Negative Zero
Translucent Jetray for Sillyruner.png
General Information
Species Mantall
Home World Aeropela
Body Areophibian
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Intangibillity, flight, Bad luck objects Manipulation, minor temprature control
First Appearance Hamnesia

Negative Zero is a Mantall from the planet Aeropela in Omni-Cop.


Negative Zero is a very rare type of Areophibian. His appearence is the same as one, except for a very slight translucency.


Negative Zero can fly, though he can't fly very fast. The temperature around Negative Zero is absolute zero degrees, so nothing can come close to him without freezing. Negative Zero can pass through solid matter. Negative Zero has the unique abillity to manipulate objects associated with bad luck, like shattering mirrors or controling black cats (Though he can't do that in England).


No one can come near Negative Zero without freezing.



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