when he feels it's safe.
Jetray: What were you doing? Or, should I ask, what were you thinking shutting off your engine?
Female Pilot: Sorry, I've just never been in this kind of situation before. I'm new to flying.
Jetray: Want me to help you get to wherever you're going? I'm pretty familiar with flight myself.
Female Pilot: You're an Aerophibian; your natural flight doesn't compare to what the rest of us flightless beings have to go through to take to space.
Jetray: I'm not just an Aerophibian, ma'am. I'm also--Smacks the Omnitrix symbol.
Ditto: A Splixson. Smacks the Omnitrix symbol.
Diamondhead: A Petrosapien. Smacks the Omnitrix symbol.
NRG: Pyrpiatosian-B--who, I might add, come from another galaxy. Smacks the Omnitrix symbol.
Ultimate Cannonbolt: I'm even an evolved Arburian Pelarota. Are you getting who I am, lady?
Female Pilot:'re Ben Tennyson. I know that.
Ultimate Cannonbolt: Oh, you did?
Female Pilot: Yeah. As a matter of fact, I've been tracking you down, trying to get to you.
Ultimate Cannonbolt: So you're a stalker?
Female Pilot: No! It's not like that!
Ultimate Cannonbolt: So you're a villain! Reverts to Cannonbolt, then Diamondhead.
Diamondhead: Give yourself up the easy way, lady. I don't want to have to hurt you.
Female Pilot: It's not like that either, Ben. I need your help.
Diamondhead: You need my help? With what?
Female Pilot: I got a tip about something big happening between some Sotoraggians and some Piscciss Premann.
Diamondhead: Go on...
Female Pilot: The big guys in charge of the thing are SixSix, a Sotoraggian, and Kraab, a Piscciss Premann. The two are settling old differences in a way that threatens the safety of the Earth, especially in the area they're doing their little meeting.
Diamondhead: I'm not one to normally follow around a girl I've just met, but I guess I'll take the chance and help you. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? You don't seem like a girl that can do any harm for no good.
Female Pilot: Thanks.
Diamondhead: I guess we should head off then.
Female Pilot: I'll fly.
Diamondhead: Alright. More time to relax.

The pilot heads back over to her seat and sits herself before her holographic control panel. As the ship begins to pick up speed as the two head to their destination, Diamondhead walks up to a window and looks out at Kevin's place of work.

Diamondhead (to himself): Guess I'll tell you later, Kevin...
Female Pilot: What?
Diamondhead: Nothing! Turns around to face the pilot. Hey, I forgot to ask you something.
Female Pilot: Ask away, Ben Tennyson.
Diamondhead: What's your name?
Female Pilot: Well, you might not like it.
Diamondhead: What could possibly be bad about your name? After all, it's your name. It's like family--you're stuck with it even when it's grown on you.
Female Pilot: Maybe you're right.
Diamondhead: So what's your name?
Female Pilot: Mistress.


Part III

[We open with Mistress's ship landing at a quarry. A great deal of time has passed as sunset is nearing arrival. Mistress lands the ship just outside of the quarry. Diamondhead debarks from the ship. For a few moments, Diamondhead waits outside of the ship for Mistress to come out as well. Thinking he'll be deserted, he looks inside the ship, but immediately finds Mistress leaving the ship with something hidden in her hands. She holds it to the back of the ship after debarking which closes the landing.]

Diamondhead: SixSix's goons will see anything. Is there anyway you can cloak this ship?
Mistress: You've got a Galvanic Mechamorph on you?
Diamondhead: Why? Stares at Mistress's face for a few moments. Oh. Transforms into Upgrade. He touches his right hand to the ship for a few seconds then removes it.
Upgrade: There. It just needs a constant power source.
Mistress: Where do you think I'm going to get that?
Upgrade: Where else? He transforms into Echo Echo and splits himself in half. Both Echo Echo's transform at the same time into separate things. The real Ben reverts to Diamondhead while the duplicate transforms into Buzzshock.
Diamondhead: You know the drill?
Buzzshock: Of course, I'm--
Diamondhead: We did that enough today.
Buzzshock: Alright, alright...He dematerializes into electricity and surges into it. In mere seconds, the ship becomes invisible.
Mistress: Is it tangible?
Buzzshock: No, now go down there.
Mistress: Alright, alright. Just no talking while we're down there.
Buzzshock: I'm not stupid.
Diamondhead: Yeah, what I said!
Mistress: Alright, alright. No more talking with yourself or each other or whatever. Now, we're going to get down by sliding *carefully* down there. Grabs onto the edge of the quarry and prepares to slide down.
Diamondhead: Mistress, how 'bout I do you a favor. You flew me here, so I'll get you down there safely.
Mistress: Awesome.
Diamondhead: Now would you prefer being flown down there or standing on a Petrosapien rock as I glide down the edge of this place?
Mistress: Petrosapien rock. Gives me more time to relax.
Diamondhead: I like the way you think. He helps Mistress up off the edge of the quarry. She steps back behind him. She heads over to the ship to remove her red hourglass badge. which remains both visible and tangible. She immediately pockets it, for some reason hiding it from Diamondhead's line of view. Diamondhead, after moments of standing over the ledge and thinking something, stands still and motions his hands as if raising something out of the ground using Terrakinesis. A moment later, a crystal platform pulls itself out of the edge of the quarry. Diamondhead walks on. It's ready, Mistress. Get on.
Mistress: Alright. She walks over to the platform and stands next to Ben.
Diamondhead: Hang on, this might be a bumpy ride.

