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This is the thirteenth episode of the second season and the season finale.

Cassie 12: Original Series
Season 2, Episode 23
Written By: Speedy
Directed By: Speedy
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"Uncle Stallion, I somehow shrunk Anna!"
"Fire Mayhem"


A Child found a watch....

With 12 Aliens inside...

..Discovered her friend is a Anodite and several other things....

And this Child is no other than Cassie Benny!


<This is in Story mode....It shall be very long-

Previously on Cassie 12: Original series....

"Cassie Benny." Jean spoke,growling like a dog at the name and clenched his hands.

"The Walker child,who posses a uncanny ability such as you, only to be a Absorbenite." Zuth went on as he went around the mutated boy. He snickered. "You failed to do your own plan? By a mere child? A female? The human who wields a watch."

"It wasn't her at all." He frowned,looking to the floor. "It was her little friend Anna who foiled my plan!--" He stomps his feet. "It's all her fault I'm in this piece of dump as little more than a a MONSTER!"

Zuth snickered.

"I can help you..." Zuth began, placing his hand on the sulking mutant's shoulder. "In exchange....You can do anything you want to keep the girl and The Machine distracted while I get the Trix wielder."

Jean smiled for once.

"What boy?" He said, raising a partial eyebrow.

"Or boys..." Zuth paused. "There's also a Onineckitrix wielder...I only want the Omnidewtrix....Do what you want with the human and the machine."

Jean laughs.

"I'll do it!" He said, raising his head back up.


"How does he even know?" They both said, at once.

Jean jealously watched the group admire the picture frames. They have a life. Her uncle brought me into this mess. He thought to himself,clenching his hands. The Statue of liberty is the perfect place to attack in my mutant form.

In exchange for his help; Zuth gave him the abilility to revert into several of Cassie's Aliens he managed to absorb and conceal for long periods of time.The Bad advantage to this he would eventually become stuck as one of the Aliens if he kept using them.

That bratty girl is going to get what she deserves! He thought to himself, sinking into the growing crowd seeping into the room. Anna. Just being with that weak girl will bring you down so hard it won't be ever funny!

Anna looks over her shoulder just as he dipped away.

"Wierd." She muttered to herself and returned her gaze to a different painting.


Stallion is delierblitly walking in the crowd of people climbing up the stairs to the area where the bricked and gaped location is perched of bird nests. Cassie, Anna, and Gastro are back down at the bottom because they are scared of heights.

"are you two really scared of heights?"

"One of my family members flew out that thing," Anna began, pointing to the chamber held by the statue. "using a Metal steeled version of a kite and landed into the water.

"So you don't have arachnophobia." Cassie said, her jaw dropping.


Anna's eyes glowed light orange. For a minute or two, she stood in the air. Then gently landed back on the floor. She smiled.

"COME BACK WITH MY MOTHER'S PURSE!" Sven Chanler shouted, chasing after the Heatblast/Wildmutt creature with a rock solid appearance. "Your going to regret it freak!"

Sven slammed his hand on the ground sending Jean right back at the floating Anodite. Sven froze once he saw the orange being.

"Tell me where's my friend."


Now....Let season 2 Finale begin!


The Statue of Libe--Somewhere else...

The photographer ,who took the groups picture, comes out the entrance to The Statue of Liberty's old cracked staircase going in a rindy path similar to a movie scene that slips off the tip of the tongue when remebering the girl helped the ghost children in a old mansion from the evil farther spirit or mother spirit.

She saw the anodite form of Anna.

"I'm still insane!" She declared and ran off to the boat.

Uncle Stallion came out the building with a expectancy to see Cassie in one of her Aliens and throwing something for Choljia to chase after as Anna is calmly reasuring the bystanders it's just something extremely temporary to the world of Physics and Science.

He didn't see Cassie. There was only a floating Anodite in front a dog like lava creature with Gastro behind her and Sven right beside the animal.

"There's a giant rollar coaster Alien with claws sticking from it's mouth!" He said, turning around and refrained himself as the person in line from giving a squeak or hint that the entire statement is a big, fat ol' lie.

"BACK TO THE TOP!" One of the tourists declared.

Everyone,except Stallion and Sven's mother,fled back up the stairs to a secluded room without a single shred of windows seen in any direction. Did Sven get really physical getting my purse back from that really fast animal? Sven's mother Ms Skelly Chanler thought.

