Neo-FOTO Organization (Neo - New, FOTO - Fellowship of the Omnitrix) is a new team of the original FOTO. There are three syndicates on this organization. It is an organization in Ultimate Omnitrix 2.

Organization 1: No Name

This Syndicate is made up of Simion (the leader), Speedshot, A'pophis, Zs'Skayr and Son'r. This Syndicate is thought to be part of the old FOTO but it is not. They first appeared in Ultimate Omnitrix Returns.

Organization 2: FOTO Reloaded

This Syndicate is yet to be known. It appears to be made up of Sceptre, Starscream (the loboan), Jellix, Omni-Triplicator and Hexcuba.

Another Small Group

This group is made of Chromedome, Psychic Fly and Bayuoio. They are all destroyed.

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