Negative Dill, real name, Number 7 is a villain and Dill Reekalaw's clone that appears in Dillon Million: Omniforce.


Originally Duplex's 7th clone, Number 7 was turned into a purple-eyed, silver haired clone of Dill after he (as Duplex) commanded him to switch into human form and spread out to get a villain by surprise. Number 7 rebelled against him and used his Atomnitrix to recalibrate his appearance. After a while, he changed his name to Negative 1, thus the initials "01" on his jacket in the opposite direction. He is presently looking for a normal name, which he currently settles on Owen.


Originally the 7th clone of Duplex, he looked completely identical to him. After he used his Atomnitrix to recalibrate his personal appearance, he now has silver hair, purple eyes, jacket and Atomnitrix, he wears a black t-shirt under his jacket. He wears grey jeans and black and white shoes. His Atomnnitrix has a pinkish purple shade to it.

When transformed into aliens, they have purple eyes, purple or grey clothing and their Atomnitrix symbol is pinkish purple.

Powers and Abilities

Originally being a clone of Duplex, he was able to create clones of himself, he was also very agile.

Now a clone of Dill, he has all of his natural skills and abilities. He can also use his Atomnitrix to turn into aliens, except for Duplex which he accidentally blocked out of the Atomnitrix after he recalibrated his appearance.


Dillon Million: Omniforce.


  • His clone name was originally Number 7, then he changed it to Negative 1, then Owen.
  • His second name was Negative 1 because the original Duplex (Dill) was referred to as Number 1 by his clones.
  • While Dill's favorite color is blue, Number 7 seems to prefer purple.


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