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This article represents information that has not, in part or in full, been explained or alluded to within an Earth-1010 series.

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Negativitrix Arm.png
Creator The Blacksmith
User(s) Albedo
Type DNA Alterer
Universal Translator
First Appearance Ben 10: Road Trip
Time Trials
Preceded by Techtrixes
T2 Ultimatrix

The Negativitrix is a machine in Earth-1010 that was created by The Blacksmith using technology and DNA provided by Timekiller, that was then given to Albedo to use during the events of Ben 10: Road Trip.


The Negativitrix is a sleek black and red gauntlet made of a soft bioplastic not totally unlike the T1 Prototype Omnitrix but generally softer. Attached to it is a black fingerless glove covering his left hand.

Albedo does not like how it looks.

User Interface

The UI of the Negativitrix is very primitive in comparison to the T2 Omnitrix, and cannot be customised. When selecting aliens, the dial shows a silhouette of the aliens available in an identical fashion to the T1 Prototype Omnitrix.


It was revealed in Life On Earth that the Negativitrix was created by the Blacksmith under commission from Timekiller. It is heavily implied that Timekiller provided him with Omnitrix technology to use as a base. The Blacksmith created the Techtrix systems as prototypes, in part utilising the DNA Timekiller provided. However, this deal was a sham as Timekiller knew Albedo would defeat attack the Blacksmith and destroy his work not long after Timekiller took the finished Negativitrix. Albedo was not aware of any of this until he found out by accident.


The Negativitrix possesses a unique anti-scan feature, designed explicitly to nullify the technology that Azmuth's Omnitrixes' scanning feature is based on. This was demonstrated in Time Trials when Ozai attempted to scan Overbite. Ozai did not attempt to scan Haywire or Intersect after this.

The Negativitrix functions as designed, with a pair of red lines clearly visible on the dial.

This pattern remains visible on the dial while transformed.

The Negativitrix is the first Omnitrix-type device to possess a scanning feature but with zero storage capacity. This feature is a fail-safe that will send the information back to Timekiller in the event an alien that Albedo cannot beat is fought.

The scanned alien will not be unlocked.


The Negativitrix possesses a single playlist of 8 aliens, and has no capacity to unlock any further aliens. This is by design, the aliens are hand-chosen by Timekiller so that Albedo would not be able to defeat him if he betrayed him.

Alien Species
Biohazard Crop.png Biohazard Unknown
Doormensional Crop.png Doormensional Sentientsapien
Electrockutioner Crop.png Electrockutioner Fulmini
Espionage Crop.png Espionage Glasscrest
Haywire Crop.png Haywire Kerotops Communication Module
Intersect Crop.png Intersect Hyperphysical Sapioid
MindMaster Crop.png MindMaster Sentient Chemicoal
Overbite Crop.png Overbite Millganite


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Ben 10: Road Trip



  • The Negativitrix is named after The Negativitron from Little Big Planet 2.
  • The Negativitrix was designed before the T2 Omnitrix was.
  • Originally the Negativitrix's eighth alien was going to be a Conductoid form named Powertrip, this was removed for redundancy reasons when it was brought to my attention that Fulmini can also absorb energy.