Heels pop out of the soles of Mistress's shoes, raising her up a few inches. Diamondhead looks awkwardly at them for a moment, then the heels lean into the platform, sticking Mistress perfectly to the platform. Diamondhead focuses himself back on moving the platform, and ever so gradually, begins to lower himself to the bottom of the quarry. After a minute, the two nearly reach the bottom where Mistress releases her heel clutch. She signals Ben to stop by raising her palm in front of his face. He stops lowering the platform, and she jumps off onto the ledge of a well-hidden, dark area. She jumps inside, and Diamondhead follows suit by creating a slide that leads into the area. He destroys the platform with his mind, which reduces it to tiny crystals on the ground.

Diamondhead: Alright, so what should we do here?
Mistress: We're going to have to stake this place out.
Diamondhead: You didn't say we were going to have to wait for these guys.
Mistress: I didn't say that we weren't, either. What, are you impatient?
Diamondhead: Nah, I'm just still a bit tired.
Mistress: Then, go ahead, sleep. I'll keep watch and wake you when they come.
Diamondhead: Hmm...can I trust you?
Mistress: I thought I had the face of a trustworthy person?
Diamondhead: Well...yeah. But let me be absolutely sure. Transforms into Anos. He reads her mind for a moment. Despite rapid heart beats and sweat due to the situation, she keeps her mind clear of her past, and imagines the future--her taking out Kraab and his goons, and Diamondhead taking out SixSix and his. Anos halts the mind-reading and reverts to Diamondhead. Alright, you're clean; I can trust you.
Mistress (as her heart rate lowers to a steady 50 BPM, wiping the sweat off her face): Can't believe you doubted me...
Diamondhead: I just met you; I'm sorry. Can't trust just anyone.
Mistress: I guess you're right...Head to sleep, Ben.
Diamondhead: You don't need any sleep?
Mistress: I don't normally need much. I'm dedicated to my work.
Diamondhead: Ahh...alright. Time to doze off. He creates a diamond hut and reverts to human and immediately begins to snore in his sleep. Mistress puts on a devilish smile, only barely visible past her black mask.

[We doze off, like Ben, and see nothing but black. In what feels like seconds, we are woken up by Mistress. It's dark out. We crawl out of the diamond hut, keeping our heads low so as to not be seen by those involved in the meeting below. We peer our heads over a short wall to see four ships landing, two on either side of the quarry. Out of one ship debarks SixSix and his top guards, differing from him only in that their armor are indigo, with their helmets being golden. From another ship debarks SixSix's lower-ranking goons, appearing much like the guards, minus the gold. From the one of the opposite twin ships comes Kraab and his top guards. They differ greatly, some of them coming in different shapes, sizes, and colors. From the other Premann ship comes the other goons, who also differ greatly. Most of them feature golden belts on their armor. Kraab and SixSix meet at the center of the quarry, their goons standing back by the ship, but two of their top guards standing right behind them at the center. Kraab and SixSix begin to discuss things. After nodding for a bit, both Kraab and SixSix motion some of their goons to come over. Two of Kraab's goons approach with small containers holding glowing items inside, their glow changing colors throughout the color spectrum every second. Two of SixSix's goons approach with golden cubes. With the press of a button on each cube, tall golden robots with apish features appear before them. The robots are motionless, shut down. Kraab and SixSix observe what each other brings out, then each motion one guard holding a briefcase to come over. Both parties' final goons open their briefcases, containing varying currencies.]

Mistress: This is our chance, Ben.
Ben: I wanted to ask you something before we go down there.
Mistress: What?
Ben: Are you a Plumber?
Mistress: What--no! Why would you think something like that?
Ben: Well, you're obviously doing something for the greater good, and you've got a Plumber's badge.
Mistress (shocked): What? I--I don't have a badge.
Ben: C'mon, I saw you put it on your ship. You don't have to keep it a secret; I'm one of the many humans who knows about Plumbers. My grandfather's like, *the* Magister of the Plumbers.
Mistress: I'm not a Plumber, and I don't have a badge; I don't know what you're talking about.
Ben: Alright...Transforms into Eye Guy without even touching the Omnitrix.
Eye Guy: Let's head down there!
Mistress: Shh!
Eye Guy (whispering): Oh, sorry...
Mistress: Now, can that Opticoid create a cloak for us to get down there undetected?
Eye Guy: Don't think so. I wouldn't know, though; he's packed full of powers I haven't thought about, apparently.
Mistress: Alright, let's not take a chance with it now then. I guess if there's any time for me to use my belt, it's now. She touches her black belt, which shoots a small silver coin-sized device into her hand. She places it on her chest, and a bubble appears around them. It slowly becomes invisible as the area around them becomes invisible.
Eye Guy: What'd you do?
Mistress: To anyone outside of this bubble, we are invisible.
Eye Guy: I hope none of those guys down there can detect us then.
Mistress: We'll take the chance; it's not like we're going to get out of here without dealing a few punches anyway.
Eye Guy: Then let's go.

Eye Guy sticks close to Mistress as she leads them out of their hiding spot and down into the quarry. To reach the bottom, they slide down the edge of the quarry, though, creating dust which some of the Sotoraggians pick up on. Some even look into their direction, which raises Eye Guy's heart beat for a moment, but they look away almost instantaneously. The two reach the bottom at last, and they stand right before SixSix and Kraab, neither of them aware of the incognito duo's presence. Mistress turns around to Eye Guy in the bubble to signal that she's about to disable the invisibility bubble. Eye Guy doesn't pick up on what the signal means, though, so he simply puts his thumbs up to whatever's about to happen. The shield goes down, and everyone looks on at the two. For a moment, it's absolutely silent. No one moves as the attention is brought to Mistress and Eye Guy. The goons begin to rapidly fire in their direction, but as all of them miss their shots, both Kraab and SixSix raise their hands to halt the fire.

