NewTon is the Deltatrix's DNA sample of a Galilean from the orbit of the planet Keplorr.


NewTon is a large humanoid planet wearing black shorts with an orange belt with a red core.

Powers and Abilities

NewTon can control gravity to manipulate the weight and motion of objects, allowing them to suspend and levitate targets in the air, send them flying back or forth, or slam them down to the ground with hand gestures.

NewTon possesses enhanced strength, enough to rival and possibly surpass Pangea.

NewTon has enhanced durability, as seen when they endured physical attacks from Vaxasuarians and other Galileans

NewTon can fold their legs and arms into their body, turning them into a more planet-like shape, increasing their gravity powers and giving them an orbit.

Because they are a living planetoid, NewTon can survive in the vacuum of space.


If he takes large amounts of damage to their core, this will make them to enter meltdown and explode, killing them instantly and damaging the area around them.

NewTon's large body makes it hard for them to move in small spaces.

Sudden changes of mass can throw off NewTon's orbit.

If NewTon's manipulates the gravity of an opponent or object too hard, they can accidentally create a black hole and will be unable to undo this.

Drills hurt NewTon's surface more than other attacks.


  • NewTon's name comes from the scientist who discovered gravity, Isaac Newton, and for the ability to add more weight to an object.
  • NewTon was made for Gravattack Fest for 2020!
  • NewTon's voice actor is the same as Gravattack's.
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