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Negative Kevin is the 9th episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Destruction and the 1st of the second season.

Ben 10: Ultimate Destruction
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date N/A
Written by Anon
Directed by Anon
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The Twin Towers
Vilgax's Plan


We see Ben and co. fighting Sevenseven.

(Kevin): Tennyson, now would be a good time for an alien!

(Ben): On it! Sheesh. (transform) Inferno! I love this new guy.

Ben quickly shot a solar beam at Sevenseven then, Kevin ran up to Sevenseven and formed his hand into a mace and punched Sevenseven (lets just call him SS).

(Kevin): Too easy.

Then SS formed his hands into missile launchers and shot them at Kevin.

(Kevin): Oh dang. (Forms both hands into shields)

(Gwen): Kevin!

But it was too late. Kevin got catapulted into a wall. Then Gwen quickly shot some mana blasts at SS, he dodged them quickly and threw some spikes at Gwen who pulled up a mana shield.

(Ben): Gwen, stand down! I'll handle him.

Ben flew up and shot a fireball at SS, he swiftly dodged it and shot some some missiles at Ben, but he countered it with a solar beam and then shot another fireball at SS and this one hit him. Finally Ben used right arm and hit him down. Ben detransformed.

(Gwen): Kevin, are you alright?

(Kevin): Yeah, I'm fine.

Then we see a circle device on Kevin that suddenly started glowing red.

(Ben): Hey, you two, hate too break the love fest but who wants Mr. Smoothy?

(Gwen and Kevin): Yeah, whatever.

Ben rolled his eyes.

Later at Mr. Smoothy...

Ben and co. are enjoying smoothies sitting on Kevin's car.

(Ben): Hey guys, have you noticed that no one's here just now?

They started glaring and all they saw were cars and buildings.

(Gwen and Kevin): Yeah...

Then Kraab showed from behind a building and shot some goo at Ben and co., Gwen pulled up a mana shield just in time...


Major Events[]

  • Ben first uses Inferno.


  • Ben
  • Gwen
  • Kevin (Temporarily)


  • Kevin
  • Sevenseven
  • Kraab
  • Vilgax (cameo)

Aliens Used[]

  • Inferno (First appearance for Present Ben)