"Do I know you?" Ms.Skelly said, raising her eyebrow at Stallion. Her oddly silver eyes catch his attention.

"Is that a trick question?" Stallion puzzly responded.

The thing is...He just met her.

"I guess not." Skelly said, with a laugh. "But is there really..."

They came out the entrance to witness Sven faint a moment or two onto the ground after they arrived. Skelly's jaw dropped. Anna's Anodite hair grasped the animal which morphed into Jean,whom is struggling, then put him in her eyesight.

"WHERE.DID.HE. TAKE HER?" Anodite Anna shouted at him, in a very deep angered voice.

"I don't know." Jean sneered. He is telling a fib to one angered Anodite.

Anna's eyes flared like the blazing Sun above Planet Earth.

Ticked off Anodite Anna

Her hair split into sections similar to a nine tailed fox with all the tails aligned together without a single split.

She started to squeeze him within the fury going through her entire body.

"Anna STOP!" Stallion shouted, right in the nick of time to prevent her from killing the boy.

Anna turned her head towards Stallion's direction.

"Your enemy has Cassie." The Anodite replied, while her orange mana hair let go of Jean.


"No. The other on--"

"The big Corefreeze guy who had SpeedGate's wings and feet!"

Jean begins to skaddadle.Stallion caught him by the shirt collar.

"Let me go!" Jean shouted as he kicked his legs in the air.

"Is everyone Aliens?..." Skelly asked, rubbing her head.

"No." Anna answered for Stallion;She levitated to the ground as her hair changed into black through the reverting while it shrunk back into braids and her clothing/skin returned into into the state they had been before she became a Anodite.

"I am a human machine..." Gastro adds. "Does that count?"

Skelly went straight to her son.

"Kid, use Digileap." Stallion said, directing his comment towards the boy.


"Oh yeah!" Gastro said, looking down to his now -yellow watch. "It's Machine Time!"

He slammed the watch.

Then everything and everyone is excluded from sight in a viel of darkness; Gastro's hand comes off the watch sliding a strand of light blue square data to make a incomplete rotation around his side while it made a swooshing sound.

His entire body becomes outlined in light yellow as he spikes on his shoulders to his legs andhis eyes are replaced by wormy like eyes similar to Stinkfly while his entire body abosrbs the DATA into the torso which spreads out wings.

He grows a fluffy and twisted data end simlar to Tiger from Winnie The Pooh except being all Alien with a Trix on it's chest.

"DIGILEAP activting!" The Stinkfly data creature shouted as his body sent out a pulse of data all around the entire scene with the them inside. The entire scene had the web of Digidata sarrounding the people as it levitated above the ground.

Then the Blue wall disappeared with the gang.

Pan to...

Jean opened his eyes to see pitch darkness,almost darkness, because there are a series of lights going down in a row similar to a hanger in Gangster movies and other medianess. W-W-W-What just happened? The boy thought to himself, looking down to see he is chained around his wraist and his hands cuffed to a arm holder attached to a chair that has a wheel beneath it.

"Don't struggle."

The boy switches his gaze towards the line of lig hts where a tall dark figure stood.

"Can you tell me where my Sister's daughter has been taken?"

Jean froze like a cat. He never heard somebody act serious and ask a question within one drastic tone which seemed to have been ripped off from a rated R movie for adults and mature o.ld enough to understand the measures of one or two person's measure of determination for one thing/person.

"--N---No!" Jean stuttuered, standing his position. He grid his teeth. "I just became my human self for once!"

The Man, who we know as Uncle Stallion,walks up closer to the boy with a menacing expression on his face.

"We can get rid of your powers for good..." He began,taking out a wormy white and black Alien with spikes all around it's back and four eyes like a spider sticking out it's head with a mouth shaped like a suction cup. "Using these Stinksuckers! If you tell me..I will not use them."

Jean grimaced.

"You don't even know." He retorted,not slightly scared to the least. Man...He's...acting so much out of character. The boy acknowledged as he is really scared by the inside.

"I tested this on a Osmisian mugger." Stallion grimly told the boy, hanging two of the split three-headed worms above both his arms caucasin skin. "Last year. He hasn't been on the run stealing from innocent peple or beating them up."

Now this is imitateding Jean.

"Will you tell where Cassie is now?" Stallion asked him, using a very serious and deep tone.

Jean gulps.

