Negative Alien X is the DNA sample of a Negative Celestialsapien from the Forge of Creation.

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He has three personalities: Hunter, the voice of sadness, Odin, the voice of hope, and Jackson (Jack), the voice of reason.

It is extremely rare for Jackson to successfully turn into Negative X, since Hunter, the voice of sadness, rarely talks. The only way Jackson can have control of Negative X is if all personalities successfully agree.


Negative X is a humanoid alien. His body is pure white with black spots all over his body. He has the Xotrix symbol on his chest. 

Powers and Abilities

Negative X is omnipotent. He can create and destroy a whole universe at will. He is capable of using psychic attacks and avoiding them at will. He can also lend people his negative power but only if the said human asks for permission. Once Jackson's Xotrix has timed out, the human loses his power.

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