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Neil Armstrong
General Information
Species Piscciss Volann (Coach)
Unknown (Will)
Pyronite (Birch)
Age 20 (Coach)
42 (Will; deceased)
13 (Birch)
Powers and abilities

Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon and an astronaut for NASA. Originally, Max Tennyson was supposed to be the first man on the moon, but issues with family led Neil to take the spotlight. He has been dead for 12 years, but has been revived in several bodies. Each body shares thoughts, are of different species, and are Plumbers. There is one known version of him that died at the hand of the Ardorworm (a mythical, disproportionate worm that the Khoruans look up to and lives on the moon of Khoru, the White Ardor). Each body he is revived in is started up at a certain age with all memories of Neil Armstrong.


Coach Armstrong

He is a 20-year old Piscciss Volann (Ripjaws's species) coach and Plumber. 

Will Armstrong

Age: 42; Deceased

He is a 42-year old version of an unknown species. He died at the hands of the Ardorworm.


He is a 13-year old Plumber who was adopted at age 12 (the age he was started up at, only just last year). He is a Pyronite (Heatblast's species).


  • Neil Armstrong's new forms are brought to life by the Galvans. Azmuth took part in making the machine that rebirths him, but doesn't take part in actually using the machine for its purpose.
  • The only known versions of Neil are of species from Ben's original 10.
  • Will Armstrong will most likely never appear in the series because he is deceased.
  • Coach Armstrong will have an appearance early on in Omni-Revolution.

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