"She's in Zuth's ship--WHAT?!" Jean cried out, as Stallion cruely releashed them onto his arms. "You told--"

Stallion chuckled.

"I told a lie as you did to Cassie!" Uncle Stallion scholded him,as the boy's arms enlarged into the shape of Cannonbolt's with hard claws baring the outlines of seaweed crumbled stone. The boy yelped in pain. Stallion begins walking away.

"Where are you going?!"

He stopped.

"I can't go to a ship with just a Anodite, a Osimisian,Me the Absorbenite, and a human." He said, his head turnedslightly towards Jean's direction. He looks straight ahead as the camera shows a glittler in his left eye. "I need help. I am about to ask for that from the worst possible people...Her enemies."

"STALLLLIIOOOON!!" The boy screamed as the cuffs enlarged to his arms length while the worms grew into the parts which uncomfortable rendered them useless for absorbing metals.

Stallion kept walking away.

Scene change..

OSG landed on the ground with Jon on his rugged back poking sharp stones similar to a mountian landscape above the floor below, his hand comes off the ground as the fuser hoped off his back and landed on the gray hardened ground.

"Remind me why we are helping them." Jon said, rolling his eyes.

"Because we may get the watch easier." His master replied, a wide smile on his face grew. The stones on his back grew within the second as his eyes winced in pain. "Ouch." He rubbed his back.

Jon cocked his head.

"And to get that stupid ring back on it so the side effects won't be that harmful."

OSG's DNA also became part of the watch during a offscreen adventure at Mount Rushmore where a big machine entwined the watch's wires into digging in his skin so harshly it left a inprint of the Omnidewtrix's system and functioning. For short...It connected him to the watch itself.

A black and blue blurr rushed by holding some giant icecube.

"SpeedGate?"Jon said outloud, his eyes become extremely big.

"Uh No." The Alien said after stopping by a hard boulder and used his webbed hands as a fan to keep himself cool. "I am just helping The Plumber get a certian...Iced Scorpion unfrozen." The stray Feeteration tapped at the ice using his unfanned hand.

"It can't be the gibberish creature!" OSG declared, bitting his fingernails.

"Of course it is." The Wild Feeteration said, unfazed. He yawns. "Help me or get more pain from that problem you got yourself into."

OSG heavily sighed.

He reached his enlarged hand out towards the the gigantic ice cube and released a large blast of fire which melted the ice down to a big puddle. The Ghost Scorpion shook it's head after awakening from it's unexpected unfreezing time.

"Gjkwetg wegt; wegtl?" The creatured gibberleshly spoke with a confused expresion.

OSG and Jon have blank expressions on their faces.

"Earth, you noob." The intelligent Alien said with a small laugh. "How I LOVE nobody understanding your statement 'Where am I?'.

Then the newly improved Engineer arrived to the scene; his body has became more larger and he resembled much of a Heatblast with the design of Upgrade seen all over his body through his evil light green eyes that could lure a innocent person into a corner.

Mainly...He looked pure awesome.

"Where's the girl?" The Engineer said, folding his arms.

"She's in the possession of Sir Zuth." Stallion Walker said, coming forward with The Anodite child andd the Machine boy from behind him. "I have some good news you will diverage and find very...interesting about your creator."

The Engineer raised a eyebrow and lowered himself at Stallion's direction.

"What's the plan?" The Engineer said, his eyes narrowed at the human.

Three to two hours later...

Cassie awoke to find herself as Corefreeze coricentally,the room she is in can be described as dark and cold without any type of heating to keep her warm at a decent tempature. Corefreeze rubbed her shoulders. She went towards the cage bars.

"Brrrrr." She said, closing her eyes. "Its so cold!"

A four armed figure with eyes inside his hand palms comes out of the wall with green gloves and a black ski mask over his head which almost made him seem like a Alien Burgler seent into the cell with a Omnitrix wielder currently somehow stuck in one form for now.

"It's been this cold since I arrived months ago." The gruff voiced Alien said, folding his first set of arms. He didn't wear a Omnitrix. "Some Aliens call me the Stone merger ad some call me one of those camoflauging animals that are on Earth...I don't have a name if your asking."

"So Lizard-Stoe?" Corefreeze said, tilting her head.

"Stoe, I like that name." The Burglar said as he rubbed his chin. "Anywho. Are you the Omnidewtrix wielder?"

There is a brief pause.

