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Neuroticus is a Cerebrocrustacean scientist and the creator of SupresLime's PM Nemetrix. He is also the DNA source for Brainstorm in the 9th Omnitrix.


Neuroticus looks like a large turquoise crab. He has a yellow mustache-like detail and green eyes. He wears four blue stripes which may manifest spikes.

As he is not the original sample for Brainstorm's DNA, Brainstorm looks very different compared to Neuroticus.


SupresLime describes him as a good manager and friend to himself, but it is shown that he is very arrogant and angry, especially in regard to Ketu. He also has little to no care about other planets, as he planned to destroy Ceres.

Powers and Abilities

Neuroticus is impressively smart, even for a Cerebrocrustacean, as he created a Nemetrix. He also has the abilities of a typical Cerebrocrustacean. He also constructed spikes for his body to be safe from Vicetopus attacks.


He has the same weaknesses as most Cerebrocrustaceans, excluding his weaknesses to Vicetopus predator, as he made himself spikes to be defensed.


Neuroticus befriended SupresLime in the Incarcecon, where he was sent along with Synapse. They escaped together and created the PM Nemetrix, to rival Ketu's 9th Omnitrix.

In Earth's 2020, Neuroticus created a virus that would infect the planet to force the inhabitants to be quarantined. The disease is known by Humans as Coronavirus.

During the events of Cosmic Brain, Neuroticus was the main antagonist. He planned to destroy Ceres in the Sol System. Later, it is revealed this was a trap for Evfnye. At the end, he was defeated by Evfnye 10,000 and some of Evfnye's allies.



Neuroticus is a play on neurons (brain cells), referring to his smart behavior.


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