The New Chess Pieces is the army created by Phantom, simulating the Chess Pieces from MÄR Heaven.


After Phantom's defeat to John, he is sent to John's dimension. He then turns everyone on Earth into zombies, with the help of Dr. Animo. He turns the residents into his servants, and recreates the structure of the original Chess Pieces. The New Chess has Phantom as the King, and has a Queen, 13 Knights, Bishops, Rooks and Pawns. Phantom has gained some ability to bring people back to life, having brought back old friends of John's to join.

As of A New Hero (John Smith 10), the New Chess Pieces is officially disbanded, with everyone on Earth no longer being zombies, and with the Kings being taken out. This list partains to the status of the members as of this episode.




  • Eunice (freed from Zombie Curse)






Unknown status

  • King Patrick
  • Albedo (defects)

Revived Characters


  • The New Chess Pieces have a unique combination of all the villains that appeared throughtout the series up to the point of this group's introduction.
  • Ma Vreedle is the only villain in the Chess to not appear before this group was formed. The rest of them had encountered John at least once.
  • This group has several characters that were confirmed to be dead.
    • Of the revived characters, three of them are killed again, George, Sonogram and Lucci.
    • It is later revealed in What has Passed and What Will Come, that Phantom revived the souls by going into the Underworld, where all the dead souls went, reviving characters that had a connection to John. He gained the knowledge of how to do so from Prometheus.
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