"Of course I am!" Corefreeze anounced, reaching her hand outwards to the Tetramand Opticoid. "I am Cassie Benny!" She smiled.

"Glad to meet you." Stoe said shaking her hand.

Stoe and Corefreezeshake hands


The handshake broke off.

"Did you know Tailiz was my first enemy to face as Trix wielder?" Corefreeze asked, a very wide grin on her face to the moon.

Stoe's jaw dropped.

"I thought he was still the apprience of Sir Zuth!" He replied,shaking his head and shook his hands. "Hands down. I saw them yesterday."

Corefreeze did the math in her head.

"So you last saw them twelve years a---OH WOW." She shouted and looke to the bars. "You have been here for twelve years not a few months...Are you a burgler by any chance?"

"Pheesah." He said,sending his hand down in the air in denial. "Nah."

Corefreeze returns her gaze to the bars and tapped her chin while her arms are wrapped against her chest.

"Hm..." She hums, coming forward to the bars. "I wonder if this ice freezer can get through these."

Stoe's face becomes horrified.


Corefreeze sent flying into the wall.

"Touch the bars..."

Corefreeze taps her hands on the floor like a cartoon character who is impatiant about trying to get out of somewhere or catching some kind of animal, but above all, she did the action of a loony toony character ripped from animaton.

"Wait for it." Corefreeze said, rolling her eyes.

Within a instant...The bars become bblack and green similar to Upgrade's design with tid bits of molten lava poking from the edges. The bars collasped within two minutes and after the shattering of metal there came out the Engineer.

"I'm only helping you this time." The Engineer growled as he raised a finger. Hisright eyebrow edge twitched.

"Want me to throw you as Lavathrend using--" Corefreeze started, but she is switched into the Alien nickname she had given to the Globenious Alien. Her body chiped away into hard rock and head decreased in size. The trix relocated to the chest.

"LAVATHREND!" The Alien shouted.

 The two other Non-Omnitrix Aliens gave her awkward looks.

"I like shouting my Alien's names." Lavathrend shrugs. "Let's get outta here!"

A lightbulb went off in The Engineer's head.

"Oh and your Uncle brought 'back up' who are attacking the ship." The Engineer merely stated. "I suggest you leave straight away." He left casually like there is more to do than just ben on a destructed ship slowly being torn apart piece by piece.

Outside the Cell...

Lavathrend and Stoe are headed towards the exit ramp, where they would be sent back to Their planet Earth without a hitch or any kind of word that fits escaping a currently being destructed space ship a few miles away from said planet.

Listen to this video while reading this finale-->


House Wilson - I want you to live forever (final arc)

"How many enemies have you made anyway?" Stoe asks, holding his first set of arms against his chest and has his second on his wraist.


Lavathrend rubbed her head as they walked down the hallway.

"Five?Six?" She said, undoubtfully confused. "I lost track at the skinny werewolf that went at a incredible speed."

A Android came straight out of a corner unexpectedly.

"Watch this globe do her stuff!" Lavathrend declared, throwing her two spikes at the Android which multileplate into seven thrown rocky objects that struck the machine severam times to the head and side area's. "Boo yah!"

"Incredibily easy." Stoe muttered to himself in a not impressed tone.

Lavathrend snickered as the two spikes regrew on her back.


Jon hopped out the wall in his Wildmutt form that has a metal back showing clear liquid water through see-through glass as parts of Diamondhead and Ditto are clearly seen on his entire body.He wore the belt around his neck.

"HIM!" Lavathrend shouted,taking a step back and a growl slithered through her speech. "He's the main reason why the faceplate's glass lid became loose in the first place!"

The fuser growled at the Alien.

"I'm only doing this for my Teacher." He snarled,showing off his fangs. "We'll helping you this one time!"

This sounds confusing.First, he calls him 'master','Ucheha',and then 'Teacher'. Lavathrend thought to herself, rubbing her head.

"Whatever." Lavathrend said ducking as a larger android shot at them.

Stoe raised the floor up which shielded them from the other drone's laser beams pentrating from it's cannon-like shooter object. He raised it back down after the shots sent the Machine flying down the hallway like a air ballon.

The predator Vulpimencer lept behind Lavathrend and attacked a hidden android resembling much of Vilgaxe's machines. Lavathrend recieved a vision guiding her to the correct room which is just one narrrow hallway from herself.

"Lets go!" She shouted, running towards the rooms direction.