Kraab: Hello, Mistress.
Mistress: Kraab.
Eye Guy: You two know each other? This better be because you guys have fought in the past.
Kraab: I'd like to say that, but that'd be a lie. Kraab uses the laser in his pincers to fire a red laser web around the Omnitrix, effectively turning it red but trapping Eye Guy in his current form.
Eye Guy: Hey! I'm gonna--As he attempts to rush after Kraab, his guards point their lasers at him. Kraab then fires laser webbing around Eye Guy, electrocuting him in his spot. After a few moments, Eye Guy finally goes unconscious, denoted only by each and every eye on his body slowly closing.
Mistress: And here's the prize of honor, already wrapped up. Too bad I couldn't use this as a little present for the holidays.
Kraab: It's all going for a greater cause; the Commander will think nothing of it not getting his gift on time.

As Mistress prepares to hand Eye Guy over to Kraab, she watches as a tied-up Sotoraggian bearing 100% resemblance to SixSix hops out of SixSix's ship. The same occurs in Kraab's ship, as a Piscciss Premann bearing 100% resemblance to Kraab slowly uses his tied-up legs to get out. Mistress squints at Kraab's and SixSix's copies. At first, she smiles at the sight, but the SixSix doppelganger bangs his head on something, and an ID Mask falls off revealing himself to be Albedo. The same becomes of Kraab's copy, who purposely bangs his head, revealing himself to be Scarogus behind the mask.

Mistress: You two are--
Kraab: The real deal. A mixture of Kraab's and SixSix's goons surround Mistress and Eye Guy. Kraab shoots at Mistress's chest-mounted device that allows her to become invisble. At the same time, SixSix blasts a green laser that wraps her in an inescapable green webbing. Next time, send in more competent guys to try and replace us.
SixSix: Speaks in his native tongue, which isn't understood by most.
Kraab: You're right, Six; I thought your buddy Albedo was on Incarceron. My little rat on the inside told me about how quickly he got taught a lesson by those he's wronged. They all backed off when they found out that Albedo was a fake, just some innocent Necrofriggian. None of the guards are gonna release that guy, but whatever. Next time, do a better of job of hiding whoever you send in. At least have the common decency to tape the ID Mask to his face or something.
SixSix: Speaking in his native tongue again.
Kraab: Oh, and that reminds me, little missy. We're taking Ben Tennyson for ourselves, and you, too. Figure we'll get ourselves a killing auctioning you two off to the highest bidder, especially that big bad Commander you're talking about.
Mistress: You know about the plan, don't you?
Kraab: Indeed, we do. We could tell the whole galaxy if we wanted, but we'd rather keep it on the DL, if you get what I'm saying.
SixSix: Speaking in his native tongue.
Kraab: Six, please get a translator. I'm not fluent enough in your language to even know what you just said; I caught like every other word.
SixSix (speaking slowly): Repeats what he had said before.
Kraab: Ahh...You've got a point there. Well, let's get going with these two. Would you like to do the honors of knocking the lady out?
SixSix: Speaking in native tongue.
Kraab: You don't want to hit a lady? Since when?
SixSix. Replies with only one word.
Kraab: Alright, alright. You'll tie her up, but won't knock her out. Unbelievable, some species.

[From Mistress's point of view, we embrace the blast that arrives to us in slow motion from within Kraab's pincers. We are blinded and knocked unconscious.]


Part IV

[We open in a dark place. We are tied to a chair by our ankles and wrists behind our back. We move our hands a bit in attempt to touch the wall behind us, but we instead touch another set of hands. We spin our heads around and mumble past the tape on our mouths to the knocked out figure tied behind us. By our assumption, it's Eye Guy, still unconscious after the shock. We realize where we are--in the trunk of a truck. The truck is moving at first is moving at great speeds, but we slow to a stop--noted only by the lack of constant bumps. We act like we are still asleep, keeping one eye closed and the other barely open. We lay our heads on the back of the chair and look in the direction of the exit to our left. The door opens, letting in barely any more light than had already been in the room. The being that had opened the doors reveals itself when it shines its flashlight in our direction. At first being impossible to make out as its light shines in our eye, it moves to look at Eye Guy. It's a Piscciss Premann, but not Kraab, simply one of his two high guards.]

Piscciss Premann Guard (to someone out of view, to his right): Alright, they're still tied up and asleep! He stays quite for a moment. We hear mumbling coming from a distance. Alright! He raises his pincer at the chair. We shut our eyes, foreseeing our destruction from the laser within the pincer. Instead, though, the pincer creates a magnet that pulls the chairs, revealed to be tied together, to the Premann. As soon as he has the chairs hovering above his head, he shuts the back of the truck and watches it head off in the direction of the rising moon. The guard runs through the forest for a few seconds and where we stop, we find ourselves on a stage, before a crowd of several hundred seated aliens, all of different species. The guard speaks to everyone. In the nicest bundle we can possibly offer to you, we have the lovely Ben Tennyson, showing off his Opticoid transformation; and Mistress, a woman whose name no one knows but I'm sure you'll find out when she's in your possession. We'll start the bidding at 2 billion C's.
Piscciss Volann Bidder (standing up): 3 billion! Re-seats himself.
Piscciss Premann Guard: Looks like we've got 3 billion, do I hear--
Gourmand Bidder (standing up): 3.5 billion! Re-seats himself.
Piscciss Premann Guard: We've got 3.5 billion, do I hear a--
Human Bidder (trenchcoat, standing up): I'd like those two for free.
Piscciss Premann Guard: Eh, not gonna happen wise guy. We're not just going to give a duo like this up without a bit of profit.
Human Bidder: Maybe I didn't phrase it properly--I'll be *taking* those two for free.
Piscciss Premann Guard: Oh, lovely. You must be some Plumber thinking he can get away from this crowd, and my helpers.
Human Bidder: I wouldn't say I was trying to do that.

