General Information
Species Antisapien
Home World Nega Timeline
Body Polygon
Powers and Abilities
Abilities Negation
Voice Actor Kiyotaka Furushima

Negangle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Antisapien from the Nega Timeline in Pokémon Sky.


He is a yellow robot made of triangles. In Altered Form, he is humanoid and in Origin Form, he has wings with no legs.

Powers and Abilities

He can negate anything. He can negate powers, decisions, emotions and more. Heck, he can even negate negation. This means he can negate the tension in stories he appears in.

In the Nega Timeline, he enters his Origin Form, and can fly.


Outside of the Nega Timeline, he is in Altered Form, and cannot fly.

He cannot negate things that are done.

Species and Homeworld

He is an Antisapien from the Nega Timeline.

The Antisapiens were created in the Prime Timeline of Earth-521 with the Chronosapiens and Spaciosapiens. Unlike the peaceful Chronosapiens and foresightful Spaciosapiens, the Antisapiens chose conquest. They marauded around the universe. They’re why Anur Vladias is the way it is. They negated the Vladat’s lives. Eventually, the Chronosapiens and Spaciosapiens worked together, to send the Antisapiens to some random other dimension.

The Nega Timeline was like most. Then the Antisapiens showed up. Within a year they had taken over pretty much everything in the Milky Way. Except for Earth. When they got there, they were, of course, challenged by the 11-year old Ben Tennyson, they just used their powers on him once. All of Ben’s emotions were negated, and dulled into ennui. He became Nega Ben. The Antisapiens then expanded their rule across the Nega Timeline.


His name is a combination of negate and angle.



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