"Sometimes I wonder why I even decide to tag along." Stoe nuttered to himself,he shook his head and reluctedly followed the Omnidewtrix Alien being protected by her enemies who are working together. There is something slightly funny about his name: Stoe means Stone in correct spelling.

Explosens went off behind them.

Orange disks are sent flying at targets trying sarround the two in their escape to the portal room by a levitating Anodite who shielded herself by a thin light orange layer of film providing a safety force-field. She didn't seem like a child anymore. She is a prepared Preteen ready to enter teenage hood.

She sent out a clear orange wave thar knocked out a few droids.

"Get to the exit." The Anodite demanded,her eyes glowing the brightest orange yet. "We're right behind you--I mean Cholija is right behind you literletly...Not anymore." She giggles.

Cholija is on her back holding the Omnidewtrix's glass lid in his mouth.

"Oh there you are!" Lavathrend started, but stopped once she almost got her hand struck by a laser. "Better get in."

"You are so easily distracted." Stoe acknowedlged, his eyes become wide and big. "How can somebody save the entire planet with several distractions on their plate."

"Ben 10." Lavathrend answered, with a smile.

They entered the room.

"I haven't seen a portal in....Decades." Stoe said, rubbing his jaws in disbelief as Lavathrend laughed at his comment. "I am serious."

"Cerius." The Lava-water creatured remarked, comparing the words together. "Don't they sound alike?"

"Of course they do." Stoe responded, while the dog Alien is hovering beside her. "Cass--"

Zuth took Cholija.

"CHOLIJA!" Lavathrend shouted and turned her head towards the Animal being held hostage. "Drop him. NOW!"

The Dark Ice Speeding Alien merely snickered,while Cholija whimpered.

"In exchange for your meddling watch?" He asked, his index finger became long and sharp looking.His wings are somewhat torn on the insides like bats. "I will drop him. You remove that thing with the glass lid ASAP."

Lavathrend seemed helpless.

"Fine." She said, with a heavy sigh.

"Cassie!" Stoe remarked, in utter shock. "Your really giving up that thing which gave you knowledge and so many people into your life?"

"I am." The Alien responded as she looked towards his direction. "Nobodys going to die because of me." She pointed to herself. "NEVER!"

She sounded like a true hero at her word.

"Cholja throw it."

Cholija's eyes sparkled like he had something else in mind; He threw the extra ring straight at Lavathrend's chest,where it landed with a metal clang which sent out a soundwave that reverted the changed to OSG and The Galatic chaser Fasttrack got his eyes return to normal yellow as his sharpened thorned metal edges shrunk back into his fur.


"GREAT!" Lavathrend started to say, but the watch timed out unexpectedly into Cassie.

"Nobody." Cassie said,rolling her shoulders and looked to the cieling and raised her arms. "WHY MUST I BE TIMED OUT?!"

"Cassie!" Choljia shouted as he is kept by Zuth's two androids and the portal began.

The Omnidewtrix wielder looks up to see Zuth with a shape-shifting arm that now resembles a large flat hammer strong enough to send a sound-wave through the entire room and kill the one who is the indended target that has something which can only be taken by death or high tech removal.

Cassie shielded herself.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" Stoe shouted and useed his body to protect Cassie.

His body landed by a thump.

"What a waste." Zuth said, scholding the Tetramand. "Your just a waste of life and hours letting you live after intruding this spaceship with a bunch of bandits. Oh. that was so long ago."

Cassie's eye started to produce liquid and she became furious. Her watch all of a sudden turned light green that went through the portal which was replaced to the cieling into a different color as the scene of molten lava form beneath Lava's core.

Zuth's eyes became gigantic.


A large molten object fell through landing on it's feet. Smoke cleared away from the scene long enough for Cassie to seek shelter under somekind of debri with Cholija who managed to get out of the androids grasp. Coughing was heard.

Then...Zuth met his own,personal,worst enemy who he had mentored for so many years until he retailated against him.

Tailiz is back.


Good Guys


  • This is a part two episode and is going to be different than the Ben 10 'Negative 10' episode.
  • This is the last episode to be written in 2012.
  • Season 3 resumes in the summer of 2013 on Ben 10 Fan Fiction.
  • Season 3 has the last part to this episode: Fire Mayhem. With Inbenton and the two enemies with Cassie.
  • Digileap is reference to the Digivice activation with a wholesphere of data sent out from the said device.