The row of aliens seated next to him stand up, all removing ID Masks that reveal their Plumber suits. They protect their identities through new non-transparent helmets with a Piscciss Volann-esque light above their head that in truth is actually a camera that sends live video straight to a screen within their helmet. Everyone of the true aliens turns to see this show of Plumbers, gets up out of their seats and rushes away from the forest area. The Volann and Gourmand bidder remain in their seats though.

Piscciss Volann Bidder (standing up): I offer 5 billion C's. Stays standing.
Gourmand Bidder (standing as well): I offer 10 billion C's! Stays up.
Piscciss Volann Bidder: I offer 12 billion C's!
Human Bidder/Undercover Plumber: Why are you two still bidding? You're not getting those two without getting arrested.
Piscciss Volann Bidder: I require both of these specimens, Plumber. I will do whatever it takes to have them in my possession.
Gourmand Bidder: I just want to eat them. Humans are quite the delicacy if you know how to prepare them, and yourself, for the meal.
Undercover Plumber: I repeat, you aren't leaving here without them. The Plumbers standing to either side of this Plumber all pull out assortments of weapons, from pistols to over-sized laser guns. The undercover Plumber remains standing, drooping head covered by the hat he is wearing.' Now, leave, before we are forced to arrest you.
Gourmand Bidder: I'm not leaving here without my dinner! The Gourmand pulls four chairs in his area up and eats them in single bites. His stomach grows in size a bit. Now you better leave before I belch this part of the forest away.
Undercover Plumber: You must think the Plumbers are pretty dimwitted if you think we'll just leave, especially with that amount of food in you. You can barely blast through the chairs in the rows before us with that much power.
Gourmand Bidder: You're testing me! I don't like people who test me! He manages to wiggle his hands, far up from the ground due to the size of stomach, to grab a few more chairs. He eats all of them at once, and grows even larger. Wanna test me now, Plumbers?!
Undercover Plumber: This man's obviously deranged; take him out. Each of the Plumbers pulls out a tazer. Be careful with him, though. He might "upchuck" his insides...
Gourmand Bidder: Let me take away the trouble for you guys! The Gourmand charges himself for firing the energized form of his food by drawing his head backwards and opening his mouth wide. As soon as he is pointing directly into the sky, the undercover Plumber gives a signal.
Undercover Plumber: NOW! Each Plumber tazes the Gourmand, causing him to regurgitate the energy straight him into the sky. After making it miles into the sky, it twinkles like a star when it finally hits something. The Gourmand shrinks down to his normal size. We better hope we didn't take out a plane or something.
One of the Plumbers: We're clear, sir.
Undercover Plumber: Alright; untie Tennyson over there. Keep "Mistress" tied up, though. She'll be taken into Plumber custody for questioning. By the way, she's awake.
Piscciss Premann Guard: You know, I think after seeing all this that I should go lie down.
Undercover Plumber: Oh, but Premann, don't you want to get paid for the little transaction here?
Piscciss Premann Guard: that I think about it, no, not really. I'm fine, honestly.
Undercover Plumber: Agents, don't touch the Premann; let him go.
Piscciss Premann Guard: This is the worst mistake you'll make in your life, Plumber!
Undercover Plumber: Believe me; it's not. Your species is pretty predictable; I know what you'll do next.
Piscciss Premann Guard: We're not predictable! He rushes off the stage and back into the forest as several Plumbers untie Eye Guy from his seat. They look at Mistress as both of her eyes widen to look at the Plumbers. She attempts to yell through the tape over her mouth.
Undercover Plumber: I'd be on the lookout for other Premann; that guard said he had backup already posted around the area.
One of the Plumbers: Should we Mirandize Mistress? Or should we read her the Casey-Kelly Accords?
Undercover Plumber (pulling out a Plumber badge and reading a holographic message through it): According to this, she's been arrested enough times to practically be able to recite either one of those as well as a little kid recites his ABC's.
One of the Plumbers: So, no, sir?
Undercover Plumber: No, agent. And bring Tennyson over here when you're done with him.

After having completely untied Eye Guy, the Plumbers lug his unconscious body over to a chair and place him in it. They flip the chair around, allowing Eye Guy to face the undercover Plumber. The Plumber pulls back his left trench coat sleeve, and touches a device on it to Eye Guy's belt-mounted badge. Eye Guy reverts to human. As such, he stands up, then stumbles backwards onto a bunch of chairs. Holding his hand over the Omnitrix, he looks around.

