Neon Skye
Neon Skye.jpg
General Information
Species Prismosapien
Home World Terra Prisma(formerly)
Residence Kimihito's House
Age 20
Occupations Hero
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Speed
Fire Ignition
Enhanced Strength
Space Survivability
Underwater Breathing
Heat Resistance
Equipment Omnitrix
Relatives Dennis Skye(Adoptive Mother)
Sonia Skye(Adoptive Mother)
First Appearance A New Hero in the Town!

Neon Skye, formerly Neon Wingdings is a Prismosapien & the wielder of the Omnitrix. He's the titular character of the series Neon 10.


Neon is a teenage Prismosapien, with a purple flame which color codes his skin and pupils to the color. He wears a black layered hoodie with purple sleeves and a pair of black pants. Underneath the hoodie, he wears a white shirt with a purple flame marking on the chest. He wears black and purple sneakers. He wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist.


Neon tries his best to show that he's a heroic individual and tries to not show any flaws. He's easily shown to be childish, easily irritable and hardheaded, but he's still good-natured, always willing to save others at any time.

He shows to have knowledge of different alien species, such of the fact the Necrofriggian reproduction cycle or the fact Sludgepuppy is an offensive racial slur for Lenopans.

He's into cold blooded non-human species.

Powers & Abilities

He has standard Prismosapien abilities.


He has standard Prismosapien weaknesses.

Whenever he unlocks a new alien form, he is at a disadvantage of not knowing its abilities and weaknesses until he gains experience with using the new alien.




Neon's first name, is referring to the concept of neon colors due to how bright his head flame glows, his former family name Wingdings refers to the font, while his new family name comes from the "sky" with an "e" at the end.


  • Formerly Neon alongside his species wore a helmet in the shape of the Pokemon Necrozma, it was later removed for being too hard to be drawn.
  • Neon showers 2 times only his body & 1 time his head.
  • Neon is 174 cms (1.74 m), making him 6 cms shorter than an average human male.
  • Neon's favorite color is purple.
  • While he's into any cold-blooded non-human species, he has a thing for Dragonewts.
  • He prefers spicy foods.
    • To the point of adding spicy sauces on any foods he has.
  • While being able to breathe underwater, he couldn't breathe in Gone Fishin'.
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