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Nekam is a Florauna from the planet Xenon in FAO. She is Maken's evil, female counterpart.


Tek4fc0342dc182f9054725 Nekam's Human Form (Barbra)

Nekam's human form (Barbra)

Nekam looks like a color-inverted Maken, but she is angry. In her human form, Nekam has long, green hair, as opposed to Bob's short, red hair. She wears a red dress coat and pink pants. They might be leggings. She has a tan and no shoes.


Nekam was the creator of the Ule. While she was glorifying it, it fell from her planet into Nekam's dimension. It landed in a desert, where her and her gang's positive counterparts found it. Nakem beamed down to their dimension, and demanded it back. Maken gained some control over the Ule and defeated Nekam's gang. Nekam swears to destroy the Ule so no one can stop her from taking over our dimension.


Nekam wants to destroy the Ule so that she can take over our dimension.


  • The u-Pod