Ben: Alright, where am I?
Undercover Plumber: Haha, do not worry, Ben. It's me.
Ben: And who's "me"?
Undercover Plumber: Oh yeah, the disguise. He throws off his trench coat and large hat to reveal a duplicate of Ben. His clothing is different from the real Ben's in that instead it's a costume from the neck down that resembles a thin Galvanic Mechamorph's body.
Ben Clone/Undercover Plumber: Get who I am now?
Ben: Yeah...but which Echo Echo are you? And where'd you get all these Plumbers willing enough to help you?
Ben Clone/Undercover Plumber: The one we left at Mistress's ship.
Ben: Turns out Mistress's--
Ben Clone: Evil. I know. After you left, I created a temporary copy--don't worry, he's been returned to me--of Buzzshock that I left in my place to power the ship. At the same time, I used Upgrade to scan the ship's memory.
Ben: You were snooping around?
Ben Clone: What's wrong with that? She turned out to be evil, but by the time I'd figured out, I saw the ships that were at the bottom of the quarry taking off. I went to the bottom to find you and found you weren't there. I also found out who Mistress is, or at least I've got a lead.
Ben: Who is she?
Ben Clone: The hints were redheaded girl, age 29, white, and working for the Commander.
Ben: Who isn't working for the Commander nowadays?
Ben Clone: Yeah, right? But you know what this means right? You know who she is?
Ben: Of course I do.
Ben Clone: Alright. Now, as for the Plumbers...He twists his Omnitrix dial and transforms into something. Every Plumber flashes green as he does, all transforming into Ditto, just as the clone does. They all fly to the clone's direction and morph back into him.
Ditto (Clone): I'm not even sure if the Plumbers would've made it quickly enough. You were close to getting auctioned off by the--

The Piscciss Volann bidder is spotted on the stage, tying the Gourmand bidder down to the chair Eye Guy was once sitting in, and removing Mistress from her seat. He puts her to sleep through covering her mouth and nasal passages with his hand, thereby preventing her from breathing. Her rushes off with her through the forest in the direction the Premann had come from in the first place.

Ditto: He's getting away! The real Ben transforms into Ditto, contracting the clone into himself, then attempts a transformation into XLR8, instead receiving NRG.
NRG: Wrong! Transforms again.
Eye Guy: C'mon, stop messing around, Omnitrix! Transforms once more.
Buzzshock: Whatever!

[Our attention is brought to the Piscciss Volann bidder. He retrieves an inhaler from a hidden pocket, which upon usages bursts a great amount of water into his mouth. He is quick to put it away. He arrives in the middle of the road as he emerges from the forest. The truck that had before brought Mistress and Eye Guy to the auction drives into view. The bidder jumps into the truck by means of the trunk with Mistress still in hand. As the truck's trunk is shut, it transforms into a hovercar, speeding off down the road ahead. Buzzshock at this point emerges from the forest. He blasts off towards the truck, forcing himself to dematerialize to green electricity to arrive at the truck in time. Inside the truck's trunk, we find the Piscciss Volann removing a board inside the trunk that reveals the driver in the driver's seat.]

Piscciss Volann bidder: Speed it up, Scare. Who knows what line of offense Ben Tennyson is intending to use.
Scarogus (driver): He will not catch up to us, and even if he does, neither of us are getting caught. In a moment, the Commander will beam us up to the ship.
Piscciss Volann bidder: But we need to head back for the ship Tennyson stole.
Scarogus: We'll get it another time.
Piscciss Volann bidder: For as long as the humans have access to that ship, they could be obtaining the data left on that ship. Tennyson managed to retrieve information on Mistress back there.
Scarogus: What do you mean by that? What kind of information?
Piscciss Volann bidder: Her true identity, behind that mask of hers.
Scarogus: Hmm...who is she?
Piscciss Volann bidder: She is a 29-year old human called Joey, or as a younger set of Tennysons dubbed her, Rojo.


Part V

[In the next few scenes, we're going to observe split concurrent events, each occurring on different parts of our galaxy. We start on the Thep Khufan Commander's ship. The Commander is out of his chair in his room. He awaits the arrival of his crew. The buzzer goes off indicating this. He approaches the door. His entire body glows blue. He freezes the door, and with a light punch, reduces it to small pieces of ice on the floor. He motions everyone at the door in. The Piscciss Volann bidder--with Mistress held in his arms, her arms, legs, and mouth tied up--followed by Scarogus, Elena, and Sii in a blue Anodite form enter the room. They all assume their normal positions at the base of the Commander's altar, where they bow to his chair. The Commander pushes a button on a small panel near where the door once was and speaks into it.]

