General Information
User Eon
Type Omnitrix Hacker
First Appearance Ahmad Smith 10 and John 15, Part 2

The Neontrix is an Omnitrix Hacker device in Ahmad Smith 10 and John 15, Part 2 that was used by Eon to malfunction John's Omnitrix and Ahmad's Ultimatrix and use it against them.


This device looks slightly similar to the Ultimatrix in design, except that it has a blank purple circle instead of Intergalactic Peace Symbol on the dial and it has a Purple Scheme rather than Green. Whenever it hacks into an Omnitrix, the Omnitrix and the user of the Neontrix's eyes glow purple.


It is unknown how Eon got his hands on such a dangerous machine, though it appears he stole it. The advanced machinery of this device appears to be made by an intelligent speciman.


This device hacks into the functions of up to 2 Omnitrixes at a time and controls them until Voice Recognition Mode is activated into the target Omnitrix. Though that only broke the control signal when John and Ahmad activated this function, Eon did not re-hack into the Omnitrix, making it unknown whether it can re-hack again or not.

Whilest control an Omnitrix, the Neontrix User is capable of transforming the user of the target Omnitrix into any form he/she chooses. This hack also prevents the Omnitrix from timing out and disabling the Form Switching feature, but does not seem to prevent the targeted user from reverting on his/her own, though the targeted user will still not have the ability to transform into any form other than the form chosen by the Neontrix user.

The Neontrix also displayed the ability to combine some Omnitrix energy from both to create another body stuck to a form chosen by the Neontrix user completely under the Neontrix user's command. It can also evolve the new "drone". If all the targeted Omnitrixes do not have the evolutionary feature or only one has it, evolving the "drone" to the Ultimate form will not work. The Neontrix appeared to be able to create up to 4 drones only (as there was only two targeted Omnitrixes). 

It is also shown to deactivate the emergency feedback pulse wave in Omnitrixes.

The Neontrix did not show the feature to combine Omnitrix energy from the target Omnitrixes to transform the Neontrix user.

Voice Codes

The Neontrix can be controlled by any person with the DNA of the first user by voice command. John in Ahmad's body was able to control the Neontrix because Eon has his DNA since he is his Alternate Self. This also proves that it scans the DNA through voice only, as John had only his voice from his own body. Here is a table of some codes:

Code Function
Neontrix User Access Voice Recognition Mode Makes the Neontrix allow any person with the user's DNA to use voice command
Neontrix Self Destruct in (name a time): Command code: 000 - Destruct 0 Activates Self-Destruct Mode



  • The Neontrix might have been responsible for switching the bodies of John and Ahmad through their Omnitrixes in Ahmad Smith 10 and John 15, Part 1.
    • This makes much sense.
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