Thep Khufan Commander: I want a new door at my quarters in the next 15 minutes, or someone's getting fired when I'm done with this meeting. He, like his servants, assumes his own position on the altar, but rather than up three steps near his chair, instead stands at the lowest step and faces everyone. They all continue to bow to him, mumbling things to themselves. Stop with all your insanity. Your loyalty does not account for everything. "How was the display tonight?", Loitus asked me today. I got to tell him that my crew was disgraceful! Now you're all probably wondering how I know about the show that you put on tonight. I'll let you in on a little secret. Starting with this most recent mission--which should have been a walk-in-the-park--I began avidly tracking all of your whereabouts when you're on a mission. Following you around today was a nearly weaponless drone, given to me courtesy of an old friend doing time in the Null Void. His original version of this drone was packed full of weapons, but to allow myself to be undetectable by any radar, I needed to take all the safety precautions and be as stealthy as possible, just as all of you should have been tonight! He begins to pace back and forth through the room as he scolds his crew. Let's get an overview of what happened, straight from the low-quality live feed I got from my drone. He turns around to face the window looking out into space, nearing a planet. He pulls out a remote and while facing the window, presses a button. A screen appears, replaying the infiltration, and later, capture of Mistress and Eye Guy. The Commander pauses the video. I promised Loitus something beautiful tonight. He joined me in watching what should have been fireworks, the greatest show of my team in action. Laughs. And this is what he watched with me. As I promised him at every last twist that it would get better, that you would strike back, (on the screen behind him, a picture of the truck Scarogus and Negative Ripjaws escaped with Mistress in is seen beginning its beam to the ship) you concluded this little story with an escape. I was extremely reluctant to beam you three up here.
Elena: Master, I wasn't on the mission. If I could just--
Thep Khufan Commander: Just leave? Think you're not involved in this? Ben Tennyson has edged ever closer thanks to you.
Elena: ME?!
Thep Khufan Commander: Yes, Ms. Validus. Tennyson is on his guard because of how you three handled your last mission with him. Doesn't help us in any way, shape, or form that this mission was a failure as well.
Elena: Alright, so assign me to prison duty.
Thep Khufan Commander: You must be kidding me! After you let free Cyanne? You'll be lucky to be in charge of Albedo's laundry! Unfortunately, though, I don't have enough crew members to send you off, as I'm already sending one of you to die in the deep depths of space.
Elena: Whew...
Thep Khufan Commander: Don't think the same can't happen to you.
Elena: I've got my nanochips; they'll keep me stable even in space.
Thep Khufan Commander: INSUBORDINATION! If you weren't such a pest to get rid of...Nonetheless, the discussion of who's going home. And by discussion, I mean designation as decided by Loitus and myself. I think it's obvious who's off the mission. You were an absolutely necessary asset until you slipped up. How much could you possibly talk about in your ship? Ben Tennyson knew everything simply through checking your ship's database. He knew you were working for me even. With your identity revealed, you can no longer hold your position. Mistress, I'm sending you into the deep depths of space. Observe it for now. The screen behind him disappears, revealing a clear view of space. You're going to be out there in a moment, stripped of all pieces of technology that can possibly aid in your extended lifetime.
Negative Ripjaws: I've got a question.
Thep Khufan Commander: We're not done here, half-brained Galvan. Revert to human, let go of Mistress. Set her down easy, and since she can't escape this room either, let her free too. Negative Ripjaws unties Mistress as he puts her down. She lays in kneeling position, simply staring at the floor as she prepares to hear more of the Commander's speech. It's too bad nothing more has to be said to you, other than the fact that you're getting replaced.
Mistress: You can't replace me...
Thep Khufan Commander: I can't replace you? I can't get another willing soul to be in your place? I can't train another one of you to help me. In a month, I can get it done, especially if she's built like you.
Mistress: Is that a compliment?
Thep Khufan Commander: No, it's a fact about you. You were built, Mistress. You were defeated some time ago by the Plumbers, left in pieces. Since you were cybernetically enhanced, the mere pieces you'd been left in were repaired, creating you. Technically, you're not the real Rojo. I used a bunch of extra pieces for you. I tried to make you perfect, but that's far from what had happened. If it matters, it was Loitus's choice for this to happen. I would've chosen another Thep Khufan in your place if it was my own. But I owed him something, after having cut him from this crew before he even became a part of it. I guess I'll get to it now, since I bet I know what it is--Albedo, what's your question?
Negative Ripjaws: Who is Loitus? And to add to that, why'd you owe him?
Thep Khufan Commander: I'll start with the easy part; somewhat answers both questions: Loitus is my brother.

[Our attention is brought to Earth, in Ben's home. Ben is standing at the center of the living room. There are 6 people seated around the room. In the love seats, Gwen and Kevin are sitting at each other's side. Kevin's hands and face have noticeable oil stains from work, and a little more is slightly visible on the white T-shirt under his light blue sweater. Grandpa Max is seated at a rocking chair. At another set of love seats, only seated there due to Ben's bidding, are Chelsey and Julie. Ship is at Julie's feet. At a final one-person couch is Rook Blonko. His utmost attention is on Ben.]

Ben: Alright, everyone. I brought all of you here for a reason. There's a primary team I've worked with for many years. Gwen, Grandpa, you guys have been the greatest help for years. Kevin, Julie, Rook, you've been parts of my team for all different times, but you've all been great help, realizing your own talents in our work. And Chelsey, you're new, but even you've shown your usefulness. If it weren't for you, I'd be fried Ben packaged and shipped to Galvan Mark II right now. I've known you all, and there's one name I can give the team we've been working on, and that's the 10 Squad. I know there are only 7 of us--alright, 9, Ship and Ken--but Cooper's around with us pretty often too. I couldn't get a hold of him, but that's fine. I'll get him another time. Now, 10 Squad, there's something threatening the whole Earth that I brought you here to discuss. And that's this Thep Khufan who I only know as the Commander.
Max: You mean the alien who attacked you on your birthday?
Ben: No, the one from the ship. He destroyed his own ship, but he's somehow got another one back from what I've gathered. I don't know what he's up to, but he's gathering some true villains to help him in whatever he's up to. He's thrown Albedo and Elena onto his team, but also Sii, the Thep Khufan who attacked me on my birthday, and this girl Mistress--who, get this, is Rojo.
Kevin: Wait, you mean Mistress, that freelance girl who got popular across the galaxy in like a year for her secret identity?
Ben: I guess.
Kevin: She's Rojo?! No way!
Rook: I sympathize with you, Kevin. There is no way this Rojo can be Mistress. Her personality just doesn't match up. Mistress is a woman of stealth; Rojo just isn't.
Ben: It's true; I saw it for myself. And believe me or not, these people mean business. From what I've gathered, they've been working together with Kraab and Sixsix, too. With that, they have control over a whole Sotoraggian army and a Piscciss Premann army.
Rook: That is a huge amount of Sotoraggians and Piscciss Premann, Ben. Are you sure about this?
Ben: Well, yeah, there was a Premann, one of Kraab's top guards or something, trying to auction me off to some aliens. If it weren't for, well, my duplicate, I wouldn't have gotten out of being sold. One of the aliens involved in the auction must have been Mistress, though. I saw some Piscciss Volann running off her with after everything was over. I didn't get to see his face, but since Albedo works with them, it's possible it was him as Ripjaws.
Max: You've gathered a lot, Ben. Maybe I was wrong when I said you weren't able to handle yourself.
Kevin: Well, technically, he wasn't able to. He got in this mess because of Mistress, and got out of this mess thanks to his duplicate. Totally alone, he would've been a goner.
Gwen: Kevin!
Julie: It doesn't matter how he got out of it, it just matters that he managed it.
Ben: Thanks, Julie, and she's right. That's going to be how what's to come's going to be like. You all might not be totally with me, but we've got to plan for whatever's to come, and I want you all to lend your hands in helping me with it.

[Our attention is redirected yet again to within the Commander's ship. Negative Ripjaws reverts to human, immediately inhaling greatly all the air around him as he does so.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Loitus is the third-in-command in the ranks, at least, third-in-command when compared to myself. Scarogus is right above him. Through all the experience I've had with you, Scarogus, I truly am astounded at how you managed to do so.
Scarogus: Master...
Thep Khufan Commander: The General chooses everything, so I respect his decisions. Warren must've been off his nut when he decided on you over my brother, though.
Scarogus: You must have been too, then. You picked me over your brother for this mission.
Thep Khufan Commander: Leap of faith, Scarogus. I thought, "maybe I can learn more about my brother's competition, more about the one Warren chose instead of Loitus." I haven't figured anything out in all this time. Your expertise with technology can't be the only feat worth your promotion, but whatever. If you haven't figured it out already, Albedo, the favor I owed to my brother appeared after deciding to get Scarogus over him, just to prove that this was just a mere experiment, that it meant nothing personal. I can't bring Loitus into this crew, though. General Warren has known about this mission, but only in vague terms. He has had no involvement in most of this, and has no idea what the purpose of this mission is. That's a surprise for the end of this little game we're playing, when the Unleashed joins us. He'll be suspicious about the mission if I swap second-in-command for third-in-command.
Albedo: The Unleashed?
Thep Khufan Commander: The ultimate prize. I'll speak more on it when the time comes. Now as for the rest of this meeting. I'll begin assigning you for the goal of the next mission.
Elena: I promise, Commander, I will not fail you on the mission to Terradino.
Thep Khufan Commander: You think your sorry hide's going to be going to Terradino? You're lucky I'm sending you anywhere. I've played the "You're lucky" card already, but I can't emphasize how detrimental Cyanne's escape was to my faith in you.
Elena: So what's my assignment?
Thep Khufan Commander: Since you're so impatient, I'll tell you. You were going to be first anyhow. The being who supplied me with the original drone blueprints is doing time in a maximum security prison in the Null Void. Despite what's happened in the past, I trust you can be able to take control of one of the guards, in anyway that won't lead to your own imprisonment, of course. I want you to keep an eye on cell #V32. My good friend is in there, and if he escapes, I want you to return here immediately.
Elena: I'm surprised you can trust me to do this, Commander.
Thep Khufan Commander: Think of it as a late holiday present. I didn't want to give it you, but my hand's been forced thanks to Mistress's expulsion. She'll be replaced, though, so don't think your future missions will be so significant in my personal life. At least, not to this extent. Dismissed. Everyone rises. Only Elena, you dimwitted aliens! Everyone but Elena seats themselves. Elena bows to the Commander and leaves just as the new door arrives, and two small aliens in hazmat suits begin to install it. My door is here at last. Almost thought I was going to have to fire someone. Always an enjoyable time, but I guess I'll save all that excitement and just put it into blasting Mistress into space. Then minutes later, I'll be replacing you with another Earth female. Now for the next assignments. As Elena thought she was entitled to being a part of, you three--that is, Scarogus, Albedo, and Sii--are assigned to the mission to Terradino.
Sii: Sir, you want *me* on the mission?
Thep Khufan Commander: You've proven yourself worthy. In case you two hadn't known, Sii here has been doing research since the mission to Pyros on Terradino, the planet we've been hovering over for nearly a week. You will be in charge of attaining (the screen behind re-appears, displaying a crystal much like Cyogen but much thicker and apparently covered in dirt and rocks instead) the Rexahegen crystal. It is the second of three necessary crystals we'll need to reach the Unleashed.

Ben's house.

Ben: I want to ask you all to stay here in Bellwood for as long as it takes. We've got to wait out what comes next for the Commander and his team. The 10 Squad has got to stand by.

Thep Khufan Commander's ship.

Thep Khufan Commander: Ben Tennyson may come in our way towards the end of this, but no one ever got out of something easy. We're either going to have to deal with the present Tennyson or the future Tennyson, due to the location of the final crystal. All to come, though. You three are dismissed. Sii will give you the full rundown on what's to come on Terradino. She knows everything that needs to be known and will make sure the Rexahegen is properly acquired and brought to the ship as soon as you find it. That means, as soon as you find the ship, you're sending it up here using the pod I'll be giving you. Your lives are expendable; the crystals are not.
Sii: Sir, that's harsh.
Thep Khufan Commander: Lives are going to be lost. While I once ranked Mistress as the least likely to be lost, you don't get out of anything the way you expect, no matter how many possible outcomes you predict. I want perfection, and that's what I'll have. If a new crew is needed, a new crew will be received. You three are dismissed. Be sure to leave Mistress here. We have a bit to talk about before she's unleashed upon the Milky Way's natural "oxygen." Scarogus, Sii, and Albedo rise and bow before the Commander. They approach the door just as it is being tested for safety. When it opens, they rush through it, just before it hastily shuts due to a bug in the door.

Ben's room.

Ben: Do I have everybody onboard for this?
Julie: You've got me, Ben, for whatever you need.
Ben: Thanks, Julie. You're the best.
Chelsey: Well if Julie's in, so am I. I want to help my cousin no matter how I can.
Ben: It's not just me you're helping. The Commander's got a team going; he's after the whole planet, if not, the whole galaxy.
Gwen and Kevin (simultaneously): I'm in.
Rook: What a nice show of affection. I am here for this planet; I am a Plumber in need of work.
Ben: Grandpa?
Max: I've watched you grow up, Ben. From that boy you were 7 years ago to this, it's lovely to see what you've become. I've always had the utmost faith in you. I want to help in whatever way possible, and even despite my frail old body, I'm in.
Gwen: Grandpa.
Max: Yes, pumpkin?
Gwen: "Frail old body"? You know that's not true.
Max: I could just be crazy, but I don't want to put myself in harm. I should be retiring at some point. My age is going to be detrimental, kiddos. Maybe I should just sit this all out.
Ben: If you sit this all out, you're sitting the end of the game out.
Rook: I don't mean to be rude, but Ben is right, Magister Tennyson.
Max: Hmm...maybe you've got something here. I can't put too great a focus on this, though, Ben. There are other critical missions going on around, kids, especially here on Earth. With the recent discovery of other underground towns inhabited by unsigned aliens, or dangerous aliens who've escaped Incarceron, I can't say I can put all my help into this. But I'll do my best.
Ben: That's all anyone's asking for, Grandpa. So we're all in.
Kevin: And as long as Gwen's in, so's Cooper.
Ben: Then we've got the 10 Squad. It's going to be hero time a lot more often from this point on.

[We head off into the sky, where we follow the pod Azmuth had sent down nearly a day ago. It flies over Bellwood and lands halfway across the country. In a rural area in the country, the pod crashes down, creating a crater much like the Omnitrix had when it crashed down its own pod. A blonde dimply country girl, dressed in blue overalls and plaid red and white underneath, rushes out of her country home to find the pod. She brings it into the mainly-wooden house she exited from. The first room she is in is the kitchen. A woman, supposedly her mother as indicated by similar features but much grayer hair, is doing dishes.]

Teenage Girl (with Azmuth's invention's pod inside): Momma, I found this outside.
Girl's Mom: Looks like a beauty, Mercedes, just like you. Take it to the living room, clean it off, and find a way inside that thing.
Teenage Girl (as she begins to walk through the thin kitchen into the living room): Alright, mom.
Mercedes/Girl's Mom: And keep it away from your father!
Teenage (now running into the living room): Alright, mom!

[We watch from outside of the house, where the light from the living room provides us with a shadow of the teenager Mercedes unboxing what she had found in her backyard. There is loud screaming in the house as tentacle-like shadows fly around in the living room. There is a blinding green glow. When the glow is gone, our focus is moved once more to the Thep Khufan Commander's ship's interior. In his room, he looks out into space at Rojo's drifting body. He holds in his hand her memory chip, as well as the apparatuses that she had been holding on her equipment belt. He throws them aside to a dark area in the room. His screen appears over his window into space. A pitch black icon appears on the screen. Below it, there is alien text that translates to "Incoming Transmission". Below that line is a line of text with what appears to be a phone number, but this is extensive and appears with dots after every two digits. The Commander stops in place after reading the text. He reluctantly presses a button on his chair that accepts the call.]

Thep Khufan Commander: Greetings, General Warren, leader of the Armada.
General Warren (transmission): Save it. Commander, I want you to tell me everything you know about Mistress, and why there's word all around that started with some Sotoraggians and Piscciss Premann that say you were working with her.
Thep Khufan Commander: I don't know what you're talking about.
General Warren: I will see to it that you're removed from your position then, Commander. Or should I call you by your true name...Tersce.
Thep Khufan Commander: Alright! I'll tell you. Just don't use that name. Please.
General Warren: I won't. Just tell me. And maybe I'll promote your brother if what I'm about to here is worth listening to.
Thep Khufan Commander: You'd do that just for what I'm about to say?
General Warren: He deserves it. I've realized my wrongs in letting Scarogus be your possible successor. If anyone's best to be in your place in case of emergency, it's your brother. Loitus'll be promoted, so long as you give me the truth. So, what do you say?
Thep Khufan Commander: I say...where do I begin?




Aliens Used

(by Ben)

  • Echo Echo (x2) (second time: brief)
  • AmpFibian (brief)
  • Jetray
  • Ditto (x3) (first time: brief; second time: offscreen)
  • Diamondhead (x2) (first time: brief)
  • NRG (x2) (second time: accidental transformation, selected was XLR8; both times: brief)
  • Ultimate Cannonbolt
  • Cannonbolt (brief)
  • Upgrade (x2) (second time: offscreen transformation)
  • Buzzshock (x2) (second time: accidental transformation, selected was XLR8)
  • Anos (brief)
  • Eye Guy (x2) (second time: accidental transformation, selected was XLR8)

(by Albedo)

  • Negative Grey Matter (brief)
  • Negative Ripjaws

Disguises Used

(by Albedo)

  • Sixsix

(by Scarogus)

  • Kraab


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  • This episode continues the running gag which states the number of galaxies Azmuth is the smartest in. In this episode, it is now 16.
  • This is the second time a Gourmand appeared as a villain. It is unknown if the Gourmand bidder was Gooron, who was supposedly inducted into the Plumbers by Future Ben in The Sea's the Limit in place of imprisonment on Chronospect.
  • This is the second episode in which Rath didn't appear (the other being The Sea's the Limit).
  • This is the first episode in which Ben didn't have a speaking role in the first part.
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